Economic Analysis

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801–1000 place StudyQA ranking:5019 Duration:24 months

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The main goal of the Master in Economic Analysis is to provide a solid background in economic analysis and a thorough knowledge of the frontier of economic research to students with a competitive curriculum and a strong motivation. The master is also the natural first step of the PhD program of the Department of Economics.

Short Overview of the Department
The Department of Economics is a top institution in economics research. It tends to rank among the top 50 departments in the world, top 10 in Europa and top 3 in Spain.
In a study sponsored by the European Economic Association, and published by the Journal of the European Economic Association (vol. 1, 1346-1366, 2003) the Department of Economics ranks 2nd in Spain, 9th in the European Union and 52nd worlwide. This has been confirmed in a more recent ranking by the University of Tilburg.

Recommended profile for prospective students
Our master is intended for students with familiarity with quantitive analysis and have a strong motivation to engage in advanced research in economics. One administrative requirement is a bachelor degree.

The general profile for master students in Spain described in the R.D. 1393/2007 and modified by the R.D. 861/2010 also applies here.

The objective is to prepare students for a research career in economics, either as academics or professionals, in both the public and the private sector. It also gives students the right skills and tools to pursue a PhD in Economics. In particular, students who perform well in the Master and pass qualifying examinations are admitted to the PhD Program in Economics at Universidad Carlos III.

The Master is organized in two academic years, each one containing 60 ECTS.

First year: 60 ECTS divided in two terms:

12 courses: 5 ECTS each.

Second year: 60 ECTS divided in two terms:

* First term: Choice of two among three main areas of specialization: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics: Two courses from each chosen area must be taken. Each course comprises 6 ECTS, overall 24 ECTS.
* Second term: 24 ECTS must be taken by choosing optional courses in any of the specialization.
* A Master thesis of 12 ECTS must be submitted for public examination at the end of the second year.

A Bachelors degree (not necessarily in Economics) and a strong background in quantitative methods are required.Admissions CriteriaAn admission committee formed by members of the department of Economics and faculty of the master studies the applications and make proposals to the direction of the master in economic analysis.Decisions are based on curriculum vitae and recommendation letters. We also require students proficiency in written and oral English. It is strongly recommended to provide either a iBT-TOEFL above 80 (usually above 95), a Cambridge Proficiency Certificate level A-C, Cambridge First Certificate level A or IELTS (British Council) 6.5. Students with a degree taught in English are exempt.Students are required to provide a proof of mastering quantitative analysis. We usually only consider students with a GRE above 80% in the quantitative part of the exam.Applications are evaluated in two rounds: in early February and late April. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6.5 TOEFL iBT® test: 80

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