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Groningen, Netherlands
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If you choose to study at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, you will be joining a learning community where we bring education, applied research and the business field together. And on top of that, you will be living in the best student city of the Netherlands.

Learning outside of the classroom 

At Hanze UAS you are not just part of our academic community. You will apply what you learn to larger issues facing society. We focus on energy, healthy ageing and entrepreneurship. Regardless of which programme you choose, we stimulate and support you to specialise in one of these areas, for example, at EnTranCe, our energy transition testing ground; Health Hub Roden, our medical technology centre; or Cube050, our incubator and business accelerator where students can start and grow their own businesses.

Working together with the business community

There is only one way to find out what you want to do with your degree and that is gain real-life work experience. That is why you will do at least one work placement during your programme. We have a strong network of national and international business partners in a variety of fields. Work experience not only lets you find out what kind of job fits with you, it also puts you ahead on the job market after graduation. 

Living in the student city of Groningen

Groningen is the best student city in Holland, according to research agency Elsevier (2016), ranking first for student facilities, cultural hot spots and food and drinks. Groningen is also the youngest city in the Netherlands. Half of the citizens are under 35 and the 50,000 students make up 25% of the total population. There are numerous student societies and international associations allowing you to fully integrate into Groningen’s social life and making you feel right at home.

  • School of Health Care Studies

    Working with people for people, that is exactly what health care is. No matter what your role is, your aim is always to provide the correct care for the client or patient and to deliver care effectively, health professionals learn the importance of collaborative team work. At Hanze UAS we offer a number of health care related courses in English (a bachelor’s programme, summer courses and short programmes). Our English-taught programmes together form the International Health Care School. 

    Various educational programmes in Health Care

    The School of Health Care Studies offers bachelor’s programmes in Physiotheprapy (both English- and Dutch taught) and the Dutch-taught programmes Speech and Language Therapy, Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (MIRT), Dental Hygiene, Health Care Management, and Nutrition and Dietetics. These diverse programmes all share one aspect, they train students to become health care professionals. The advantage of having so many programmes together in one organisation is that, students become familiar with colleagues from other health professions and work together on multidisciplinary projects. We also offer two master’s degrees, Physician Assistant and Healthy Ageing Professional, both Dutch-taught. In addition to as our bachelor’s and master’s programmes, we offer several short programmes and summer courses focused on health which are English-taught.

    Broad perspective

    Graduates of our degree programmes have a broad perspective on health care as well as specialised knowledge and skills relating to their chosen profession. We offer flexibility in our curriculum, so students can customise their programmes according to their professional goals and personal ambitions. Cooperation with the professional field is important for your career. Students focus on this during their studies as well. The health care sector changes continuously. Our degree programmes are based on the latest developments in the professional field, and the most recent scientific insights so that graduates are able to meet the requirements of the profession.

    Modern facilities

    The School of Health Care Studies is located in the Wiebenga Complex, which is listed as a national monument, near the city centre of Groningen. The building has been renovated and extended, resulting in a balanced mixture of old and modern styles. Our building offers a wide range of facilities, such as a study and resource centre, a multimedia library, project rooms and a canteens. Students of all degree programmes have access to skills labs relevant to various professional fields,
    where they can to improve their skills.

    A combination of educational programmes offered by the School of Health Care Studies, in English

    Students can expand their knowledge by following our international programmes at our International Health Care School. These programmes offer you the possibility to study abroad and gain clinical experience, as well as participate in exchange programmes at Hanze UAS or abroad. You will e able to learn from physiotherapy specialists and have the option to conduct applied research for companies or health organizations in the Netherlands or abroad, through our Innovation Work Places and the research group Healthy Ageing, Allied Health Care and Nursing.

    Our Programmes

    • Physiotherapy (4 year bachelor's programme)
    • Summerschool (6 ECTS): Global Health and Quantified Self, Healthy Ageing and Optimax (Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy)
    • Minor/short programme (30 ECTS): Global Health, Quantified Self and Healthy Ageing
    • Short programme (20 ECTS): Abdominal Ultrasound (Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy)


    In this health care profession you work with people, from children to the elderly, with physical impairments. It is important to be able to understand a patient’s sychosocial
    situation. If you like to promote, maintain and restore physical, psychological and social well-being, physiotherapy could be your future profession. This programme aims to teach students to assess and treat patients with temporary or long-term physical injuries, movement disorders or disabilities. The goal is to achieve the highest possible degree of recovery, activity, participation and quality of life. Graduates may work independently or as a member of a health care team. There are currently more than 150 students from over 30 different countries studying Physiotherapy, at Hanze UAS in Groningen. The majority of students studying Physiotherapy are European. However, many students come from Asia, the United States of America, Australia and the Middle East. The Physiotherapy programme is a full-time four-year programme at higher professional education level, leading to a Bachelor of Science degree.

    Global Health & Quantified Self (short programme & summer school)

    The focus of both programmes are topical aspects relating to globalisation and health, linked to digital health and selftracking. The programmes, with a view to the future, help students to gain knowledge about prevention and selfmanagement in health, important topics in the health care sector. These programmes are developed in close cooperation with the Quantified Self Institute ( and are the first educational programmes worldwide that incorporate Quantified Self in education at bachelor’s level.

    Abdominal Ultrasound (short programme)

    The course Abdominal Ultrasound concerns with the professional and methodical application of ultrasound. The course focuses on the basic clinical skills needed in
    abdominal sonographic examinations. This course is offered by the Dutch-taught educational programme Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (MIRT). During the course, four case studies will be introduced. Students work individually and with fellow students, on these case studies. The course focuses on the anatomy and pathology of the urinary system, image recognition in ultrasound diagnostics, image quality in ultrasound diagnostics, and artefacts.

    Healthy Ageing (short programme) & summerschool

    In this new programme, you will explore , together with students from other programmes, how people can age “healthily”. As life expectancy increases worldwide, so does the importance of reducing illness and maintaining disease free years. Increasingly, this is the focus of treatment methods in health care. The intensified demands of health care are raising the cost of treatments. However, by using smart technological and nontechnological innovations, we can optimise the quality and implementability of the care and keep it affordable. In this minor you will find out more about life course psychology and the positive influence of self-monitoring and
    the effect of taking control of and responsibility for ones own behaviour. You will gain insight into wider societal issues and ethical dilemmas. You will further explore the possibilities that technology offers for the development of new health care concepts. You will also learn more skills that will enable you to communicate with your client group. From the start of the minor you will work in a multidisciplinary team on the project assignment within one of the four of the innovation labs Healthy Ageing.

    What we are proud of at the School of health care Studies

    1. Short programmes, summer school courses, bachelor’s and master’s programmes.
    2. A range of English-taught programmes for international students.
    3. Honours Talent Programme, also for international students.
    4. Individual coaching and support throughout our bachelor’s programmes.
    5. Interprofessional, inter-cultural and international education programmes.

  • School of Social Studies

  • International Business School

    The International Business School (IBS) guides its students and graduates towards successful and rewarding careers in international business. Our mission is to prepare business professionals, with a global mindset, who are ready to add value to international business and society. From the moment you walk down our hallway, you immediately experience the international atmosphere and will study and work alongside students, faculty and partners from all over the world.

    An international focus

    Founded in 1988, IBS was the first of its kind to be based at a university of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Cultural diversity is valued by all in this open-minded setting, where we speak and teach in English. There are over 1,500 bachelor’s, master’s and exchange students studying at IBS. Over 70 nationalities are represented within our student community. The IBS faculty is international and has extensive experience working in the professional field.

    Your career starts here

    In addition to learning the theory of business subjects, you will gain excellent experience working in the professional field. As part of your year abroad, you will undertake a five-month placement at an international company or organisation. Our students complete placements at top global companies, such as Lufthansa in Seoul, Microsoft in Dublin, SEAT in Barcelona, Bosch in Mexico City, Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Luxembourg and Philips in Amsterdam, as well as joining exciting SMEs and startups. In the final semester you will complete a graduation project in which you are regarded as a consultant for an external company.

    LinkedIn research published in 2016 shows that our alumni are located around the world, fulfilling careers in a wide variety of roles, as well as many IBS graduates pursuing international postgraduate studies.

    Discover which of our International Business routes is the right choice for you

    Three routes. One destination! Our International Business bachelor’s programme has three distinct routes to suit the diverse knowledge levels and different educational backgrounds of our new bachelor’s students.

    • International Business (4 year bachelor’s programme)
    • International Business (3 year bachelor’s programme)
    • Internationale Betriebswirtschaft (3 year bachelor’s programme, the first year is mainly taught in the German language)

    IBS strives to be at the cutting edge in providing top-quality business degrees. The experience we have gained over the past 30 years has shown us that one size does not fit all. We hope you will find the International Business route to match your current educational level and future expectations.

    What important characteristics do the International Business routes share?

    • Combination of theory, practice and group work.
    • Learning in small groups.
    • Outstanding opportunities to learn additional world languages.
    • Full year abroad: study semester at a partner university and international placement.
    • Graduation project at an international company.
    • Faculty of international business experts and academics.
    • Participation in applied research.
    • Honours Talent Programmes for eligible students.
    • International business and alumni networks.
    • Large care and support network.
    • Providing the stepping-stones to career success.

    Special characteristics of the International Business School

    1. Multinational student body and faculty with extensive international expertise.
    2. Immediately add value by working effectively in intercultural groups.
    3. Individual coaching and support.
    4. Applied research in cooperation with the professional field.
    5. International work experience.
    6. Over 100 partner universities worldwide.
    7. Rated as an excellent teaching and learning environment by NVAO in 2012.
    8. Acknowledged with the special accreditation feature of ‘internationalisation’.
    9. Over 3,500 alumni following successful careers around the world.
    10. Home of the Hanze Language Centre.

  • Instituut voor Communicatie, Media & IT

  • Instituut voor Facility Management

  • Art Academy Minerva

    Minerva Art Academy is one of the seventeen schools within Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, and is situated in Groningen and Leeuwarden. It is our mission to educate students to become talented, involved, professional artists, designers and arts teachers, who contribute actively to society. Our students have something to say, trigger unexpected connections and encourage the audience to ask questions. They do not take the world for granted and wish to have an impact on society, while exploring solutions and influencing their environment.

    Whatever route you choose, making art is at the heart of art practice and therefore central to all our programmes. These days the art practice is hybrid in nature: we encourage you to look beyond a single medium or art form. You will become part of our art community, working in interdisciplinary groups, getting to know as many mediums, techniques and approaches as you want. We provide creative and technological workplaces, where you can freely learn, make, reflect and experiment. You will not only learn to master a craft, but also to think and act as an independent and original artist. This is how your work will make an impact on the world and how you will make your own markas a professional.

    Our programmes:

    • Fine Art (4 year bachelor's programme)
    • Design (4 year bachelor's programme)
    • Painting (Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design) 
    • Media, Art, Design & Technology (Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design)

    Additional activities

    We provide a great many additional activities for students and alumni. Our OffCourses give you the chance to carry out artistic research in a mixed group of students in an exciting and experimental way. OffCourses involve all kinds of themes and subjects and are often carried out in cooperation with companies or professionals in the art practice, other Hanze UAS schools or academies abroad.

    Facilities: HAL, Platform Minerva, workshops and Project Agency

    To help you master your craft as an artist or designer, we provide you with the best possible facilities we can find. In Groningen, for instance, we have our Hybrid Arts Lab (HAL) in the Minerva building located on Zuiderdiep, where everyone in our art community meets to share experiences, create new ideas and attend all kinds of activities. Platform Minerva is located in a former museum on the Praediniussingel and is perfect for hosting exhibitions and other activities. As a student you will get every opportunity to be part of these activities, as a participant or organiser. We also have twelve wellequipped workshops in four domains, where you can carry out
    experiments and learn skills. These workshops are situated on Zuiderdiep and are open to all. Students can also use these workshops to explore a technique or medium for the first time. All students of Minerva Art Academy are welcome here. After graduation you can continue to use the workshops for another six months.

    Students often find it very useful to work on assignments outside of the academy, in order to prepare for their career as a professional in the art world. The Project Agency receives a great many requests to carry out projects and assignments. All students are welcome to apply for such projects.


  • Institute of Engineering

    The Institute of Engineering is full of innovation. That is because our teachers and students all have a passion for technology. Some are more focused on technology and society, others concentrate on technology and business or technology and science. At every level we contribute to new products and services.

    Participate in challenging projects

    You will be surrounded by the latest developments and innovations from the field of engineering. Our students designed and built a boat powered by solar energy and succesfully participated in several races, for example. Some of our students were even involved in an investigation involving the first telescope on the moon. Today, a  number of our students are part of the Hanze Racing Division team. They race a sustainable car, that they built and designed themselves, around several race tracks in Europe. You will also find student entrepreneurs at our school, who have created their own innovative startup companies, while studying at the Institute of Engineering.

    Collaborate through knowledge and energy

    Technology is becoming increasingly important. Think about  your phone. Not so long ago you could only make calls with your phone. Today, however, a society without smartphones is unthinkable. The development of renewable energy is also a relatively recent event. We work closely on this topic with a number of lecturers and the Centre of Expertise for Energy, both in terms of education and research. If you want to push the innovative boundaries of the energy field, our school is the right place for you.

    Your career starts here

    The Institute of Engineering is versatile and has an open and proactive atmosphere. We offer students many opportunities, as we offer customised study programmes. You will experience technology and learn in a way that is perfectly suited to you and your future. Our technology is based on the latest developments in the industry.

    Special characteristics of the Institute of Engineering

    1. A focus on energy
      If you are interested in sustainable energy, you will feel at home. We offer several opportunities regarding the exploration of this interesting subject, like the minor Energy & Society, various projects at our Centre of Applied Research and Innovation for Energy, and our two energy master’s programmes, the European Master in Renewable Energy and the European Master in Sustainable Energy System Management.
    2. Teamwork and co-creation
      During our programmes you will work in project groups. You will learn to work together with other students and you will get a taste of companies set up by students
    3. Ambition without limits
      The Institute of Engineering offers a high standard of education. Our Sensor Technology bachelor’s programme has been a ‘Top Rated Programme’ for five years in a row in the Netherlands. We also provide international minors. You can even do an work placement or graduation project abroad.

    Our Programmes:

    • Sensor Technology (4 year bachelor’s programme)
    • Mechanical Engineering, (3 year bachelor’s programme
    • Sensor System Engineering (1 year master’s programme)
    • Renewable Energy (1.5 year master’s programme)
    • Sustainable Energy System Management (1.5 year master’s programme)

  • Academie voor Gezondheidsstudies

  • School of Marketing Management

    The School of Marketing Management offers a wide range of bachelor’s, exchange and certificate programmes, as well as electives, with a strong focus on marketing, communication and sales. Programmes and courses are set up from an international perspective and prepare students for a global career. Therefore, if you choose to study with us, you will be provided with the knowledge and skills you need for any marketing position in an international environment.

    As an international student you will be most welcome at the School of Marketing Management. Our Marketing Management bachelor’s programme and many of our exchange and certificate programmes are taught in English. You will be part of a school consisting of approximately 2,100 students and 140 staff members.

    Focus on industry-related research projects

    You will gain professional experience by working in project teams. Together with other students, you will work in teams and tackle a wide range of marketing and sales issues that affect the way business is conducted today. This will enable you to put theory into practice. Project work includes research, based on issues, projects and the latest developments seen in the professional field. We are in close contact with companies with a strong marketing focus, who believe international business and marketing are of key value to their business. The variety of research projects will boost your CV.

    Focus on an international career

    The School of Marketing Management will prepare you for an international career in international business, notably in marketing, marketing communication, sales and exports. In this field we are at the forefront within Hanze UAS. You will be able to use our wide network of contacts and preferred partners to your advantage, when trying to find your work placement or graduation project placement.

    Marian van Os Centre for Entrepreneurship

    The Centre for Entrepreneurship is linked to the School of Marketing Management. It consists of a network of professors from various schools, PhD students, lecturers, students, companies, and other organisations. This centre develops and combines knowledge and makes it accessible to all students within the university of applied sciences, and to SMEs in the northern region of the Netherlands.

    Our programmes

    The School of Marketing Management offers the English-taught bachelor’s programme:

    • Marketing Management 

    The School of Marketing Management also offers a number of international exchange and certificate programmes:

    • International Marketing Research & International Sales II
    • Strategic Marketing Planning I & II
    • Entrepreneurship in China
    • English History, Language and Culture
    • Spanish Language and Culture

    Five solid reasons for studying at the School of Marketing Management

    1. The Netherlands: a country with a long-standing tradition of international trade.
    2. Groningen: known as one of the best student cities in the Netherlands, with a population of 200,000 people, including 57,000 students. Officially the youngest and safest student city in the Netherlands.
    3. Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, ranks third university of applied sciences in the Netherlands in terms of student satisfaction (2017).
    4. The Marketing Management programme: a fully English-taught bachelor’s programme, preparing you, in internationally mixed groups, for excellent starting positions in the field of marketing management. The programme focuses on online marketing, evidence-based and hands-on sales management and marketing communication management.
    5. Next to the bachelor’s programme the School of Marketing Management also offers a number of international exchange and certificate programmes, as well as electives, with a strong focus on marketing, communication and sales.

  • School of Communication, Media & IT

    The School of Communication, Media & IT is dedicated to offering you a creative and inspiring study programme in the field of communication, multimedia and IT.

    Companies around the world are looking for creative thinkers, enthusiastic IT-specialists and communication professionals who are entrepreneurial, proactive, full of  ideas and internationally oriented. The School of Communication, Media & IT offers English-taught bachelor’s programmes and a master’s programme with a focus on intercultural  competences. To work internationally, professionals must be culturally sensitive. The intercultural competence classes, offered by our programmes, will open a whole new world for you. Our diverse student body gives you first-hand experience in terms of working with people from other cultures. You will also benefit from international lecturers who have experienced living, working and studying abroad.

    Quality-tested programmes

    All programmes at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, are accredited by the NVAO, the official accreditation body of the Netherlands and Flanders.  approval by the NVAO indicates that programmes meet the quality requirements set for higher education by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Accredited programmes may use the NVAO logo. 

    Professional skills & attitude

    The ability to anticipate and adapt to change, to combine knowledge with skills and theory with practice are the cornerstones of our school’s educational philosophy. The
    curriculum throughout each programme is competency-based and focuses on applying knowledge and skills in assignments based on tasks and methods used in the professional field. This means that the focus is not only on simply learning theory, but also on developing the analytical and interpersonal skills expected of a young professional. In the future you can expect less direct methods of knowledge transfer (books, lectures) and more emphasis on developing your own knowledge and that
    of your fellow students. You will use, under the supervision of a teacher, your own ideas and experience to learn and grow in a simulated professional learning environment.

    Work experience

    During the second half of our bachelor’s programmes, you will work for real clients during your work placement abroad and your graduation assignment. You will analyse a problem facing an organisation and develop a solution. By working for clients you gain real-life experience, which will give you the competitive edge when applying for a job.

    Partner universities from all over the world

    The School of Communication, Media & IT has been actively involved in study abroad programmes for nearly 15 years. Its ever-expanding international network consists of over 100 partner universities from all over the world. The school also has a diverse and developing professional network of organisations that provide work placements. Thanks to these networks, the school can offer you a valuable international experience you will never forget.

    Our Programmes:

    • International Communication (4 year bachelor's programme)
    • Game Design (4 year bachelor's programme)
    • International Communication (1.5 year master's programme)

    Three reasons why you should choose the School of Communication, Media & IT:

    1. Focus on intercultural competences: open your eyes and understand the world we live in.
    2. International environment: connect and interact with people from around the world.
    3. Work experience: solve real problems for real clients.

  • School of Facility Management

    Facility Management (FM) is all about people. It goes without saying that people function better in a welcoming environment, whether at work or in their spare time. To help create this positive atmosphere, FM professionals work behind the scenes to enhance the functionality of environments.

    FM professionals are responsible for creating a positive atmosphere in a building like a school, an office or at an event such as a concert or festival. The work of FM professionals delivers advantages for all involved. For example, by working to deliver the optimal conditions, employees and organisations benefit from improved morale and efficiency. As a FM professional you are the pivot on which everything turns. You work to support organisation’s objectives and the well-being of its employees.

    Various learning routes

    The School of Facility Management provides students with many opportunities. Students can determine the type of facility manager they would like to become in the future. The school offers a Dutch-taught programme (Facillty Management) and an English-taught programme (International Facility Management). Upon completing the four-year English-taught programme you will be awarded a Bachelor of Business Administration, giving you an advantage when entering the job market and the foundations for a Master of Business Administration.

    Relationship with the professional field

    The professional field in which your future occupation takes place is very broad and provides many starting points for practical contact during your education. This is  important because practice is the best training. The school stays connected to the professional field through, for example, company visist and guest lectures. Additionally, professional advisors contribute to developing the curriculum and most lecturers also work in the field of Facility Management. The school maintains close relations with companies for work placements and graduation projects. The school is part of the Facility Management network of organisations.

    Academic support students

    The School of Facility Management facilitates the ideal learning environment by offering students a wide range of learning opportunities, for example, through assignments and both individual and group discussions. Academic sparring partners (i.e. study coaches) are available for students in the international programme. IFM has incorporated Academic Career Planning in the foundation of the programme.

    The start of your career

    Our school is very active in stimulating students to step out  of their comfort zone. We have several students that apply for (and receive) an IFMA scholarship on a yearly base. Over the last 10 years we have had many students who have been chosen to participate in the Student Poster Competition at the annual Euro Facility Management Conference. Our participating students almost always finish in the top 3. We have had two winners so far, and there will be more to come. We have  coorganised summer schools for over 10 years, which involve students from several European universities. A winter school has been set up as well.

    An annual International Space Seminar also takes place at the School of Facility Management, involving many participating students, professional representatives and lecturers. Last but not least, an increasing number of our lecturers present their research findings at International Facility Management conferences, platforms and universities abroad.

    An accredited study programme with
    international recognition

    All our programmes are accredited by the NVAO (the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders). Facility Management was the first programme at a university of applied sciences in the Netherlands to receive IFMA certification – international acknowledgement of quality education. Also, our international programme is the only one in the Netherlands that is acknowledged in Germany (GEFMA recognition). Graduated students can apply for the knowledge-based title Facility Management Professional (FMP) through IFMA. Next to IFMA, Hanze UAS is a member of FMN (Facility Management Netherlands), EuroFM (European Facility Management  Network) and the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM).

    Facides Dione

    FaDi offers active members (as well as non-members) the opportunity to actively participate in the organisation by providing room for creative organisation. The association’s connections are of great benefit to students, allowing them to acquire a network related to their field of study.

    Why choose the School of Facility

    1. Student friendly atmosphere and international environment.
    2. Competence-based study programmes recognised by major companies all over the world.
    3. Spend a total of 1.5 years abroad.

  • School For Business Management

  • Academie voor Beeldende Kunst, Vormgeving en Popcultuur MINERVA

  • Instituut voor Sportstudies

  • Instituut voor Marketing Management

  • Prince Claus Conservatoire

    A message from our Dean

    The Prince Claus Conservatoire of Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen is strongly connected to society in the northern part of the Netherlands. At the same time we are an internationally oriented institute regarding standards and atmosphere. Our mission is to train inspiring, professional musicians who can make an 
    essential contribution to our society. We educate artistic professionals, who are musically able to compete on an international level and who move the world with
    their talents. 
    Harrie van den Elsen, Prince Claus Conservatoire

    Special characteristics

    1. The Prince Claus Conservatoire is the conservatoire in the northern part of the Netherlands, with a strong connection to the three northern provinces. Our school has an international atmosphere with students from all over the world, and an internationally well-known faculty of top teachers/musicians and researchers.
    2. Our students, teachers and researchers are active all over the world and appreciated for their (artistic, social, research, entrepreneurial, innovative) skills and musical craftsmanship. Due to our connections with over 40 excellent foreign conservatoires, students have many possibilities to develop their talent abroad.
    3. Our conservatoire is a small-scale learning community where we know, appreciate and respect one another. Our goal is to train students in a professional way to become excellent musicians, who are able to find their way in the ever-changing professional field.
    4. Groningen is a vibrant city of culture with many musical venues, theatres and cultural events. This provides students with many opportunities to perform frequently and gain experience.

    Our Programmes

    • Preparatory Programme & Young Talent Class
    • Classical Music (bachelor's programme)
    • Jazz (bachelor's programme)
    • Classical Music (pre-master's programme)
    • Classical Music (master's programme)
    • New York Jazz (master's programme)
    • New Audiences & Innovative Practice (master's programme)
    • Instrumental Learning & Teaching (master's programme)
    • Wind Band Conducting (master's programme)

  • Prins Claus Conservatorium

  • Instituut voor Engineering

  • School of Sports Studies

    Are you passionate about sports and do you want to know the ins-and-outs of the world of sports? The School of Sports Studies offers you the opportunity to acquire a bachelor’s degree focused on sports and education (ALO) or on sport studies. If you study at the School of Sports Studies, you will be studying at a practice based, state-of-the-art school with a focus on an informal, sportsmanlike and relaxed atmosphere. Our staff will help you to become the best you can be.

    Our programmes

    The School of Sports Studies offers the English-taught programme Sport Studies. A 3 year bachelor’s programme that explores sports, health and management, and that enables you to get a bachelor’s degree in three years. In addition to learning the theory involved in sports, you will gain practical experience, from the first day of your programme. Our 4 year Dutch-taught programme, which runs parallel to Sport Studies, just acquired the distinctive quality accreditation for Entrepreneurship.

    Special characteristics of the School of Sports Studies

    1. Practice-based education and programmes, starting in the first year, with internships and assignments in the field 
    2. Our students are extensively guided by personal coaches
    3. We offer several talent programmes, which include Honours talent programmes, and Top Coach possibilities
    4. Top athletes will find themselves in a sports-minded environment with a range of possibilities and will be able to combine high level training with a study schedule
    5. Students and teachers share your passion for sports. Our teachers are highly skilled and some are former Olympic athletes or are currently top Dutch coaches that train professional athletes.

  • Frank Mohr Institute

    The Frank Mohr Institute (FMI) at the Minerva Art Academy offers an international Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design, with two study programmes to choose from: Painting and Media, Art, Design & Technology (MADtech). Both studio-based programmes (24/7) span two years and comprise 120 credits (ECTS). Each curriculum has its own distinct focus, in the field of painting, one the one hand, and in technologically mediated relationships in society, on the other. Their common ground is that both reinforce the artistic professional in a rapidly changing society. As an independent artist, designer or performer, you will leave your mark in a technologically charged world – by reflecting on your professional role, always asking critical questions, investigating a world in transition or improving quality of life across the world.
    The Frank Mohr Institute is named in honour of Mr A. Frank Mohr (1931-1998), a cultural advisor to the city and province of Groningen and chairman of the advisory boards of Minerva Art Academy and the Prince Claus Conservatoire. He was a fervent advocate of independence and innovation in art education in the northern Netherlands.

    Finding new pathways

    Whether you are an artist, designer or performer, our Painting and MADtech study programmes offer an experimental and critical environment in which to further envisage and shape your ideas. As a contemporary artist, free-thinking designer or experimental performer, you are not necessarily confined to a single field. You can use traditional means and media as well as new technologies, or a combination of both. Operating from an exploratory mindset, you will investigate the media, technology and content you need to understand, imagine and shape your ideas. Our study programmes give you every opportunity to sharpen your artistic vision, find new pathways and discover uncharted territory.

    Extending your knowledge and experience

    Both master’s degree programmes focus on extending your knowledge, building on your existing skills and deepening your experience. You will spend a great deal of time developing your work and artistic research and acquiring additional technical and conceptual skills and knowledge, which you will subsequently apply towards your graduation project and master’s thesis. You will also be involved in group work, presenting and discussing your own pieces and those of your fellow students. Expert lecturers and international guest lecturers will supervise and stimulate your progress.

    International focus

    As an applicant to an international master’s degree programmes, we expect that you are aware of the international context of art and design in general and can situate your own work within this context. During your studies you will build your own network of contacts and carve out your own place in the art world and creative industries.
    Both study programmes are internationally recognised and accredited. We work closely with a number of student exchange partners, including the Master of Fine Arts programmes at Hunter College, the City University of New York and the School of Design in Philadelphia. Study trips abroad are part of the programme, for instance to New York in the second year, and you will be encouraged to take part in the international study trips we organise. You can also apply for funding for individual study trips from Minerva Art Academy’s Groot-Brugmans Fund, for example to go abroad for an independent study project, student exchange outside Europe, internship or to work as an artist-in-residence.

    Getting off to an electric start

    To kick off the academic year you will join your fellow students and lecturers on an introductory trip. In recent years we’ve visited Documenta in Kassel, Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Manifesta in Zurich, Painting 2.0 in Vienna, and the Biennale in Venice.

All programmes at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, are accredited by the NVAO, the Dutch and Belgian official accreditation body.  Approval of the NVAO indicates that programmes meet the quality requirements set for higher education by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

The Dutch speak the best English as a second language in the world (EF EPI, 2016), so as an international student you will feel right at home in Groningen, the best student city in the Netherlands. Imagine yourself amidst the scenic beauty of the Groningen countryside and relaxing afterwards at an outdoor café on the Grote Markt. Imagine iceskating or playing squash at Kardinge sports centre and then going to a sensational concert at the Oosterpoort or Martiniplaza. Groningen is the urban centre of the north with a remarkably diverse cultural scene. One thing is for sure, you will never be bored here.

Getting around

There is a wide public transport network of trains and buses. For shorter distances bicycles are by far the most popular mode of transport. The Netherlands is ideally situated for travelling accross the rest of Europe. London, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Rome and Barcelona are all within easy reach by train, bus, car or by plane from the nearby Groningen Airport Eelde. Groningen is approximately two hours away from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and close to the popular Bremen Airport in Germany.


Throughout the year, various festivals bring Groningen alive with music. To name but a few: Eurosonic Noorderslag (key exchange and networking platform for European music), Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival (cutting-edge international art and music festival) and Swingin’ Groningen (the city’s very own jazz festival). Many internationally renowned artists such as U2, Pearl Jam and Nirvana played here before they became famous. 


Groningen is not only a city for music lovers, because you will not only find art in the numerous museums and galleries in Groningen, but literally around every corner of the city. You can also visit one of the the several theatres and cinemas for a wide range of shows, performances and movies. The Stadsschouwburg is one of the oldest and most beautiful theatres in the Netherlands. Groningen has various locations available for exhibitions, giving up-and-coming artists the opportunity to display their work to the public.

Groningen facts

  1. Groningen is the best student city in the Netherlands for best student facilities, cultural hot spots and food and drinks (Elsevier, 2016).
  2. Groningen has the best student sports facilities in the Netherlands (GNSK, 2016) 
  3. Groningen has the best educational facilities in Europe and comes in second for health care services (European Commission survey, 2015)

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country located in western Europe and is commonly referred to as Holland. The Dutch are ranked first in  he world for speaking English as a second language (EF English Proficiency Index, 2016). When you think of Holland, you might think of bicycles, football, tulips, cheese, clogs, windmills and Van Gogh, but there is so much more. The Netherlands is also globally renowned for its leading role in business, innovation and creativity, producing world famous multinationals such as Royal Dutch Shell, Philips, Unilever, Heineken and ING Bank. The rich culture and friendly, open-minded nature of the Dutch people attract visitors from around the world.

At Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, we make sure your academic career in Groningen is off to a great start. We also provide you with everything you need to successfully complete your studies here. This includes, for example, extensive library facilities, computer labs, project rooms, high-speed wireless internet and a wide range of cultural and sports facilities.

Pick-up service

Are you unsure of how to find your way from the airport to your new home in Groningen? Not to worry, just apply for our pickup service. One of our current students will meet you at any Dutch airport and accompany you to your room in Groningen.

Welcome Day 

To start off the best period of your life, we introduce all our new international students to Hanze UAS on Welcome Day. The programme includes a warm welcome by the Executive Board, an information market and presentations on how to arrange important practical issues such as registering your arrival at city hall and opening a bank account. You will also get the chance to meet your fellow international students. 

Introduction week

Each bachelor’s programme offers a tailor-made Introduction Week to all new students. You will be introduced to the programme, the lecturers, staff and student facilities. You will get to know your classmates, Hanze UAS and Groningen. You can also join the general introduction week for all students in Groningen, the KEI Week. It takes place in mid-August and is the perfect way to get to know the city, make friends and have some fun before the academic year begins. At the beginning of each semester, the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) also organises an introduction week specifically for international students.

Art and culture

Do not forget to take a break from your studies every once in a while and enjoy life on campus. You will often find concerts, exhibitions and other entertainment and  events being held in on and around campus. 

Sports facilities

Exercising your body is just as important as exercising your mind. All international students can join the ACLO, the student sports centre of Hanze UAS and the  University of Groningen. For approximately € 60 per year, you receive unlimited access to numerous sports courses, group lessons and facilities. For an additional € 65 you can work out at the gym all year round

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