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Global Development and Management in Health Care is a professional program for health care professionals interested in the development and management of health care within public health, health care industry institutions (hospitals), and in public, private and non-profit sectors, other than crisis management.

The program focuses on health care development and management from the perspectives of global health and humanity, health and infection prevention, health tourism, and encounter art /clinical art. Within the transnational projects the student meet global health topics and challenges in development and management when creating working theories and practices for the good of health care service users.

Master’s in Global Development and Management in Health Care is a 1.5 - 2.5-years program. The studies are offered in English, and they can be completed alongside a full-time job. The candidates are awarded the qualification of Master of Health Care.

Bachelor of Health Care: Nurse or Public Health Nurse, Bachelor of Social Services or Bachelor of Physiotherapy, and a minimum of three years of relevant work experience acquired after graduation. Fluent spoken and written English. The entrance examination25 May 2015, at Laurea Tikkurila. The exam consists of a text-related written exam and a group discussion.Prereading material: Burke MJ, Salvator RO, Smith-Crowe K, Chan-Serafin S, Smith A & Sonesh S. 2011. The Dread Factor: How Hazards and Safety Training Influence Learning and Performance. Journal of Applied Psychology 96(1):46-70. The article with no marks may be taken into the examination.

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