Self-Designed Major

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Particularly motivated students who wish to define their own interdisciplinary course of study at the University in a form which is not available in the traditional disciplines may make a proposal for a Self-Designed Major.

Rooted in the Arts and Sciences, the Self-Designed Major may also include courses in disciplines housed in other divisions.

Detailed Course Facts

Application deadline Fall Admission : Round 1 by 15 November; Round 2 by 1 February; Round 3 by 15 March; Round 4 by 1 June; Round 5 after 1 June; Spring Admission: Round 1 by 1 October; Round 2 by 15 November; Round 3 after 15 November Tuition fee
  • EUR 26590 Year (EEA)
  • EUR 26590 Year (Non-EEA)
Start date January,September 2015 Languages Take an IELTS test
  • English
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Course Content

Requirements for the Self-Designed Major

Formal guidelines

  • The Self-Designed Major consists of 11 courses.
  • Ten courses should be selected from at least 2 different disciplines (as defined by course code) and it should include at least three courses from each of those disciplines.
  • The major is completed by a 4-credit capstone in the senior year.
  • Proposals are considered by the Self-Designed Major Committee (SDMC).
  • Students submitting Self-Designed Major proposals will be called to meet with the committee to discuss and explain the merits of the proposal.
  • The SDMC is responsible for judging the coherence, feasibility, and value of the proposal as a whole.
  • The SDMC recommends that the proposal be accepted, rejected, or accepted subject to specific modifications.
Degree awarded

Students will be awarded a BA or BS in the Self-Designed Major with the exact title of the major appearing on the transcript and diploma.

Self-Designed Major Proposal

Students must submit their proposal to the Self-Designed Major Committee (SDMC) no later than midterm of the second semester of their sophomore year. The degree must be declared by the end of the sophomore year. Exceptions may be made for students with significant transfer credits.

The proposal must focus on a problem, theme, or question, and should not be defined in terms of discipline.

The proposal should be submitted using the Self-Designed Major proposal form and should include:

  • A title for the proposed Self-Designed Major together with a short title to appear on the transcript.

  • The names of at least two appropriate faculty members who have agreed to sponsor the student’s project, and evidence of their support. One project sponsor should be designated as the principal advisor.

  • A clear statement of the problem, theme, or question to be investigated in the major including a justification of the value and importance of the project.

  • A list of courses to be taken, with alternates where possible.

  • An alternative, back-up major in a traditional field.

  • A statement of the rationale for the major, including an account of why the proposed problematic, theme, or question can not be studied satisfactorily in an existing major or combination of majors and minors; a clear explanation of how the chosen courses relate to the problem, question, or theme of the major.

  • It is strongly recommended that some elements of fieldwork be included in the proposal (i.e. internship, external activity, study abroad, outreach).

  • A preliminary proposal for the capstone project.

  • An account of the objectives which the student hopes to achieve in pursuing the major (i.e. graduate studies, professional objectives, etc.).

  • A description of assessment criteria based on learning objectives.

  • Requirements

    Application requirements - what you need to submit to us

    An application to The American University of Paris requires several supporting documents and sometimes tests. Most requirements can be uploaded directly in your online application. We cannot provide you with a decision until we receive all of your documents.

    • Online application form
    • Personal statements
    • Extracurricular activites and work experience
    • Two letters of recommendation
    • Official transcripts
    • English language test
    • SAT/ACT test scores (optional)

    Work Experience

    No work experience is required.

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    Financial aid and scholarships

    An AUP education is an important investment in your future, and we work hard to make it an affordable one. Our tuition and costs are competitive with those of small, selective universities in the United States, and we offer merit scholarships and need- and merit-based financial aid that make affording AUP even more manageable.

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