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StudyQA ranking:5180 Duration:12 months

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You have a strong financial background and are familiar with the business world. But you want to go a step further. Enrich your knowledge and give well-founded management advice with self-confidence. The Master Accounting and Control (MAAC) programme at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THU) offers you the opportunity to do this. It is a professional master's degree for ambitious students with a nose for financial, economic and organisational growth. Through a programme based on a strong international awareness, you will be trained for a top international financial position.

Broad and international

With the MAAC programme, you learn everything that a modern Financial Manager needs to know. Besides management accounting, financial management and information management, subjects such as professional ethics, risk management and people management are also included in the programme. It is a broad curriculum, tested in practice and optimally geared towards an international career. The language of instruction is English and your fellow students are multicultural. Thanks to this versatility, you learn to hold your own in a challenging work environment.

More than numbers

The MAAC programme expands the world of earnings, expenditures, loans and investments. Your area of work transcends the financial aspects. Checking, budgeting, analysing and advising come naturally to you. You understand perfectly how business processes work and you are able to translate your knowledge of the market, economy and organisation into a well-founded business strategy. In short, you are the conscience of the company, on whom the management blindly relies. With a MAAC degree, you can develop your career to become the Financial Director of an international company. You can follow this Master's programme on a full-time or part-time basis.

The MAAC consists of four quarters. For each stream in the first three quarters, the lecturers will introduce relevant theory through lectures and class discussion. These will be supplemented by key chapters in the textbooks. In addition to that, you will read, review and discuss best-of-breed, landmark, and cutting edge articles in the field. All streams in Quarter 1, as well as the Professionals Skills II and III in quarters 2 and 3 respectively, are given together with students from the Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme.

Why choose this programme?

Learning to look critically at business processes and results from different perspectives. That is central to the MAAC programme. You enrich your financial basis with knowledge and skills that are essential for a modern Financial Controller. The comprehensive curriculum is focused on the four PIOF areas: personnel, information, organisation and finances. Equipped with this all-round knowledge, you step into the employment market with boldness and self-confidence. In this way, you get the best out of yourself and for the company.

Focused on the future

There is a great need for Financial Controllers who have undergone a broad-based and international training. Especially these days where companies must continually innovate and work on tighter budgets due to the increasing competition. With this, the MAAC programme fills a gap in the market. It prepares you for an international career. You learn to comfortably do business with foreign groups, in various languages and with people from other cultures.

Personal growth

At the Academy for Master's & Professional Courses of The Hague University, the focus lies on you as a financial expert. You work on developing personal skills in the area of leadership, communication, teamwork and entrepreneurship. How do you manage an international team? Can we rely on the figures? Can we do business with this customer? These are the questions at stake. You discover where your strengths lies as well as your points of improvement. In this way, you grow not only in your position, but also as an individual.


To ensure the best fit with the actual business world, you are taught by business professionals. Each lecturer offers valuable insights from his own field of work and experience. For each module, you receive a comprehensive textbook, so that you soon have an extensive library at your disposal. With the help of real-life examples, you learn how to find your way in the books, but it is through practice that the learning actually begins. This is why the curriculum and work methods are optimally tailored to the work of a Financial Controller.

Educational philosophy

Central to the educational philosophy of The Hague University are knowledge-sharing, teamwork and making the most of one's talents. The cross-cultural debate also occupies an important place, as does independent thinking. We believe that diversity is essential for economic progress and personal growth.

Course Manager

Mrs. Juliana Niño, MBA

  • Consultant for Business between The Netherlands and Latin America

  • Director at El Nino Business Consulting
  • Partner at MarketShare Colombia
  • Independent IT Consultant

Academic Advisor

Prof. Wim Hartman MCM RE

  • Professor, Auditing and Information Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam

  • Partner, Paardekooper & Hoffman (now Mazars), specialised in consultancy services
  • Project Manager, Philips, specialised in logistics information systems
  • Member of professional associations NIVRA and MCA

Your lecturers

  • P. Shah MBA, Consultant, Sogeti and CT Consultants

  • Dr. A.A. Voogt, Business Consultant and member of RBC (Research Based Consultancy)
  • J. Goldiamond MBA/MPPM, Director, Webster International Centre for Entrepreneurship
  • G. van der Hoeven, Managing Director, Van der Hoeven
  • K. van Brakel MBA, Managing Director, Troyan B.V.
  • Drs. J.N. Leppink, Lecturer, Nivra Nijenrode and Open University
  • Prof. dr. ir. H.J. Oppelland, Professor of Information Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Drs. Ing. S. Oedit Doebé BPMM, Senior interim and projectmanager Atos Origin - the Netherlands
  • R.J. Ornee MBA, Managing Director, IC/DC Consultancy
  • J.A. den Ouden MBA, Consultant, Dutch Dream
  • Drs. R.J. Schapink RC, Managing Director Schapink
  • F. Witlam MBA, Managing Director, WITLAM HR Solutions & Consultancy

Our Advisory Group

  • Prof. dr. H.B.A. Steens RC MCM, Partner, Ernst & Young, VU University Amsterdam

  • Dr. H. Steffers, former Brigadier-General and former acting Dean of The Hague University
  • Prof. dr. A.C.N.A. van de Ven RA, TIAS NIMBAS and Open University
  • Prof. E. Vosselman, Professor, Radboud University Nijmegen
  • Mr. R.A.M. van der Zwet RA, Director, Ciad BV
In order to enroll in the MAAC, you must have a Bachelor's degree (from an institute for higher professional educational or university) in finance or business economics. You must also have at least two years of relevant work experience, for example, as Assistant Controller or Manager.. As part of your application, we will ask you to elaborate on your motivation and basic qualifications. We want to assess whether the MAAC programme matches your own ideas about your future.English language requirementsThe MAAC is an international programme and is completely taught in English. In order to be accepted at the programme you need your English language skills to be tested by the independent testing institute IELTS and TOEFL.All students must establish their level of English for entry into the program. You may establish your level by either: (1) achieving an overall IELTS score of 6.0, an internet TOEFL score of 79, a paper TOEFL score of 550, or a TOEFL computer score of 213 .Students which have a Bachelors degree from an programme taught in English at an institution located in one of the following countries:o United Kingdomo Irelando United Stateso Canadao Australiao New Zealando South Africao Maltaare excluded from this requirement. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6 TOEFL paper-based test score : 550 TOEFL iBT® test: 79


MAAC is a professional Master's Degree and not a University Master of Science degree. After completion, you will receive a MAAC master's degree which has been accredited in 2006 by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO). The MAAC programme is registered in the CROHO (Dutch Central Register of Higher Education). In order to ensure quality, the programme has been subjected in 2011-2012 to a strict quality test, which resulted in a renewed accreditation. You are assured a superior level of high-quality education.

Internationally recognised

The MAAC degree is recognised internationally. If you aspire to a job outside the Netherlands, you can get your degree legalised by the DUO (Education Department) of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Then you can prove worldwide that the document has been issued by a competent authority. For more information and the costs, please visit the website of DUO.

Further studies

The MAAC programme is not part of a continuous course of study. Despite this, you can study further, for example, to obtain your accountant's degree. The English (online) programme ACCA [link] is a valuable option for internationally oriented students. An ACCA graduate bears the title of 'Certified Chartered Accountant'. The MAAC degree also provides an excellent basis for the accountant's programme offered by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

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