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In the fast-moving business world, it is crucial for business leaders to understand all facets of a modern organisation. Managers must be prepared to address customer needs and employee issues, while staying focused on the goals of the organisation.

CQUniversitys Master of Business Administration (MBA) is designed to enhance the opportunities for graduates to obtain positions involving major managerial responsibilities in industry, non-profit and government. Its broad aim is to provide a program which will enable its graduates to apply contemporary management and business knowledge and perspectives in an interdisciplinary manner to the dynamic environments in which they are likely to find themselves as managers.

This degree is offered both on-campus and by distance education, full-time or part-time, giving you the flexibility to balance study with your work and family commitments. An MBA qualification is highly sought after by employers, both within Australia and internationally, enhancing your employment opportunities and giving you greater opportunities to work overseas or within a global organisation.

What am I studying?

Business underpins every sector of our economy and is fundamental to all industries. We rely on business for our jobs and prosperity. In todays competitive employment market, tertiary education skills in business are in high demand.
There are no limitations to where a business degree can take you. Business graduates gain superior communication skills and have in-depth knowledge of their area of interest. They have transferable skills that allow them to work successfully in a number of professions within a variety of organisations.
A business degree can take you all over the world, both throughout your study and when seeking employment. Tertiary-qualified business graduates may be able to gain professional accreditation in a number of fields that allow them to work abroad. If you want to learn how business works, to think, strategise and manage a business degree may help get you there.

Why Study Business at CQUniversity

CQUniversity business, accounting and law programs provide you with the opportunity to combine study with your work and lifestyle by offering either on-campus or distance education study options in either full-time or part-time modes.
Along with our stand-alone degrees, we also offer the opportunity to complete dual or double degrees in a number of study areas, combining two areas of business study or a business field combined with study in the arts, which enables you to broaden your skills, knowledge and career opportunities. Dual degrees give you the opportunity to complete two degree qualifications in a shorter period, allowing you to design your study to suit more than one area of interest and gain a competitive edge when seeking employment.
Each of the business programs at CQUniversity have been developed in consultation with, and are regularly reviewed by industry professionals, ensuring they remain up-to-date and meet the latest industry standards and expectations.
As a business student, you will benefit from real case studies, class discussions and online forums led by highly qualified lecturers and academics. Our comprehensive and practical programs mean you will graduate work-ready, qualified and equipped to succeed within your chosen career path.
With a diverse range of programs available, many of which are accredited by relevant industry bodies, youll be sure to find a program that best suits your career aspirations and interests.

Career Opportunities

An MBA from CQUniversity provides graduates with the skills and knowledge required to assume management responisibilities in marketing, human resource management, international business, project management and finance.

Program Structure

To graduate with the Master of Business Administration, you must complete four core skills courses and four foundation courses from a choice of eight. You must also complete four courses from your choice of major, chosen according to the rules for each stated major. Alternatively, you must complete four electives of which at least three must be selected from specified courses for this program, provided prerequisites have been met.

To gain entry to this program you are required to have any of the following: * a bachelor degree in any discipline from an Australian university or college, together with at least two years of work experience in a management capacity, or equivalent * an honours degree in business, management, commerce or economics from an Australian university, or equivalent * six years relevant management/industry experience and engagement in professional development * a CQUniversity Graduate Diploma of Management or equivalent.English RequirementsIf you have English as your second language (international or domestic students born outside of Australia, Canada, NZ, UK, Ireland, South Africa or USA), you need to meet different English language proficiency requirements depending on the level of study and/or program you wish to undertake. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6
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