German-Russian Institute of Advanced Technologies

Kazan, Russian Federation
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Our Mission 

The German-Russian Institute of Advanced Technologies (GRIAT) is a unique educational platform that unites German and Russian universities and companies, trains multilingual engineers with global engineering skills, encourages multinational research and development activities, and promotes cross-cultural understanding and friendship between Germany and Russia.

Our Goals and Objectives 

GRIAT’s goal is training highly skilled specialists in accordance with German standards of education within the walls of the leading engineering university in the Russian Federation - TU Kazan. Together with educational programs, students and faculty from both TU Kazan and German partner universities are working on joint research projects, collaborate with German and Russian engineering companies, exchange experiences and advance industrial technologies through their educational projects in both countries.

Welcome to GRIAT!

As our goal is to have up to 1.000 students enrolled in our MSc courses by 2022, we are always ready to implement new MSc programs, to start new joint research projects or solve R&D projects given by the industry. Our current and new partners have the unique chance to join the process of training elite global engineers, who are much more competitive in the employment market due to the experiences they receive in the double degree program, thus enhance your reputation and status!


German-Russian Double Master Degree

Study at GRIAT with 3rd semester at German partner university.

General requirements:

  • Proficiency of English language on level B2, IELTS test (min. 6.0) before 3rd semester
  • Bachelor of Science in engineering (average grade min. 4.0)
  • Interview with Russian and German program coordinators
  • Specific requirements of the program

Russian Master Degree

Study at GRIAT in Kasan, optionally study one semester in Germany as exchange student.

General requirements:

  • Proficiency of English language on level B1-B2, IELTS test not mandatory
  • Bachelor of Science in engineering 
  • Interview with Russian program coordinator
  • Study in Germany not mandatory, possibility to save living costs by staying in Russia
  • Specific requirements of the program


KNRTU-KAI and all German partner universities have passed their accreditation for these programs

The GRIAT students take a part in active social life. The institute is a gateway to various international top-class events. Often the GRIAT students act as organizers of such type of events. So, for example, in September 2015 the students prepared the registration of the participants of the informational seminar "Day of German science in Russia" and conference of binational universities. Also our students lead an active social life while studying in Germany.

Students of GRIAT have great opportunities to experience atmosphere of international cultural life, to study traditions and languages and build bridges of friendship with help of various events such as taking part in the Language bar and practicing foreign languages with native speakers (English, German, Spanish, etc).

There are lots of interesting things happening at GRIAT which our students are involved into, for example, welcome parties for international GRIAT guests or Alumni Association. It is a great opportunity to stay in contact with groupmates, faculty and to continue being an active GRIAT member.

As we are an international project we celebrate lots of cultural holidays of different countries together such as the German Carnival.

The students of our institute are also taking an active part in various competitions and sports events, which are held at the university on the basis of the sport complex "KAI-Olympus": All-Russian competitions in basketball, the Games of the University in various types of sport (volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer, swimming, badminton, table tennis, arm sport, etc.). Sports volunteering is actively developing, the students participated in the implementation and maintenance of the Universiade 2013 and FINA-Chaimpionship 2015.

At the end of their study GRIAT students have a huge and very festive graduation ceremony where a lot of local and foreign professors, administration staff and honorary guests are present.

What makes GRIAT different from other educational institutions?

Double degrees in only two-years! GRIAT students get their German and Russian Master of Science degrees just after 4 semesters of study. So studying at GRIAT not only saves your money, it saves the most important resource in life, which is time!

Another benefit of studying at GRIAT is, that our graduates leave the institute as Polyglots. All GRIAT courses are exclusively taught in the English Language. But GRIAT students are also offered an opportunity to learn and enhance their language skills in German. So at the end of their study our students can fluently speak English and acquire basic language skills in German.

Features for Students:

  1. Double degree programs enhance students‘ independent study and research skills, develop critical thinking, ability to live and work in a multicultural environment, think outside the box, become more flexible, accepting of differences and tolerant, and of course, GRIAT broadens students‘ horizons
  2. Opportunity to get internships in leading German and Russian companies
  3. Do cutting-edge research with the best German and Russian professors
  4. Apply for joint PhD programs
  5. Two diplomas: from TU Kazan and German partner university (at the moment: TU Ilmenau, OVGU Magdeburg, TU Kaiserslautern)
  6. 2 semesters GRIAT students study in TU Kazan, the third semester they study in a German partner university, the fourth semester students go back to Russia or may stay in Germany to finish writing their MSc thesis
  7. 2 German professors fly in as a “flying faculty” each year to give lectures at TU Kazan in each MSc program for a period of 10 to 20 days each.
  8. Medium of instruction is English in Russia and Germany
  9. German language teacher (native speaker) offers German language classes during the first two semesters in Kazan, and GRIAT students enroll into German language classes while they are in Germany.
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