Business Studies

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Local:$ 6.09 k / Year(s) Foreign:$ 17.9 k / Year(s) Deadline: Feb 1, 2024
155 place StudyQA ranking:1959 Duration:4 years

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The Trinity Specialist Business Degree is a unique programme, designed for students who wish to focus on business from the very beginning of their degree. Innovation and entrepreneurship are key pillars of this dynamic new programme.

Trinity Business School places an emphasis on blended learning, where academic excellence meets industry experience. Our students cherish their time in Trinity: making lifelong friendships and contacts, gaining first-hand business experience, and benefitting from a challenging but nurturing learning environment with our dedicated faculty.

Year One – Junior Freshman


In your first year, you will learn about the history and evolution of business, organisation and management, in order to establish and reinforce the principle that the pursuit of business is embedded in - and a central driver of - our complex global economy. 
Furthermore, you will start your self-development journey with the key quantitative and qualitative skills required for business in the 21st Century.

Year Two – Senior Freshman


Your second year gives you a thorough grounding in every core discipline of business theory and practice, from marketing to finance. You will benefit from the full resources of a globally networked institution. By taking a significant number of credits from other disciplines – from Law and Linguistics, to Geology or Psychology – you will have the unique opportunity to see how your thinking interacts with and is influenced by others, cultivating new insights that can only come through such interdisciplinarity.

Year Three – Junior Sophister


While building on your portfolio of skills and knowledge, you are awarded credit for experiencethat transforms your learning – whether through a semester or year abroad at one of our partner institutions, an internship in a firm, start-up, or voluntary organisation, or a leadership role in one of Trinity’s many business student societies. 
This experiential learning is highly valued by employers and is a unique opportunity for students to develop business skills.

Year Four – Senior Sophister


In your Senior Sophister year, you will focus on at least one area of business expertise: studying your chosen subject in depth, taking advanced modules in the subject and undertaking research guided by one of our faculty or industry experts. 
Your work acts as a ticket of entry into your chosen career path, be it finance, accounting, strategy or marketing, in areas as diverse as cosmetics to capital funds management.

Module Options „

  • Business in Society „
  • Economics for Management „
  • Financial Markets and the Corporate Sector „
  • Human Resource
  • Management „
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship „
  • International Business and the Global Economy „
  • Marketing Management „
  • New Product Development „
  • Organisation Theory „
  • Personal and Professional Development „
  • Services and Information Management „
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation „
  • Strategic Management

As part of the online application, applicants will also need to submit original or certified true* copies of:

  • Final second level qualification results
  • IELTS, Cambridge Advanced/Proficiency, TOEFL scores, for applicants whose first language is not English
  • Academic transcripts for each year of third level study and all third level qualifications awarded
  • SAT, AP or ACT scores (US and Canadian applicants only)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Passport
  • Application fee (non-refundable) and application fee payment form

Please note that where the statement of examination results is in a language other than English, applicants should submit a certified true translation of the statement along with a certified true copy of their original results with the application.

*A certified true copy is a photocopy of an original document that has been signed and stamped by a school principal or other official.

The following are some examples of awards, scholarships and prizes in Trinity Business School:

Bachelor in Business Studies Scholarship

Open to new Non-EU students for the Bachelor in Business Studies Degree 

Award: Several scholarships valued at 5000 euro each, applied as a reduction to the tuition fees of a full-time undergraduate Bachelor in Business Studies Degree for the first year of study only.

Who can apply: Applicants who have non-EU status and will pay tuition fees at the non-EU rate. 

Selection Criteria: The scholarship will be assessed based on academic achievement, and evaluation of the applicants’ potential to contribute to the overall TCD community

Scholarship application documents

  • Application number (assigned by TCD when application for the Bachelor in Business Studies is submitted)
  • 200 word statement on “how I will contribute to our Trinity College Dublin community.” – submit in Microsoft word document or pdf format
  • CV/Resume

Scholarship Application process

  • Submit scholarship request and attach scholarship application documents no later than March 31st, 2016
  • Submit scholarship request as follows:
    • Email to:
    • Subject line:  your name and your application number
  • You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of scholarship request
  • No further communication until scholarship awards are made; awards will be made and successful candidates informed no later than April 14th 2016
  • Decision to accept scholarship is required on April 28th 2016; along with acceptance of your offer to attend TCD and payment of your deposit.
  • You will be responsible for formally accepting the scholarship offer by email reply to
  • Acknowledgement of receipt of scholarship acceptance will come within 72 hours
  • A non-response will be considered as declining the offer

Foundation Scholarship

Foundation scholarship is a College institution with a long history and high prestige. The examination for the award of scholarship is set and assessed so as to select students of outstanding ability. Foundation Scholarship is a College institution with a long history and high prestige. Some of our greatest alumni – such as Edmund Burke, Samuel Beckett, and Mary Robinson - were Scholars.  It is a distinctive feature of student life here at Trinity and now is the opportunity for Senior Freshman students to join the ranks of Trinity Scholars.

The objective of the Foundation Scholarship examination is to identify students who, at a level of evaluation appropriate to the Senior Freshman year, can consistently demonstrate exceptional knowledge and understanding of their subjects. 
Scholars enjoy significant benefits including Commons free of charge, rooms free of charge for up to nine months of the year and, where a student is not in receipt of outside scholarships or grants, fee remission for up to five years to the value of the EU fee level.
Foundation scholars are elected annually on the result of an examination held in the week before the start of Hilary term with the results announced on Trinity Monday.

Trinity Business Student of the Year

The Trinity Business Alumni/Bank of Ireland Business Student of the year award is presented annually to the student who not only excels academically but has also ‘given more than they have taken’ from the economy and society.

David Feldman Prize

This prize was founded in 1985 by a gift from David Feldman, a Business graduate.  The purpose of the prize is to encourage business students to adopt a broad philosophical attitude to issues and challenges in the business world.  The prize will be awarded annually to a Sophister or postgraduate student in business studies.  It will be based on a dissertation or project judged by the examiners to demonstrate the application of philosophical thought, logical argument, as well as metaphysical and perhaps ethical approach to the understanding of business. 

Patrick O'Sullivan Prize

This prize was founded in 2009 by a gift from Patrick O'Sullivan's family. Patrick is a graduate of the Business School and retired in 2009 as Vice Chairman and Chief Growth Officer of Zurich Financial Services. The prize is awarded annually, on the recommendation of Trinity Business School, to the candidate who performs at the highest level in the Senior Sophister course inExploring Organisational Experiences.

Abd El-Motaal Book Prize

This prize was founded in 1965 by a gift from Mostafa H.B. Abd El-Motaal, our former Lecturer in Accounting. It is awarded annually to the best student in financial and management accounting and financial reporting and analysis.

Price Waterhouse Coopers Prize

The award was founded in 1966 by Craig, Gardner & Co., Chartered Accountants. Two prizes are awarded to the Senior Sophister students who obtain first class honors at the annual degree examination, provided they obtain at least a second class (first division) mark in financial reporting and analysis. The prizewinners are invited to apply to the firm for Articles.

Trinity Business Alumni Prize

This prize was founded in 1993 by the Trinity Business Alumni. It is awarded to the student whose project, submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the final B.B.S. degree examination, is ranked by the court of examiners as the best overall project submitted by a B.B.S. candidate, conditional upon a minimum second class (first division) grade having been achieved overall and in the project.

Study abroad

In third year, students have the opportunity to apply to study abroad in a prestigious European university with the EU funded Erasmus programme (ESSEC, France; Grenoble Ecole de Management, Universidad Carlos III Madrid, Spain; Cracow University, Poland; Rotterdam University, Netherlands; Mannheim University, Germany). In addition to exchange programmes in Europe, the Business School also has bilateral links with leading universities in North America (Babson, Fisher College of Business, Ohio; Goizueta, Georgia and Queens University, Canada).

Our exchange programmes are highly successful, and are an extremely popular option for business students each year. Participating students find that they are hugely enjoyable, academically and culturally rewarding, and a valuable asset to prospective employers.


Trinity Business School graduates pursue careers across a range of business, government, technology, innovation and social ventures. Banking, finance, accountancy, consulting and marketing jobs top the list of first jobs after graduation and 98% of our students enter employment or further study after graduating. Trinity is known for not only preparing you for your first job, but for future career prospects and promotion as well. Our graduates go on to become leaders in their fields and help to nurture and support the global network of Trinity business graduates throughout their careers.

In addition to positioning students for a broad range of careers, the BBS is designed to facilitate students’ entry into graduate courses in business and other related Masters programmes. Having undertaken a significant project of independent study in a business area of their choice, students are well-positioned to apply for post-graduate research study in Trinity as well as other highly regarded research institutions with a high rate of application success.

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