Management and Technology, English Track

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Deadline: May 15, 2025
41 place StudyQA ranking:10811 Duration:3 years

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The Bachelor's programme Management & Technology (TUM-BWL) gives you the interdisciplinary focus you need, putting you at a distinct advantage when it comes to shaping your career. The programme combines courses in management (70% of your studies) with options in engineering or natural sciences (30%). We also leave you plenty of room for specialisation and pursuing the areas that interest you the most.
Our teaching draws on the latest research and state-of-the-art industrial practice. As well as lectures, we run regular tutorials and small-group seminars. Practical experience is ensured through project work.
  • basics in economics, law, management, mathematics, and natural sciences
  • electives in management and engineering
  • specialisation in engineering/natural sciences
  • international experience and communication skills
  • project studies focusing on practical or research issues
  • Bachelor's thesis

Educational organisation

In their first four semesters, students will acquire basic knowledge in management (54 ECTS), economics (12 ECTS), law (12 ECTS), and mathematics and natural sciences (12 ECTS). The basics in mathematics and natural sciences prepare for the knowledge acquisition in their specialisation in engineering or natural sciences (42 ECTS). Practical experience is ensured through project work in the fourth or fifth semester (12 ECTS). In their fifth semester, students will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge or specialise in their desired areas of management or technology by choosing electives (18 ECTS), to improve their communication skills, or even to study abroad to gain practical international experience (6 ECTS). The programme will be completed by a written Bachelor's thesis in the sixth semester (12 ECTS).

Study abroad unit(s)

Mandatory short-term international experience (minimum 60 days), and students have the possibility to take part in the exchange programme with one of over 90 worldwide partners of TUM School of Management


Internships are optional. While we cannot directly arrange an internship for you, we provide a wide range of support services during and even before the application process.

Forms of assessment

Oral and written exams, assignments, presentations, and modules

Course objectives

Managers who can act successfully at the interface of engineering and natural sciences

Language requirements

The degree programme described is one track out of two of the Bachelor's programme Management & Technology (TUM-BWL), conducted in English. Students who wish to enrol into the English track have two options in terms of proof of language proficiency:

Upon application:
1) One of the following proofs of English proficiency:" target="_blank">
2) One of the following proofs of German proficiency:

During the course of studies:
1) Students who submitted a proof of English proficiency together with their application documents must acquire basic German skills during their studies.
2) Students who submitted a proof of German proficiency but no proof of English with their application documents must submit one of the accepted proofs of English proficiency during their studies (see link above).

Academic requirements

1) Abitur or equivalent
2) Successful completion of the assessment procedure
We will evaluate your application by looking at the overall grade you achieved in your Abitur or equivalent. We will also look at your individual grades in mathematics and advanced natural sciences.

Enrolment fees

Approx. 115 EUR per semester
The fee includes a semester ticket covering public transport in Munich.

Costs of living

In order to cover personal expenses while studying in Munich, we recommend that students budget at least 800 EUR per month for accommodation, living, health insurance, books, and miscellaneous expenses.

Job opportunities

TUM School of Management wants all of its students to enjoy a successful and fulfilling career - which starts from the first semester onwards.
We offer a range of support services to help students along this path, for example:
  • an online job board, which provides details of current openings at companies - full-time jobs as well as internships, working student jobs, project studies, student assistant jobs at the faculty, or other part-time jobs (known of as "minijobs" in Germany)
  • At frequent career events with TUM School of Management's corporate partner companies, students can get in touch with Germany's leading employers.
  • A personal career coach may provide useful hints and advice on applying for jobs in Germany.

Funding opportunities within the university

Arrival support

TUM's International Center offers a special programme tailored for international students, TUMinternational (TUMi). The TUMi programme provides help and advice for new students as well as a cultural programme with events scheduled both prior to and during the academic periods.
The service desk of the Student Service Center is the first contact point for international students. We are here to help you with issues such as applications, enrolment, student ID cards, etc. Furthermore, we offer various three- to six-week summer schools combining academics with a rich menu of educational and social activities as a foretaste of university life. For international students who have been admitted to a degree programme, the Student Service Center offers a four-week pre-study course designed to help you get started at the TUM. Students new to TUM are invited to the service fair "Fit for TUM", which takes place before the semester officially starts, to get an overview of the various offerings of support services at TUM. See:
Learning German: While the language of instruction for many of TUM's postgraduate programmes is English, learning German and thus being able to participate in daily German life at a deeper level enriches the experience of studying and living in Munich. TUM's Language Centre offers language classes for students at all levels, both prior to and during the semester: See:

Services and support for international students

In addition to support services offered by TUM International Center and the Student Service Center (SSZ), the faculty also has its own adviser for international students.


It is not easy to find a place to live in Munich - but it is not impossible either! TUM supports students and employees in their search for accommodation, providing personal advice, in-house listings and useful information to ensure that you can quickly find a place to call your own. See:
With high rents and not enough rooms in halls of residence, the Munich rental market is one of the most competitive in Germany - especially for students. The city boasts over 1.4 million inhabitants, with more people moving to Munich every year - many of them attracted by the excellent study opportunities that Munich has to offer.
Student halls of residence usually offer affordable accommodation for students. The Munich Student Union runs most of these halls of residence. For more information, see:
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Study mode:On campus Languages: English
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