Photonics Technologies

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Photonics, the science and technology of light, plays a major role in all aspects of the human endeavor. In consequence, modern societies are completely dependent on photonics, the prime example being the fiber-optic backbone of the Internet. But photonics also plays a revolutionary role in biomedicine, health care, energy and environment, manufacturing, and consumer products, essentially all parts of the society.

Light-based technologies is one of the key research areas in the field of technology in our university and we are among the world-wide leaders in photonics research. We develop new laser sources and methods for the sophisticated control and utilization of the properties of light. Together with our research on new photonic materials as well as ultrafast and nonlinear phenomena, they drive scientific and technological breakthroughs in multiple application areas. These complementary themes create the highest concentration of photonics expertise in Finland.

Our Master's Degree Program in Photonics Technologies is a two-year intensive program taught fully in English. The program is part of the strategic development of the University in order to promote and strengthen its profile on Light-based technologies. The program’s ambition is to give students in-depth knowledge about Photonics as a whole, from the most basic concepts to advanced technologies, and give them the necessary background to become technology experts, researchers, or managers. The students will gain extensive knowledge about multiple aspects of photonics, ranging from fundamental light-matter interactions, laser physics, and nonlinear dynamics to the design of optical systems, semiconductor technologies, advanced nanofabrication methods, and measurement techniques. With the possibility to specialize in "advanced laser technology" or in "materials for photonics", our program will provide a unique opportunity for the students to become experts in areas of photonics which are rapidly expanding and where we have world-leading expertise. Experiments and hands-on labs, where theoretical knowledge are put into practice, are another important aspect of the program, aiming at developing both the research and engineering skills of the students and preparing them to pursue an academic career or exert their expertise in companies. The program will also include frequent interactions with industry, with regular seminars on newly emerging research areas and technologies. The opportunity to perform the final M.Sc. project in the framework of an Academic research project or of an industrial project will also be proposed.

Via the extensive international network of our researchers, the students will have the opportunity to spend some time in renowned institutions in order to further enrich their international experience.

It is not possible to apply to a Master’s programme on the basis of a Master’s degree. The only exceptions are the one-tier degree programmes where the first cycle degree is not compulsory and the so-called long cycle degrees.

Applicants who are seeking admission to their first Master’s programme are given preference in the admissions process. Applicants for a second Master’s degree may be admitted only under special provision and only if they are able to show that the courses that count towards a degree at Tampere University of Technology provide the applicant with genuinely new knowledge and skills. 

Applicants are required to demonstrate a high level of proficiency in the English language. TUT accepts internationally recognised academic language tests as demonstration of language proficiency. The accepted tests are IELTS Academic, TOEFL iBT, TOEFL PBT, PTE Academic and CAE/CPE. 

To better further your success in the admission process generally the overall grade (CGPA) of the degree should reach at least 70 %. The CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) is an average of all of your grades for the courses in your previous degree.

Students admitted to a Master’s degree programme may be required to complement their earlier degree with complementary studies. All students with a Finnish University of Applied Sciences (AMK) degree are required to complete a study package which generally includes courses in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry depending on the student's background. For more information on the complementary studies, please contact the academic coordinator of the degree programme.

The student selection is made by an admissions committee on the basis of the academic qualifications and merits shown in the application documents. Please note that not all applicants fulfilling the requirements can be admitted. 

Tuition fees for english-taught degree programmes:

  • 10 000 € per academic year for the Bachelor’s programme
  • 12 000 € per academic year for all Master’s level programmes

For students who are citizens of countries within the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, studies in all degree programmes will remain free of charge. Tuition fees will also not affect those non-EU/EEA students who have the right to permanent residence in Finland (residence permits A, P and P-EU).

TUT offers a generous scholarship programme for fee-paying students. With the help of the TUT scholarship, TUT continues to provide excellent international students with high-quality, yet affordable, education. The TUT scholarship programme consists of the TUT academic excellence scholarship and tuition fee waivers.

TUT academic excellence scholarship

In 2018, TUT is awarding the TUT academic excellence scholarship to up to ten of the most talented applicants. The TUT academic excellence scholarships include a full tuition fee waiver as well as an allowance of 7000 € per academic year to cover living costs. The scholarships are awarded for an academic year and considered on an annual basis.

Tuition fee waivers

The majority of TUT scholarships are awarded as tuition fee waivers to the most talented students. The fee waivers awarded may cover either 50 % or 100 % of the full tuition fee. Tuition fee waivers are awarded during the admissions process or can be earned during the studies. The tuition fee waivers awarded in conjunction with the student admission process are full tuition fee waivers which cover 100 % of the tuition fee. The tuition fee waiver is awarded to a sizeable proportion of the admitted students.

The skills of graduates of photonics are in high demand. A clear benefit of the program is that the skills combine two vivid and growing fields of engineering, thus enabling successful careers in both domains. 

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