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International Business — 4 year

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Local:$ 2.03 k / Year(s) Foreign:$ 2.03 k / Year(s) Deadline: Jun 1, 2023
StudyQA ranking:1266 Duration:4 years

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Study a Bachelor's in International Business in the Netherlands


The International Business (IB) four-year bachelor’s programme is English-taught. Each year consists of two study semesters and four 10-week blocks. In addition to lectures and classes, students work together in small groups in order to find answers to challenging, yet practical, business-related problems. Group work prepares you for effective communication and cooperation in international business. Training is also provided in specific competences essential to successful future careers, such as giving and receiving feedback, presentation skills, intercultural proficiency and languages. The four-year programme consists of 240 European Credits (ECTS), whereby 60 ECTS are earned each year. In order to continue with the study, students are required to finish the first year with a minimum of 48 ECTS.

Best of both worlds

The new IB programme begins in September 2018 and is a merger of the former programmes: International Business & Management Studies and International Business & Languages. This is an initiative of the Dutch Government to offer students a more transparent and straightforward study choice.

First and second year

This is a discovery phase, whereby students are introduced to and assessed on a range of international business subjects. Furthermore, the first and second years will focus on different professional themes in the form of ‘Living Labs’. These interconnect key modules and offer students valuable experiences in dealing with practical business issues and exploring diverse professional roles. This is undertaken through group work and applied research. The knowledge, skills and subject preferences acquired during this time will eventually help students when deciding which graduation minor to pursue. 

International Business and languages

Prior to your year abroad you will learn a second world language, such as Spanish, German, French or Italian. Later in the study you can choose to deepen your  understanding of culture and languages by learning two languages, in addition to English. This will give you a head start when it comes to applying all-important language skills within your future career.

Third year

One of the greatest opportunities at IBS is the year abroad. During your second year you will spend a semester studying at an IBS partner university and another  semester doing a business placement at a company abroad.

Study abroad semester

During the third year, you spend a full semester studying at one of our many partner universities around the world. This is a unique opportunity to expand your  knowledge and experience of different cultures and develop your language skills. International students may choose the minor European Business at IBS or a minor from another Hanze UAS school.

International placement

The other semester is spent working in an internationally oriented company or organisation outside your home country, where you can apply what you have learned during your study. Students acquire the placement themselves, making use of the information available at IBS, such as regular placement offers, previous student reports and shared experiences of fellow students. Our students complete placements at top global companies, such as Lufthansa in Seoul, Microsoft in Dublin,
SEAT in Barcelona, Bosch in Mexico City, Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Luxembourg and Philips in Amsterdam, as well as joining exciting SMEs and startups.

Fourth year

You begin your fourth and final year with a semester in which you take modules elating to your graduation minor. This enables you to gain an in-depth understanding of the specialisation you have chosen (see the semester structure table on page 2). In your final semester, you will complete a graduation project in which you are regarded as a consultant for an external company. You will be required to obtain, define, analyse and research a business-related problem, write a final report and present/defend your findings in an oral presentation.

To be admitted to this programme you will need a national or an international secondary school diploma. Your educational qualifications must be equivalent to the Dutch havo secondary school diploma. As the programme is taught in English, you may have to prove your English language proficiency, depending on your educational background and nationality.

Tuition Fees 2018-2019

EU/EEA students: € 2,060 
Non-EU/EEA students: € 7,700

Career prospects

The International Business bachelor’s programme prepares you for a successful and rewarding international career in a wide range of directions and positions including:

  • marketing and sales manager
  • finance and accounting
  • business consultant
  • business development
  • project and account management
  • entrepreneur.

LinkedIn research published in 2016 shows that our alumni are located around the world, fulfilling careers in a diversity of roles, as well as many graduates pursuing  international postgraduate studies.

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