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The surroundings we spend our time in have a great impact in our lives. Architects are in a key role in designing built environment and for that providing joy, safety and usability to  people every day.

Sustainability – and lots more

Master’s Degree Programme in Architecture provides you a broad understanding in fundamentals of architecture. The programme has focus in sustainability but it also covers all major fields of the profession from architectural and housing design to urban planning and restauration studies.

Develop your thinking in inspirational and supportive atmosphere

At the TUT’s School of Architecture, students' own ideas are highly valued. You are encouraged to develop your thinking independently yet with full support. Individual projects are developed in close dialogue with professors, assistants and fellow students in a proactive environment. Personal initiative, original ideas and creativeness are encouraged and supported.

Faculty members, who are also pursuing research activities and are internationally recognized for their accomplishments as professional architects, offer their guidance. This ensures access to the most up-to-date knowledge. In Design Studios most assignments are from real-life situations. The results of projects are reviewed in sessions where students present their work and explain their approach to the assignment and the ideas underlying their solutions.

Familiar atmosphere and modern learning environment

The atmosphere at the School of Architecture is familiar and yet international, thanks to relatively small size of the faculty and large number of foreign students. The professors are easy to approach and the teacher-student relationships are informal.

The learning environment is modern. Students have access to digital media and fabrication facilities that include computers with architectural software solutions and integrated design tools such as scanners, printers, a high-quality large format color plotter, 3D-printers, 3D-scanner, laser cutters, CNC router and many other tools and equipment for students to use. We also have a reference library with architectural books and journals. Facilities include open space work area with drawing tables for all students, a crafts workroom and an art studio. The TamArk students' guild has its own quarters including a cosy kitchen, where students can take breaks, relax and connect with fellow students. A free wireless network is available on whole campus.

The Master’s Degree Programme in Architecture includes 120 credits. Full-time students complete the programme in four semesters. 90 credits are awarded for completing a set of professional studies, major subject studies and elective studies, which will take three semesters. Students spend the last semester of the two-year programme writing their master's thesis, which is worth 30 credits.

The programme is conducted entirely in English. All courses, exams and student services are offered in English, so good language skills are required.

Professional studies (52 credits)

Professional Studies in Architecture are mandatory courses offering you a strong set of professional skills during your first year. TUT is especially known for its generalistic education concept. The studies will give you a comprehensive and solid foundation in many disciplinary areas that form a necessary background knowledge for an architect.

Major subject (30 credits)

Major subject studies cover the first semester of the second year. Courses are mandatory and structured by one main design studio plus four supporting courses. The main design studio is a cross-disciplinary course with an emphasis on sustainability and an annually varying theme in the field of architecture. The four supporting courses deal with up-to-date topics and complement the Sustainable Design Studio. The teaching and research on urban sustainability takes place in a multidisciplinary environment. Courses focus on social, technical and economical sustainability through an integrative perspective. The objective is to educate the next generation designers with knowledge and skills required for leading multidisciplinary design teams and interacting with other stakeholders in sustainable urban development processes.

Elective studies (8 credits)

You can customize your degree by selecting some elective courses that include for example advanced studies in Finnish architecture, computer aided design and visualization skills as well as language skills.

Master's Thesis (30 credits)

The Master's Thesis is an individual and self-defined architectural project. The purpose of the thesis is to demonstrate that you have fulfilled the requirements of the programme and are professionally qualified to practice architecture.

It is not possible to apply to a Master’s programme on the basis of a Master’s degree. The only exceptions are the one-tier degree programmes where the first cycle degree is not compulsory and the so-called long cycle degrees.

Applicants who are seeking admission to their first Master’s programme are given preference in the admissions process. Applicants for a second Master’s degree may be admitted only under special provision and only if they are able to show that the courses that count towards a degree at Tampere University of Technology provide the applicant with genuinely new knowledge and skills. 

Applicants are required to demonstrate a high level of proficiency in the English language. TUT accepts internationally recognised academic language tests as demonstration of language proficiency. The accepted tests are IELTS Academic, TOEFL iBT, TOEFL PBT, PTE Academic and CAE/CPE. 

To better further your success in the admission process generally the overall grade (CGPA) of the degree should reach at least 70 %. The CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) is an average of all of your grades for the courses in your previous degree.

Students admitted to a Master’s degree programme may be required to complement their earlier degree with complementary studies. All students with a Finnish University of Applied Sciences (AMK) degree are required to complete a study package which generally includes courses in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry depending on the student's background. For more information on the complementary studies, please contact the academic coordinator of the degree programme.

The student selection is made by an admissions committee on the basis of the academic qualifications and merits shown in the application documents. Please note that not all applicants fulfilling the requirements can be admitted. 

English language tests

TUT accepts internationally recognised academic language tests as demonstration of language proficiency. The accepted tests are IELTS Academic, TOEFL iBT, TOEFL PBT, PTE Academic and CAE/CPE. Please note that the language test needs to be taken before the application deadline. We cannot accept language tests taken after the application deadline.

If you take the language test close to the application deadline and cannot submit the test results together with the other application documents, please contact the TUT Admissions Office ( for further instructions.

If your language test score is expiring during the application period you should contact the TUT Admissions Office well before it expires.

IELTS Academic (score 6,5)
Tampere University of Technology verifies all IELTS test results from the test organiser. Upload a copy of the IELTS score slip on your application. It is very important that you indicate your IELTS test report number on the application form.

TOEFL (score: TOEFL iBT 95, TOEFL paper based test 580)
When registering for the TOEFL, enter the code of Tampere University of Technology 0599 into the Score Report Recipient field. TUT verifies all TOEFL test results online from the test organiser. Indicate your test score and test date on the application form.

If you have already taken the TOEFL test you will need to request the test organiser to make the test score available to TUT online.

PTE Academic (score 62)
Your online PTE Academic account allows you to send a secure copy of your test scores to Tampere University of Technology online. TUT will then be able to access and verify your test result online. Indicate your test score and test date on the application form.

Cambridge Language Certificate (Proficiency CPE or Advanced CAE)
Upload your test results on your application. Your results will be verified from the test organiser. Include your Candidate's ID and secret code.

Tuition fees for english-taught degree programmes:

  • 10 000 € per academic year for the Bachelor’s programme
  • 12 000 € per academic year for all Master’s level programmes

For students who are citizens of countries within the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, studies in all degree programmes will remain free of charge. Tuition fees will also not affect those non-EU/EEA students who have the right to permanent residence in Finland (residence permits A, P and P-EU).

TUT offers a generous scholarship programme for fee-paying students. With the help of the TUT scholarship, TUT continues to provide excellent international students with high-quality, yet affordable, education. The TUT scholarship programme consists of the TUT academic excellence scholarship and tuition fee waivers.

TUT academic excellence scholarship

In 2018, TUT is awarding the TUT academic excellence scholarship to up to ten of the most talented applicants. The TUT academic excellence scholarships include a full tuition fee waiver as well as an allowance of 7000 € per academic year to cover living costs. The scholarships are awarded for an academic year and considered on an annual basis.

Tuition fee waivers

The majority of TUT scholarships are awarded as tuition fee waivers to the most talented students. The fee waivers awarded may cover either 50 % or 100 % of the full tuition fee. Tuition fee waivers are awarded during the admissions process or can be earned during the studies. The tuition fee waivers awarded in conjunction with the student admission process are full tuition fee waivers which cover 100 % of the tuition fee. The tuition fee waiver is awarded to a sizeable proportion of the admitted students.

Wide range of career opportunities

TUT’s Master’s Degree Programme in Architecture prepares future architects to pursue a wide range of career opportunities as professional architects and in research. Most graduate’s work in architecture firms. Others opt for a career in the public sector or continue as private entrepreneurs. Traditionally, architects in Finland have been working mainly in architectural design, but in recent years, the task field has expanded considerably. Architects work more and more as urban planners in institutions and organizations as well as experts in educational and advisory functions. In addition, the focus within design tasks has shifted from new construction to the multiple challenges of renovation, for which TUT's degree provides you with the required knowledge.

The degree Master of Science (Architecture) corresponds to the Finnish degree of "Arkkitehti" and complies with the criteria established by the 2005/36/EC EU Directive, meaning it is listed among the recognized European Degrees. The degree confers eligibility to work as an architect in Finland and other countries, even though actual access to the profession may entail a training period, an internship or an examination, depending on local regulations.

The Master’s Degree in Architecture also gives eligibility to apply in doctoral studies. TUT’s School of Architecture offers postgraduate studies in the Doctoral Programme in the Built Environment.

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