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Study mode:Full-time Languages: English Duration:48 months
Foreign:$ 16.3k / Semester(s) Deadline: Feb 15, 2022
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This honors program provides interested and qualified students the opportunity to explore in-depth the relations between history and literature. The History and Literature honors student must complete the requirements for a major in either History or English and also complete the requirements for the minor in the other department.

Regardless of whether the student in History and Literature chooses to major in History or English, he or she must complete the honors requirements as described in the

Detailed Course Facts

Application deadline February 15, 2015 Tuition fee
  • USD 16265 Semester (National)

Full-time: 12-17 credits per semester $16,265

Start date 2016 Credits 126 credits

Students must complete a minimum of 126 credits for graduation.

Duration full-time 48 months Languages Take an IELTS test
  • English
Delivery mode On Campus Educational variant Full-time

Course Content

Major Requirements: 14-15 courses, 56-60 credits

This interdisciplinary honors program provides interested and qualified students an opportunity to explore the relations between history and literature. The History and Literature Honors student must complete a major in either History (40 credits) or English (36 credits) and a minor in the other field (20 credits in English; 20 credits in History). A student may also double major in History and English.

To be considered for honors in History and Literature, a student must satisfy the following criteria:

1. Prospective majors must seek the approval of the coordinators of the program to undertake this major. Qualifying students must have a 3.5 GPA in the major subject.

2. Students must complete two classes on methodology. These courses also fulfill major and minor requirements in each department:

  • HST-200 Gateway to the Past: The Historian's Craft




    What does it mean to study history? Why is history a particularly valuable means of understanding human experiences and problems? Historians do more than acquire facts about people and societies of the past. Historians debate the past as they uncover new information, develop new interpretative frameworks, and ask new questions. This course introduces students to history as a method of thought and inquiry, the development of history as a discipline, and to new trends and methodologies in the field. Prerequisite: Must be a History Major with at least sophomore status.


    Offered Fall Term


    Humanities & History,Humanities Literature Requirement

  • ENG-301 Gateway Seminar for Majors


    ENG 213, ENG 214, ENG 215, ENG 216, ENG 217, or ENG 218 fewer than 80 credits




    This course seeks to answer the following questions. What is literature? Why do we study literature? What methods aid the study of literature? What are English Studies all about? This course extends reading and writing skills, and provides more specialized terms, knowledge, and approaches to prepare students for study at the junior and senior level. Topics vary from term to term. Student must have completed 80 credits or less Normally offered Fall and Spring semesters.


    Offered Both Fall and Spring

3. The student must complete one honors seminar in English or History. The honors seminar may also fulfill a major or minor requirement.

4.The student must complete an interdisciplinary honors thesis under the joint direction of one professor in History and one professor in English. To write a thesis, the student should register for Independent Study in the major department (ENG-510 or HST-510). Normally, the student should undertake one credit of 510 in the fall semester of the senior year and three credits of 510 in the spring semester of the senior year. Independent Study (510) may fulfill an elective in the major. Any student who completes 510 will receive credit for the course; however, projects completed in 510 must also be approved by the History and English departments to satisfy the requirement for honors.

5. The student must provide an oral defense of the honors thesis, to be evaluated and approved by faculty from both departments.

6. Honors students must finish their coursework in the major and minor with a GPA of 3.5.

7. In special circumstances (such as the case of transfer students), particular exceptions to the requirements above will be considered.

Interdisciplinary Advising in History and Literature

To facilitate this process, and to help the student select appropriate courses in both departments, the student should seek advising as follows:

1. The student should see the coordinators of the program during advising periods to ensure that departmental requirements and honors requirements for the major and minor are being met. The coordinators will also help the student to identify potential thesis advisors and to coordinate interdepartmental aspects of the program such as the oral defense. Finally, the coordinators will guide the student in selecting courses in the department that are particularly interdisciplinary in approach or that are appropriate to the student's focus. For example, a student may be directed to courses in both departments on American History and Literature of the 19th Century or on Women in History and Literature.

2. The student must select two thesis advisors, one from History and one from English. These advisors will help the student identify a thesis topic and guide him or her through the writing process, and may also help the student to select courses appropriate to his or her research interests.


Open to students in our admissions-only honors program, this program of study gives you the opportunity to take classes in both disciplines, culminating in a senior project.

Work Experience

No work experience is required.

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