Medical Physics

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Medical physicists work in hospitals performing concrete healthcare roles such as radiation treatment planning, monitoring radiology equipment, design and control of radiological facilities, and monitoring of personnel and areas exposed to radiation. These roles have been legislated since the creation of the physics residence training programme.

The Royal Decree of 14 February 220/1997, created and regulated the award of the degree of Specialist in Hospital Radiophysics, through regulated postgraduate theoretical and practical training, during which it is essential to gain practical experience through hospital residency. The training period is for three consecutive years, at the end of which the student will obtain the specialist qualification of Hospital Radiophysicist, which qualifies them for the aforementioned tasks.

To enter the various certified training programmes to become Specialists in Hospital Radiophysics it is necessary to pas a national examination organised by the Ministry for Health and Consumer Affairs, who will decide on selection (applicants must be graduates in Physics or hold other honours degrees in the science and technology field).

This Physics Masters trains students in the physical and technological areas needed as a base to specialise in the field of Medical Physics. The Masters doesnt provide specialist training in radiophysics, training that can only be received through residency traineeship. Our training is geared towards detailed study of radiation physics (ionising and nonionising) in its application to medicine, that permits graduates from other areas to be well prepared for the national exam and access to specialist training.

The objective of the Masters is to respond to the need for professional and research training in this field, with future incorporation into hospitals and companies.

The Medical Physics master course is targeted at physics graduates, but graduates from other disciplines are also eligible: engineers, chemists, and health sciences graduates willing to specialise in this field.It is also adequate for those wishing to work as hospital radiophysicists (but the master does not includes hospital residence) or in the medical equipment industry.Special remarks: In the eventuality that the demand surpasses the supply, selection will be as per the following order: * 1st Physics graduates and * 2nd other graduates. And within the above two groups, selection will take into account the student´s academic records.
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