Land Management

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Land Management (Surveying, Planning and Land Management) (Aalborg)

Would you like to work with key issues and challenges associated with land tenure, land value, land use and land development in the ‘making of places’?

The master’s programme in Land Management combines theories and methodologies from social and political science with property economics and legislation. It also explores the limits and opportunities of technology in dealing with land related issues, such as e-governance. Hence, it offers a complex, interdisciplinary, and solution-oriented approach in dealing with land management issues.

The aim of the programme is to provide knowledge and competence in dealing with land management issues, building adequate land administration systems as well as spatial governance as an infrastructure to implement land-related policies and land management strategies.

Land administration systems are a basis for conceptualizing rights, restrictions, and responsibilities. It deals with managing relations between people, policies and places in support of sustainable spatial development. Land management is therefore concerned with the governing as well as the governance of land. It includes careful consideration of the interaction between public authorities, private developers and businesses, land owners, and citizens.

It takes two years to attain a master degree in Land Management, and during this time you will meet a wide range of teachers who will present you with new knowledge in key areas.

The educational programme is internationally oriented, and attracts Danish as well as international students. Furthermore the educational programme offers the opportunity of an internship or/and an external study as well as study trips inside and outside Denmark during the 3rd semester.

Job and career

Students who have graduated in the field of Land Management from Aalborg University can seek employment within a broad number of fields ranging from private surveying and consultancy firms over national, regional and local administration to project manager in international consultancy firms, and research institutions or NGO´s throughout the world.

The Msc programme in Land Management at Aalborg University, Denmark, is divided into four semesters running respectively from September to January and from February to June (January and June partly reserved for exams).

1st semester

The 1st semester focuses on specific administrative, economic and legal challenges of real property and its use through the project work and courses. The pur

pose is to enable the students to analyze, assess and give advice concerning problems related to property development and change. You will primarily work with the single property and how specific theories and methods can be used to analyze and discuss relevant regulation possibilities and limitations in relation to real property. Courses are held in Land Administration Systems, Spatial Data Infrastructure and Real Property – Systems, Law and Economic Aspects.

For students who are not familiar med the study form at Aalborg University, a course in Problem-Based Learning is held.

2nd semester

At the2nd semesteryou will in projects and courses deal with management and facilitation of spatial development and planning both in towns, regions and rural areas. The purpose is to enable the students to advice on and control such processes. The focus is, both in theory and practice, to understand and discuss the specific conditions and challenges connected with spatial change, creation of strategies and planning. This means for example analyses of relevant interests, actors, networks, organisations, procedures and processes, and it means that you will primarily work at a broader social level than at the first semester. Courses are held in Spatial Development, Planning & Power, Government, Land Use Regulation and Property Economics and Governance, Land Management and Implementation.

3rd semester

At the 3rd semester you have the possibility of

  • carrying through an internship in a relevant private or public enterprise and thus become acquainted with the execution of the disciplines in practice
  • going for a relevant study stay at another Danish or foreign university
  • writing a project within the theme of the 1st or 2nd semesters
  • making a so-called ’long master’s thesis’, i.e. you choose to write master’s thesis over two semesters instead of one.

4th semester

At the 4th semester – which is course-free – you prepare a final thesis within a self-elected topic. The master’s thesis is ’the crowning glory’ and quite generally aims at documenting professional academic competence.

You can apply online to Aalborg University either as a:Guest/Exchange/Erasmus student: an international student wishing to study at Aalborg University for 1 or 2 semesters as an integral part of a study programme at an institution or higher education in another country.Degree student: an international student wishing to pursue a degree from Aalborg University.Also you must hold an English proficiency test. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6.5 TOEFL paper-based test score : 550 TOEFL iBT® test: 80
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