School of Mission and Theology

Stavanger, Norway
Site: Founded: 1843 year Type of University:Private StudyQA ranking: 851 pts. No. Students: 350 No. Staff: 40 Languages: English Phone: +4751516210
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MHS – School of Mission and Theology is a private, specialised university owned by the Norwegian Mission Society (NMS), committed to high-quality education and research related to global perspectives on the church's mission as well as religious and cultural encounters.

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MHS is located in Stavanger, on the West Coast of Norway, with immediate access to beautiful and breathtaking nature, as well as a vibrant church life and cultural attractions in the city and the region.

MHS has around 350 students, including around 70 Master’s students and 23 PhD students. The school has 40 employees, including 24 in academic positions. The body of international students is significant, often with students from 15-20 countries. All Masters' and PhD programmes are taught in English.

MHS – School of Mission and Theology was founded in 1843 and is the third oldest institution of higher education in Norway, next to the Norwegian Military Academy (1750) and the University of Oslo (1811). In spite of being an old institution, it has a radical scholarly tradition: It was the first institution of higher education in Norway to admit students from Africa (from the 1860s), and it was also a pioneer in enabling students from poor layers of society here in Norway to become pastors. MHS is today a specialised university with a broad range of study programmes within the fields of theology, religion, culture and social studies.

Student life at MHS

In order for you to have the best possible start as a new student we have tried to prepare as much as we can, both academically and socially, for you as an international student at MHS. Remember that years of study are not just about courses, but also about your own personal development.

At MHS you will meet a good social environment where you will make friends and classmates from all around the world. The university has its own cafeteria, which is a natural meeting point between students, as well as between students and staff.

The Student Council is working to create the best possible student environment for you, and is actively contributing to the decisions made at our school.

The university has designated areas for self-studies, and a library which allows you to concentrate on your studies. We have a large mission archive incomparable with anything else in Norway, an archive that brings together researchers from around the world.

The school has its own sports club, which arranges different kinds of activities, both outdoor and indoor.

MHS has it's own Student Chaplain, Trygve Hestness. He is avaiable Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 11:15 - 13:30. His office is on the 2nd. floor of Hans Rabeonys House. To make an appointment, or to reach him during his office hours, you can reach him by phone: 413 03 718 or by email:

What is special about studying at MHS?

As a global node in the infinite world wide web of relations in which we live, MHS aims to provide high-quality study programmes (Bachelor, Master, PhD) that reflect how knowledge and insights, religious and cultural encounters, as well as church ministries are taking place within a globalised context. Besides, you will meet people from all over the world at MHS!

What are our researchers concerned about?

MHS – School of Mission and Theology has a research profile that reflects the school’s general and global focus on the missional calling of the church, as well as religious and cultural encounters. Researchers at the MHS are directing several multinational and multi-institutional research projects, and has a high reputation of comprehensive publishing, nationally as well as internationally, with international journals and publishing houses.

As far as recruitment of new researchers is concerned, the school emphasizes the need to train female scholars, both for the school itself and for its international partners.

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