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  • Tuition Fee:
  • Local: $ 479 / 1 year
  • Foreign: $ 602 / 1 year
  • Languages of instruction:
  • Kazakh, Russian
  • Deadline:
  • 10 May
  • StudyQA ranking:
  • 798pts.
  • Duration:
  • 4 years

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    Highly qualified specialists in the field of document management and archival studies are in demand in any area of modern business, public sphere, management structures.
    Types of professional activity:
    Our graduates are in demand in those areas where skills of working with information are required:
    • Document management support
    • Archival business
    •Personnel Management
    • Information management
    •Management and marketing
    • Information and analytical activity
    • Protection of historical and cultural monuments
    • Science and education
    • Outsourcing organizations providing services for the storage of archival documents and archival processing of documents.
    Profile subjects:
    • Archival studies;
    • Records management;
    • Archaeography;
    • Automated archival technologies;
    • Audiovisual documents;
    • Organization and technology of documentation support of management 
    • Documenting the activities of state and non-governmental organizations, etc.
    Advantages of education: 
    • The connection between theory and practice in the learning process;
    • Dual education, classes are conducted by employers (on the basis of the Archive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Central State Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan);
    • Training of students in foreign universities (academic mobility):
    University of Adam Mickiewicz (Poznan, Poland), specialty "Archival Studies and Records Management";
    University of Copernicus (Toruń, Poland) specialization: Archiving and Document Management
    • Interesting author's courses in document management, archival studies, archeography and automated archival technologies
    • Interesting courses of employers: "Electronic documents and archives", "Automated archival technologies", "Preservation, conservation and restoration of documents"
    • Highly qualified faculty.
    • Opportunity to be at the center of the cultural life of the university: concerts, theater premieres, art exhibitions;
    • Participation in the International Summer School of Young Archivists
    • Participation of students in the work of the student circle "Zhas Muraatshy", in the annual republican Olympiad on archival studies and documentation on the basis of the archive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
    International connections:
    • Russian State Humanitarian University (RSUH)
    • Copernicus University (Poland)
    • Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland)
    • Altai State University (Russia)
    Places of internships Internship base
    • Akimat of Almaty city
    • Archive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan,
    • Central State Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan,
    • Central State Archive of scientific and technical documentation of the Republic of Kazakhstan,
    • Central State Archive of film and photo documents and sound recordings of the RK,
    • Home Credit Bank",
    • Department of Docmentation Support of Management of the Committee for Emergency Situations "Kazselezashita", the State Administration,)


    Archives Studies

    Audiovisual Documents

    Automatic Archival Technologies

    Auxiliary Historical Disciplines

    Classic Languages (Latin, Arabic, Persian)

    Document Study

    Documentary Linguistic

    Dokumentation Activity of State and Nonstate Organization

    Historiography of the History of Kazakhstan

    History of Bisiness Document

    History of Foreign Archives

    History of Kazakhstan

    Information and Communication Technologies

    Information Security and Information Protection

    Information Technologies

    Information Technologies

    Informational Technologies of DPM

    Introduction To Archival Science

    Introduction To Document Science

    Legal Bases of the Management Og Documentation

    Methods and Technology the Work With Documents

    Military Training

    Modern History of Kazakhstan

    Organization and Technology of Documentation Managment

    Philosophy of Scientific Knowledge

    Physical Training

    Professionally-Oriented Foreign Language

    Professionally-Oriented Kazakh (Russian) Language

    Professionally-Oriented Kazakh Language

    Professionally-Oriented Russian Language

    Sources of the History of Kazakhstan

    Sources Study

    The Concepts of Modern Sciences

    The History of State Institutions in Kazakhstan

    The World History

    Theory and Methodody of Archive Study


    University requirements

    The invitation formalized in the Student service center, the following documents are required:

    1. To pay 7500 tenge to international department, at the address Student service center “Keremet”, KazNU campus (Merei Muratovich)

    2. The form

    3. The contract (formalized in the faculty of Pre-College education

    4. Notarized copy of passport (Baitursynov street 63 crossing Karasai Batyr street)

    The list of documents required for receiving of the hostel:

    1. Notarized translation of passport
    2. Medical certificate 086 –U (diagnostic center in the Student service center “Keremet” )
    3. Certificate of check for AIDS (Copy)
    4. Medical certificate 086 –U (diagnostic center in the Student service center “Keremet” )
    5. 4 Photos (3Х4)
    6. Payment for the hostel 26710 tenge (Bank Center Credit)

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