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International Cooperation: Sustainable Emergency Architecture (official)

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The need for qualified professionals who can develop projects and manage urban planning processes in developing countries is clear. We can find the highest urbanisation ratios in the world in these countries, and it is here where international cooperation is most necessary.

If we add to this the impact of an earthquake, a tsunami or a war, the situation is critical and intervention is required in architecture and urban planning areas, in order to know how to develop a plan for temporary development and settlements. This involves fast construction processes that are efficient under extreme conditions, managing the existing resources, and providing solutions that can be implemented in these types of situations in which work must unfortunately be carried out under pressure of various types.

The purpose of the Masters degree is to tackle these situations and prepare future architects and professionals to deal with regional planning and emergency construction projects, i.e., professionals who can arrive at these non-places and use specific tools to apply the appropriate strategies in order to help develop communities affected by extreme poverty or human and natural catastrophes.

Therefore, the aim is to establish the strategies and criteria for taking action in the area of urban planning, developing neighbourhoods and implementing architectural projects, while bearing in mind energy-saving systems and sustainability criteria in all areas related to the material and also the local cultures.

This Masters degree is part of the ERASMUS MUNDUS European cooperation programme, considered to be one of the most prestigious programmes in the world. The MUNDUS URBANO programme brings together the following universities: Technische Universität Darmstadt, Università Tor Vergata, Rome, Université Pierre-Mendès-France Grenoble and the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Barcelona, for the development of a joint European Masters degree.

Academic structure

The course is divided into three different parts:


The first term is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of the basic facts behind the three phases of cooperation: emergency cooperation (humanitarian aid), development cooperation and fourth-world cooperation (local action), in terms of urban planning and architecture based on criteria of sustainability and environmental protection.


The most practical part of the course will take place during the FIELD TRIP & INTERNSHIP.


A dissertation will be prepared in Term 3.

Access routes * Official Masters candidates must hold an official Spanish university degree, or a degree awarded by a foreign university recognised by the European Higher Education Area, which, in the country in which it was bestowed, can be used to access postgraduate courses. * Those candidates who have gained degrees insystems outside of the European Higher Education Area do not need to have their degrees officially approved in order to apply, pending prior confirmation from the University, of their equivalence to the corresponding Spanish degrees, and of their accreditation in the country in which they were awarded. * Under no circumstances will this access route involve the official approval of the candidates degree, nor its recognition or significance in any pursuits or endeavours outside of the Masters programme.


The University does not provide grants/scholarships for third year students. Those seeking financial aid are advised to consult other organisations.

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* Marcelino Botín Foundation


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