Anhalt University of Applied Sciences

Dessau-Rosslau, Germany
Website: Founded: 1991 year StudyQA ranking: 1173 pts. No. Students: 7523 Frgn. Students: 1881 Languages: German Phone: 03496671000 Fax: 03496671099
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With its sites at Bernburg, Dessau and Kothen, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences can call upon proud traditions in science, innovation and cultural cosmopolitanism. These traditions guide us in research and teaching and are the backbone of our commitment in the central German region of Anhalt. Since its foundation, Anhalt University has established close links with both national and international research institutions as well as industry partners. Every subject at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences has been developed with the emphasis on practical training and a high standard of education. Project work based on practical application, international practical semesters and practice-oriented final year theses are part and parcel of the day-to-day coursework. Students' ideas are directly implemented in practice. New forms of teaching and e-learning, small study groups, excellent research and first-class contacts offer ideal conditions for a good start to a career either at home or abroad. In the field of research, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences occupies a premier position among German universities and is well placed for attracting third-party funding. Successful application- and transfer-oriented research projects extend their reach across the whole of central Germany. Furthermore, thanks to close industry contacts, many research results are employed directly in practice by small and medium-sized companies.

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About the City: DIA Graduate School of Architecture has a unique academic as well as geographic position: to study in the famous Bauhaus City Dessau, 120 km (80 miles) south of Berlin, is a treat for any architecture student. In addition, Dessau is embedded in a triangle of old historic German cities like Halle, Leipzig, and Wittenberg.

Cost of living: Minimum of 670 EUR per month to cover living expenses (incl. accommodation, excl. health insurance costs). Cheap rail fares/student discount on trains available.

General promotion / funding: DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)

Arrival support: The campus coordinator, Mrs Yili Lu, helps regular and exchange students to find accommodation and go through the paper work. For practical every day matters, there is also a strong community of the DIA students that communicates through social networks.The International Office (AAA - Akademisches Auslandsamt) runs a student-to-student buddy programme for incoming international students at all three sites of Anhalt University. This includes pre- and post arrival support (pick-up service, local information on university and place of residence etc.).Interested international students should contact their future degree programme staff at Anhalt if they wish to have a buddy before and on arrival.Anhalt University's sites at Kothen, Bernburg and Dessau run different formats of welcoming sessions/weeks for international students at the beginning of a semester.For further information see:

Services and support for international students: The general student advisory service of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences informs prospective students about study options, final degrees, admission requirements and restrictions, study conditions as well as the contents, structure and requirements of the respective course of study. The DIA Office at the University in Dessau supports students with all issues related to their studies, including application, enrolment, semester updates, and graduation. After successful admission, DIA Office will guide prospective students through the process of registering and enrolling. Both programme coordinators and International Office/Akademisches Auslandsamt offer support services for international students during their entire stay at Anhalt University (social and study related).For further information see: Coordinator / Campus Dessau: Mrs Yili Lu

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