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Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Foreign:$ 1.04 k / Year(s) Deadline: Jun 21, 2023
801–1000 place StudyQA ranking:3732 Duration:4 years

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The Faculty of Physics operates a four-year programme of PhD studies. This is an individual course of study, followed according to a framework curriculum under the guidance of a tutor. These studies can be pursued in all the specialities present in the Faculty. Admittance to PhD studies is yearly. A master's degree is required, and applicants are subject to interview.

  • classes in general subjects,which can be held also in form of distance learning, jointly for all doctoral studies - 60 hours in total; those classes should be passed during the first and the second year of studies; 6 ECTS;
  • student-selected classes which develop teaching skills– UniversityTeaching, 15 hours; this class should be passed during the first year of studies, 5 ECTS;
  • classes related to the scientific discipline: − lectures,120 hours through the course of studies,  12 ECTS; − seminars and discussion sessions (konwersatorium), 120 hours throughout the course of studies, 12 ECTS;
  • professional teaching practice (as part of teaching classes) 10 hours a year throughout 4 years of studies, 6 ECTS;
  • during the  four years of doctoral studies, doctoral students, if they collect the faculty scholarship must teach (or participate in teaching) educational classes  for 240 hours;
  • individual academic work,  under the guidance of an academic tutor or supervisor. The result of individual academic work is, in particular, the doctoral thesis
  1. request for admission from the Internet Candidate Registration System,  
  2. application  for  admission  to  doctoral  studies  using  forms  downloaded  from  the website, 
  3.  prospective  academic  tutor’s  written  commitment  to  supervise  the  student  for the duration of the doctoral studies, 
  4. 2 photos, 
  5. CV  (signed by  the candidate), with  the information about scientific interests  and  academic  activities,  in  particular  about  publications,  participation  in  scientific conferences, awards, academic internships, work in scientific clubs,  
  6.  official  copy  of  the  graduation  diploma  conferring  the  degree  of  magister (MSc)  or  the  certificate  of  credit  for  subjects  covered  by  the  syllabus  (if  the  certificate is  filed,  then  the official copy of  the diploma should be  submitted  not later than 30 September 2016), 
  7. documented  results  (grades)  received  during  the  studies  (studies  record  sheet);  if  the  studies  were  completed  abroad,  an  information  about  the  applied range of grades is required as well, 
  8. opinion of the current academic tutor regarding the candidate’s academic and  possibly teaching work so far, 
  9. in case of candidates who are  foreigners: a statement  that  the candidate has  sufficient command of English to teach classes, 
  10. health insurance certificate  (the  form can be downloaded  from  the website)  or  registration  application  to  the  Social  Insurance  Institution  (Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych), 
  11. declaration  regarding  the  necessary  settlements  with  the  Faculty  after  the  completion  of  doctoral  studies  (the  form  can  be  downloaded  from  the  website), 
  12.  copy of ID Card
  13. An additonal a fee of 200 Euro is required as part of the first year tution fee.

Foreigners can study at BA, MA / MSc / LLM, MBA, PhD level on various financial terms:

  1. as the Republic of Poland or foreign governments grant holders (check also: Ministry of Science and Higher Education)
  2. as the University of Warsaw grant holders (e.g. as exchange students on the basis of bilateral agreements)
  3. as students of Erasmus partner institutions/ Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window institutions (with a scholarship)
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