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OPEN MIND is a new institutional initiative of the University of Bucharest that combines graduate studies and advanced research in a variety of areas of cognitive science.

The activity of the school will proceed along two tracks: a teaching track, open to graduate students and involving courses, seminars and individual work, leading to a Master in Cognitive Science; a scientific communication track, open to a larger audience of researchers, teachers, students and a general public interested in cognitive science, and consisting of intense and well-focused thematic workshops that explore in depths important topics of wide scientific and pedagogical interest in cognitive science from a relevant variety of disciplines.

Graduate students enrolled in the Master program can also take workshops for graduate credit, upon completing appropriate work.

OPEN MIND will make a special and sustained effort on both tracks to cover new and important topics that go beyond the traditional core of cognitive science and reach new and exciting domains in comparative, developmental and evolutionary psychology, cognitive linguistics and pragmatics, social neuroscience and neuropsychology, cognitive anthropology, animal cognition and cognitive archeology, among others.

This open-mindedness should be attractive and instructive for a large spectrum of scholars, students and other interested participants from a variety of countries and disciplines, with a variety of backgrounds.

Both Master classes and workshops will be taught by an international group of experts from the relevant disciplines of cognitive science. The language of instruction and professional communication is English.

Schedule of classes 2013-2014

Fall semester: October-December 2013

  • Claus Lamm (University of Vienna) and Giorgia Silani (SISSA, Trieste), SOCIAL NEUROSCIENCE
  • Denis Enachescu (University of Bucharest), THE COMPUTATIONAL MIND
  • Alice ter Meulen (Université de Geneve), INTERPRETATION, INFERENCE AND INFORMATION

Spring semester: January-April 2014

  • Mircea Dumitru (University of Bucharest), REASONING
  • Angelica Staniloiu (University of Bielefeld), MEMORY
  • Coralie Chevallier (University of Pennsylvania), THE BIOLOGICAL AND SOCIAL BASES OF MOTIVATION
  • Nicolas Baumard, (University of Pennsylvania), COGNITION AND CULTURE


  • Nicolas Baumard (University of Pennsylvania) Moral Psychology; Cognition and Culture
  • Radu J. Bogdan (Tulane University, University of Bucharest) Mind in Evolution
  • Coralie Chevallier (University of Pennsylvania) Social Cognition
  • Mircea Dumitru (University of Bucharest) Philosophy of Language, Logic
  • Denis Enachescu (University of Bucharest) The Computational Mind
  • Patricia Ganea (University of Toronto) Language Acqusition
  • Gyorgy Gergely (Central European University) Theory of Mind
  • Teodora Gliga (Birbeck College, University of London) Cognitive and Brain Development
  • Claus Lamm (University of Vienna) Social Neuroscience
  • Josef Perner (University of Salzburg) Theory of Mind
  • Manuel Schabus (University of Salzburg) Consciousness
  • Giorgia Silanti (SISSA, Trieste) Social Neuroscience
  • Angelica Staniloiu (University of Bielefeld) Memory
  • Alice ter Meulen (Université de Geneve), Interpretation, Inference and Information

Admission by interview (in English): the discussion will focus on the CV and the statement of purpose (in English) which the candidate has to enclose in the registration folder.Registration folder (to be handed in at the secretariat):BACCALAUREATE DIPLOMA (original or certified copy)B.A. DIPLOMA (original or certified copy)BIRTH CERTIFICATE (certified copy)I.D. (simple copy)MEDICAL CERTIFICATE3 PHOTOS (I.D. size)FOLDER (regular)APPLICATION FORM (to be taken from the secretariat)ADMISSION FEE – 120 Ron (to be paid at the secretariat)Contact: Facultatea de Filosofie, Splaiul Independentei nr. 204, Sector 6, Bucuresti, Cod postal 060024.Telephone: +40 21 318 15 56, +40 21 318 29 74

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