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The Master of Nursing at UNE provides you with the opportunity to develop and expand upon your skills and knowledge at the postgraduate level. It is a very flexible distance education program which allows you either to study in a particular specialty area or to choose from a wide range of electives to suit your particular learning needs.

Career Opportunities

Course Aims
This course provides students with the opportunity to develop and expand upon skills and knowledge in advanced Nursing practice. It is a flexible distance education program which allows students to study in a particular specialty area or to choose from a wide range of electives that suit particular learning needs

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: * synthesise knowledge of health organisational/systems for specialist nursing practice that contributes to high-quality healthcare delivery, advancement of the nursing profession;
* critique evidence-based literature drawing from diverse theoretical perspectives and pertinent research to guide decision making that demonstrates best practices for specialist nursing practice in a global society;
* evaluate health needs of diverse populations for education based on specialist nursing knowledge to restore/promote health and prevent illness/injury; and
* interpret and transmit knowledge gaps in the delivery of nursing care to specialist and non-specialist audiences.

Graduate Attributes
Knowledge of a Discipline

Knowledge of the discipline of nursing will be taught through tutorials, both peer assisted and academic facilitated online forums. It will be assessed and practiced through various types of assessments.

Communication Skills

Nursing requires sound communication skills. Students will demonstrate excellent communication through online chat rooms and forums and from exemplars from their clinical practice. Students will communicate, using well-organised and logical arguments, the ideas they have developed in studying the various units within the program via their written work. Assessments will demonstrate communication of student articulation of knowledge in the area of nursing theory and practice.

Global Perspectives

Students are exposed, as global citizens, to complex international health issues. Students learn a multicultural approach to the study of advanced nursing.

Information Literacy

Students will be assessed on their skills in obtaining appropriate information for the written assignments, using case study material, traditional media and online resources.

Life-Long Learning

Students will be encouraged to see their development as advanced nurses as part of a lifelong learning process. They will be encouraged to reflect on their clinical practice, utilise clinical supervision/mentoring, and continually improve their skills.

Problem Solving

Advanced nursing practice requires complex problem-solving skills. Students apply their existing clinical skills with information literacy of nursing theory and evidence-based practices to develop a written argument about a particular issue. Assessment challenge students to apply their own critical appraisal of the health concerns in question.

Social Responsibility

Students are taught to consider their social responsibility through competent ethical and legal practices. Nursing is steeped in the values of social justice and students will be assessed in terms of their ability to help others whatever their circumstances.

Team Work

Nursing is by nature a team driven profession. Students will enhance their existing team skills via the online forums and chat rooms. Students will be assessed on their translation of their studies to clinical inter-professional health care teams in their area of practice.

A candidate shall be currently registered to practise nursing and either:(a) hold the degree of Bachelor of Nursing or equivalent; or(b) hold a postgraduate certificate or diploma in Nursing; or(c) satisfy the school by means of other qualifications and relevant experience of adequate preparation for candidature.
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