Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences

Pforzheim, Germany
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The university dates back to 1877 and consists of three schools: the School of Design, the School of Engineering and the Business School. The three schools offer a large number of Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes, all of which emphasise interdisciplinary thinking and cooperation among faculty, economists, lawyers, engineers, designers and experts from various sectors. The Business School transmits broad-reaching and well-founded economic competence and, at the same time, offers its students future-oriented specialisation in their subject of study. The formulas for success are the future-oriented competences in a broad sphere coupled with subject-specific expert knowledge. Since opening its doors in 1963, the Business School has conferred degrees to over 16,000 graduates, many of whom have gone on to successful careers in the business world. It is also the largest division at Pforzheim University, with a total of 97 professors and 3,200 students, and an annual incoming class of 675. Its wide-ranging curriculum encompasses thirteen programmes of study at the Bachelor's level, all geared toward the demands of specific job profiles, and ten programmes at the Master's level, designed to prepare students for specialist fields and managerial positions.

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