Food Chemistry

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Duration:The minimum period of study for full-time students is three (3) academic semesters and the maximum period of study is eight (8) academic semesters.

The postgraduate programmes of each department are supervised by a three-member Postgraduate Programmes Committee, chaired by a Postgraduate Programmes Coordinator. The Coordinator may be the chairperson of the department or a member of the academic staff appointed by the chairperson. The other members of the committee are appointed by the Departmental Board. The Committee is appointed for a two-year term.

For every student in the Postgraduate Programme, the department appoints an Academic Supervisor, whereas at the research stage of the Ph.D. a Research Supervisor is appointed. Candidate students select a member of the academic staff to act as their Research Supervisor. The student´s choice must be approved by the Postgraduate Programmes Coordinator. The Research Supervisor guides the students in their research and provides the necessary help and advice.

The programmes of study of the University of Cyprus are based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). An ECTS normally corresponds to a 25-30 hours workload per semester. Full-time status requires a courseload of 21 ECTS per semester. Students carrying fewer ECTS are considered part-time.

CHE710 Quality Assurance Methods

CHE711 Spectroscopic and Magnetic Analytical Techniques

CHE712 Chromatographic Methods of Analysis

CHE713 Food Biochemistry

CHE714 Legislation-Admissible Limits-Toxicology

CHE715 Mass Spectrometry

CHE716 Food Biotechnology

CHE717 Food Microbiology

CHE740 Literature Study of Laboratory Exercise or Industrial Exercise

CHE750 General Laboratory Course

* The applicants must have a university degree, awarded by an accredited institution in the country where it operates, or a degree evaluated as equivalent to a university degree by the Cyprus Council for the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications (KYSATS). Individuals who will be awarded a University degree or Graduation certificate fulfilling the criteria of the application requirements by the end of the week that precedes the registration week will also be eligible to submit an application form. * Academic background in the appropriate discipline and grades in other related degrees. * Letters of recommendation. * Personal interview at the discretion of each department. * Written examination at the discretion of each department.


The field of Chemistry is directly connected to industrial productivity and to economic development in general. Chemistry's contribution to both the industry and the economy of Cyprus is particularly significant. The industry of Cyprus is primarily chemical in nature (e.g., plastics, drugs, beverages, food, wood, construction materials, oil refinery products), and requires chemists at the graduate level to upgrade the quality of products and create new trade-competitive units.

The development of chemical research is therefore essential, especially given the recent accession of Cyprus in the European Union. Cyprus participation in the European Union now necessitates a considerable improvement of quality control on all consumer goods, which will provide a great impetus in the area of analytical chemistry. The new industrial policy of the government, with emphasis on the development of high-technology industry, will also provide impetus for fast developments in the area of synthetic chemistry.

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