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Local:$ 1.12 k / Year(s) Foreign:$ 2.66 k / Year(s) Deadline: Jan 15, 2025
18 place StudyQA ranking:4322 Duration:2 years

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The Department of Linguistics is widely known for its collegial atmosphere, highly engaged students and faculty, and excellent teaching and research. 

The one-year MA programme consists of four full course equivalents. Courses required for completion of the masters degree include Field Methods (JAL 1145H1), Intermediate Phonology (LIN 1121H1), Intermediate Syntax (LIN 1131H1), Analysis and Argumentation (LIN 1181H1), and Linguistic Forum (LIN 1290L), or their equivalents. 

Students who have already taken any of these courses at the undergraduate level must select other graduate courses to bring the total to four full course equivalents. 

For students in the two-year MA, LIN 1121H1, 1131H1, and 1181H1 are normally to be completed in the first year, while LIN 1290L must be taken in the final year of registration in the programme. Other courses are chosen by the student in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator and the advisor.

Students with a four-year Bachelor's degree in Linguistics (or equivalent) are eligible for admission to the one-year MA. 

Introductory-level courses in phonetics, phonology, syntax and semantics (equivalent to our LIN228H1, 229H1, 232H1, and 241H1; without these four courses students cannot be admitted to a graduate program. Several other courses in linguistics are needed; courses in current phonology and syntax equivalent to LIN322H1 and LIN333H1 are recommended.

In exceptional cases, a student may be allowed to take one of these required courses during the one-year MA, provided that the student does not plan to write a Forum paper in this area. 

Language Requirements

In addition to coursework, all students must demonstrate an ability to read professionally in one language other than English. The choice of language is to be approved by the Graduate Coordinator as being relevant to the student's field of research. With the approval of the graduate unit, students may show demonstrated competence in computer programming in lieu of the language requirement. 

Connaught Scholarships

This scholarship is valued at $15,000 plus academic fees. There is no citizenship requirement for the Connaught Scholarships or the U of T Fellowships. All awards are granted by the individual departments on the basis of academic excellence. Award recipients are formally notified, normally in the late spring.


Each MA student will be assigned an advisor by the Graduate Coordinator, based on the student's interests and the available faculty advisors. The advisor will supervise the writing of the Forum paper. Students in the two-year MA are assigned an advisor in the second year.

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