Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Deadline: Dec 1, 2023
601–800 place StudyQA ranking:6681 Duration:2 years

You will acquire skills in economic analysis and deeper insights into how the economy works.

Some examples of topics analyzed in the programme are:
- How to organize energy markets to avoid monopolies and market manipulation.
- How to design and implement an-international climate treaty.
- How to reduce poverty and manage natural resources in a better way in developing countries.
- How to analyze consequences of international trade agreements.
- How to explain why commodity prices are so volatile.

Contents of the programme:
The masters programme consists of specialization in one or more economic sub-disciplines, e.g.
- Environmental and Resource Economics
- Energy Economics
- Development Economics
- Financial Economics
- Trade and Commodity Markets

You can supplement the specialization with courses within organizational science or business management. Moreover, you can choose a more interdisciplinary profile, by choosing from all the courses offered at NMBU in natural sciences, technology or other social sciences. The many opportunities to choose optional courses enables you to acquire skills well suited to your interests.

Bachelor degree in economics or similar, including mathematics and statistics, and at least 90 ECTS of economics (micro, macro, environmental economics etc.).Applicants must demonstrate English language ability in accordance with the NMBU regulations for programmes taught in English.
No tuition fees
Nokut certification
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