Business 1

Study mode:Full-time Languages: English Duration:2 years
Deadline: Feb 1, 2022
StudyQA ranking:1307

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The programme targets candidates seeking vocational education within business administration and provides the foundation for study at a doctoral level at universities and colleges in Norway and abroad.

The first semester consists of the four mandatory courses: Philosophy, ethics and environment- Industrial Organization- Strategic management and Strategic management accounting. The language of instruction is English.

In the second semester, the candidate is entitled to choose between several interesting elective courses (minors). Lectures serve as a major mode of delivery, with larger or smaller group exercises to supplement. For some of the minors the language of instruction is Norwegian or a combination of Norwegian and English.

The third semester includes a chosen specialisation (major) and a required method course. During the fourth semester, the candidate should work on the master thesis, which is related to the chosen specialisation.

HHB offers majors within in the following areas (The availability may vary from year to year depending on interest and available faculty resources):
??? International Business
??? Finance and Capital Budgeting
??? Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
??? Logistics and Transport
??? Ecological Economy
??? Management Control

3- or 4-year Bachelor in Business Administration or equivalent with satisfactory results. The following topics must be covered as part of the undergraduate study:Business Analysis: 55 ECTS creditsEconomics: 15-20 ECTS creditsMethod: 15-20 ECTS creditsStudents who are not native speakers of English, must document knowledge of English with one of the following tests: ???TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with a minimum score of 550 points on the paper-based test or 80 points on the Internet-based test???IELTS (International English Language Testing System) with a minimum score of 6.0
No tuition fees.
Nokut certification
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