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A small, high-quality Ph.D. program in a beautiful New England location where Graduate classes and research projects are available in organic, biological, inorganic, organometallic, materials, physical, and theoretical chemistry. Ph.D. students act as teaching assistants in undergraduate courses, and formal training in teaching is provided. 

A student will be admitted to candidacy for the doctorate after satisfying the following requirements:

  1. Completion, by the start of the Fall term of the student’s second year in the program, through an appropriate combination of Dartmouth courses or performance on diagnostic entrance examinations, of a breadth requirement in three of the four topical areas of biological, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry.
  2. Passing by the end of the spring term of the second year, a Ph.D. qualifying examination consisting of a written proposal for the student's Ph.D. research and an oral defense of that proposal.
  3. Presentation before the Department of a lecture on the thesis topic by the end of the student's third year.

The candidate will receive the doctorate upon:

  1. Satisfactory completion of an original thesis project of high quality and substantial significance, and approval of the thesis embodying the results of this research.
  2. Successful defense of this thesis in an oral examination.

A candidate for the doctorate will take various courses in chemistry and allied fields that are pertinent to their area of study. He or she will also participate actively in undergraduate teaching, including completion of CHEM 256 (Graduate Instruction in Teaching).

Typically, by November of the first year, students should meet with at least three faculty members to discuss possible research projects. Students rank them in order of preference, and the entire faculty reviews these rankings and assigns students to research groups according to not only the students' wishes but also any particular departmental or faculty needs that may influence placements. Most students get their first choice and begin research by January, although earlier and later starts are possible. 

  1. An official transcript of all undergraduate and of any graduate work completed. 
  2. Three letters of recommendation from scientists in either academic or industrial positions, preferably including letters from research advisors whether or not they are from the applicants' institution. 
  3. Your check payable to Dartmouth College for the US$45.00 graduate application fee. 

When students first arrive at Dartmouth, diagnostic exams in Organic, Inorganic, Physical Chemistry, and Biochemistry are given to help determine the introductory curriculum. All students must demonstrate a basic knowledge of three of these areas either on these initial exams or via course work during the first four terms in residence. It is not necessary to earn a master’s degree as a prerequisite to the doctorate.


Dartmouth offers full financial support to all students in doctoral programs. Financial support includes a paid yearly stipend or fellowship at a minimum of $24,000. Students generally do not need to pay any tuition from their stipend as doctoral tuition is typically paid, or scholarship arrangements are made. Financial support is usually supplied for the entire duration of a student’s enrollment in their doctoral program. The stipend is guaranteed for five years as long as satisfactory progress is made towards the degree. In addition, tuition is waived, and health insurance is subsidized. 

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