Environmental Sustainability

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This new online Masters in Science is a flexible, innovative, negotiated learning course that takes on board the training needs of a broad spectrum of end-users by giving you the opportunity to select modules that best align with your training needs and career objectives. For some this will involve upskilling but equally the course will facilitate career change. It not only offers flexibility for you to negotiate your own learning but also gives you the opportunity to study at your own pace and in your own time, online. Successful completion enables the award of a Graduate Certificate (30 credits), Graduate Diploma (60 credits) and a Masters degree (90 credits). The Masters degree requires students to complete a research project and of course you can chose to take a smaller selection of our modules as part of the Module to Masters initiative. Individual modules may be taken as part of your CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

This course draws on the significant teaching and research experience of world-class educators from eight schools in UCD to provide the widest coverage of environmental topics. The course will focus on delivery of the knowledge and skills required to address sustainability challenges across a broad spectrum of activities.

Sustainability is generally defined as efforts to meet our present needs without compromising those of future generations. It therefore encompasses not only use of environmental resources but also social and economic goals and captures the interactions between all three elements. With a growing body of environmental legislation and regulation businesses are challenged to work within a sustainability framework while at the same time maximising employment provision and profitability. Equally those within the regulation or policy environment must have the knowledge base to address the complexities of the ‘sustainability’ challenge. This degree programme has been designed taking on board the training and information needs of all sectors and will be subject to regular review to respond to their constantly evolving needs.

The MSc, Graduate Diploma and Certificate will provide you with the theoretical background, practical training and ancillary workplace skills needed for a successful career in your chosen field. You will negotiate your learning needs with the assistance of our academic staff. Eight schools contribute to the course capturing the significant strengths of UCD Science and Engineering in renewable energy resources, sustainable energy systems, environmental engineering and resource management, water quality assessment, protection/management and conservation science. The opportunity exists to harness these strengths within a negotiated and distance learning framework, offering you, the student, flexibility to gain a broad understanding of sustainability issues or to specialise more deeply in one of these particular fields of study.

The course aims to develop your understanding of the environmental issues and sustainability goals facing society. You will be challenged to apply your scientific and technical knowledge to develop solutions to local and global problems and needs. Through discussion and research work you will learn to handle complex issues, analyse and interpret scientific data and information, use your judgment and ultimately communicate your findings and ideas. The course will develop your capacity for self-directed learning, within a supportive framework facilitated by online fora, discussion boards and virtual tutorial/classroom sessions.

Applicants must hold a minimum of a 2.2 honours level degree in a science, engineering or related discipline. Applicants with pass degrees and who also have substantial relevant work experience may also be considered. If English is not your native language, proof of your proficiency in English will be required, unless you have taken your primary degree through English, in an English speaking country. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6.5 TOEFL iBT® test: 100 Technological Requirements UCD Online students are expected to be comfortable with computer basics such as navigating between folders on their computer, connecting to the internet, browsing and interacting with web pages, downloading and uploading files through the web, emails. UCD Online courses are delivered through web-based e-learning environments. Without these basic capabilities a student will struggle to cope with their workload due to the extra time required to become accustomed to the technologies being used.


University College Dublin is a recognised awarding body meaning the university has the authority to make awards in accordance with the National Framework of Qualifications. UCD courses are quality assured in that the university has well-established quality assurance procedures and is subject to periodic reviews of effectiveness of quality assurance procedures by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI). UCD qualifications are recognized both nationally and internationally. In addition, UCD has strong global connections since it is a member of several international networks and collaborations within research and education.

Many UCD Online courses offer a number of qualification points. This means that students may choose to work towards a qualification at another level. This information is provided on the course descriptor pages. For example, The Masters in Science Environmental Sustainability (Negotiated Learning) awards a MSc degree, NFQ Level 9, that requires successful completion of 90 credits. However, the qualification points for this course are listed as:

Certificate 30 credits equivalent to 6 X 5-credit modules

Diploma 60 credits equivalent to 12 X 5-credit modules

MSc Degree 90 credits equivalent to 18 X 5-credit modules

These qualification points allow students the flexibility to work towards a certificate or diploma instead of the MSc degree should that better suit their needs or lifestyle.

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