Bergen Academy of Art and Design

Bergen, Norway
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Bergen Academy of Art and Design is a leading institution in artistic research and offers the highest education in Norway in the fields of Art and Design. Learning and teaching at KHiB are based on artistic research and experimentation. Through an active and visible role we convey the importance and value of art and design as integral to society. KHiB offers three-year bachelor programmes and two-year master's programmes in both Art and Design and have employed Research Fellows associated with the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme.

Furthermore, we offer Teacher Training (PPU), which is a one-year full time programme for artists and designers aiming to become teachers. KHiB also offers life long learning courses for artists, designers and related professionals. Bergen Academy of Art and Design operates the "Norwegian Artistic Research Programme" which includes two parts, the "Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme" and the "Project Programme".

KHiB has approximately 340 students and 100 employees. Both students and staff contribute to a dynamic international environment. Since August 2012 KHiB has had two departments: the Department of Fine Art and the Department of Design.  KHiB takes part in international networks and encourages students to use exchange programmes in their studies. Approximately 30% of the academic staff is recruited internationally. KHiB's activities are currently located in six different buildings in the city centre of Bergen.

New building

A new building is under construction where the whole KHiB campus is going to be located under one roof. The world-renowned Norwegian Architect office Snøhetta have designed the building. The new building is due to be completed and taken in use in 2017.

Art education has long traditions in Bergen, as the first school of art was established here in 1772, modelled on the Academy of Art in Copenhagen. The present college, Bergen Academy of Art and Design, is a fairly new institution which in 1996 merged two former institutions; Vestlandets kunstakademi which had been founded in 1972 and Statens høgskole for kunsthåndverk og design which is dated to 1909.

The institution is currently spread across several buildings at two different campuses. A new building is currently under construction that is designed by the architectural group Snøhetta after winning an International competition in 2005. Originally planned for 2009, the concept had to been redrawn to meet budget demands from the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. It then took until 2013 before the Norwegian Government came through with the necessary funding for the project. After the funding was in place everything developed very rapidly, and the Academy will take the new building in use after its completion in the autumn of 2017.


Since a restructuring of the Institution’s departments in 2012, the Academy have consisted of two departments: Department of Fine Art and Department of Design. In the study year of 2015-16 there are approximately 350 students and around 100 staff members. In addition a range of continuing and further education courses are available.

Students can take a three-year Bachelor degree or a two-year Master degree in the following areas:

  1. Fine Art (Specializations in 8 fields are offered: Painting and drawing, sculpture and installation, ceramics and clay, time-based art/performance, new media (audio/ video), textiles, printmaking, and photography)
  2. Furniture and Spatial Design/Interior Architecture
  3. Visual Communications
  4. Curatorial Practice (only offered as a Master degree for Scandinavian speaking students)

Department of Design

The Department of Design has had a strong focus on shape and material qualities, while the social role of design in a broader perspective has been strongly emphasized. Key interests that characterize the department are the tension between materials processing and form, and seeing design as a means to solve social tasks, particularly it a focus on vulnerable groups. The department is divided into two Subject Areas, Visual Communication and Furniture and Spatial Design /Interior Architecture.

Department of Fine Art

The Department of Fine Art at KHiB is distinguished by a dedication to artistic research. This is developed through critical and creative inquiry into a diverse range of issues and methodologies. The department furthermore is characterized by a wide range of artistic forms of expression, open conversations and critical discussions. The department has expertise in 8 specializations: Painting and drawing, sculpture and installation, ceramics and clay, time-based art/performance, new media (audio/ video), textiles, printmaking, and photography.

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