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Successful completion of the program will enable graduates to:

  • demonstrate analytical, critical and creative thinking on their professional practice, work place applications and relevant theory;

  • postulate directions for the investigation of unsolved problems in their work place

  • demonstrate a high level of skill in identifying, analysing and synthesising complex information, concepts and theories in choosing and implementing solutions appropriate for addressing hypotheses related to work-based capacity building, professional practice and innovation

  • undertake and write professional, evidence-based reports on projects relating to their professional practice

  • demonstrate an awareness of the limitations of their projects and manage these limitations by generating and evaluating complex ideas and concepts at an abstract level

  • demonstrate a high level of skill in assessing and addressing ethical/confidential concerns in their study and related professional practice

  • develop work-based project plans and outcomes that integrate theory and practice and present this using communication and technical research skills that justify conclusions and professional decisions to specialist and non-specialist audiences

  • evaluate, analyse and report the results of their projects that contribute to professional practice and scholarship in a manner appropriate to their audience.

Program aims

The aim of this program is to provide experienced professionals with the opportunities to demonstrate, autonomously and creatively the application of knowledge and skills in their professional practice and further learning. Creativity and initiative are encouraged in engaging issues that are relevant and meaningful to their professional practice and work place challenges, helping to build the capacity and resilience of the student’s organisations/communities and contribute to their self-directed learning and career development.

The Master of Professional Studies . program is a 12 unit program made up of four sections:

  • Compulsory course: All students are required to take the WRP8000 Fundamentals of Professional Studies 2 unit course which includes:

    • The theoretical principles underpinning the professional studies program

    • Reflective practice (optional RPL portfolio, see “Credit”)

    • Research philosophies and methods

    • Critical thinking in professional practice

    • Ethics in research and in professional practice

    • Project management fundamentals

    • The development of a work-based project(s) and Work-Based Research Project Proposal

  • Work-based Research Projects: Students are required to complete a minimum of 4 units, WRP8010 Work-based Research Project A and WRP8011 Work-based Research Project B up to a maximum of 8 units WRP8012 Work-based Research Project C and WRP8013 Work-based Research Project D of work-based research projects. As part of the WRP8000 Fundamentals of Professional Studies , students will prepare a work-based research project plan that includes detailed information on the specific learning outcomes, the project’s implementation, anticipated contribution to practice and organisational development that are to be achieved through the implementation of the research project. Students are required to complete a minimum of four units of supervised project work culminating in a dissertation (minimum 15000 words) or equivalent body of work which will include artefacts that have been developed in the WRP8000 Fundamentals of Professional Studies course.

  • Optional Elective Postgraduate course work:Students may elect to enrol in up to four units of advanced coursework to enhance their professional practice capacity. They may select up to four x 1-unit electives at postgraduate level, from Arts courses or other courses offered by the University of Southern Queensland (eg. Professional Communications; Community Participation & Engagement; International Relations; Cultural or Critical Theory; Identity, self and society; Health Sciences, Engineering; Education; Leadership and Management – you are encouraged to discuss the broad variety of options available with your supervisor). The intention of this option, based on a student design curriculum focus, is to give students the opportunity to customise their learning by completing courses that enhance their methodological and professional knowledge. Students must seek the prior approval of the Faculty of Business, Education, Law and Arts before enrolling in the elective courses.

  • Optional Publishable Article: Students may elect to formulate and submit for blind review, a publication representing the study’s (or part thereof) contribution to practice and/or relevant theory as appropriate. The article equates to 2 units and is assessed following standard academic blind peer-review processes. The purpose of this option is to illustrate against prevailing benchmarks, the specialised knowledge and skills associated with the student’s relevant professional practice and demonstrate the appropriate cognitive and technical skills required at this qualification level. Peer reviewers will include independent academic and/or practice-based experts who will assess whether the work is publishable and meets the requisite critical, creative, analytical and communications skills associated with the Masters level qualification.

  • Admission to the Master of Professional Studies is by completed online application and interview. To be considered for entry, an applicant must normally possess a bachelor degree from an Australian university or equivalent, and have the equivalent of at least five years' experience in their field. Anyone wishing to gain entry to the program on the basis of equivalent qualifications and/or experience should contact the University for consideration for admission on this basis. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6.5 TOEFL paper-based test score : 570 TOEFL iBT® test: 90
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