Public Administration

Study mode:Full-time Languages: English Duration:2 years
Deadline: Dec 1, 2021
StudyQA ranking:2292

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The purpose of the Master of Philosophy in Public Administration is to enhance students?? ability to conduct independent analyses of organizations, political, administrative structures, processes, and public policy. MPA programme strengthens the student??s analytical ability and provides a comprehensive training in methodology. Participation in various seminars and individual writing ensure that the motivation for and ability to work independently in an academic or a professional setting, is enhanced.

The M.Phil. Degree in Public Administration is equivalent to four semesters of study after completion of an under-graduate degree.

The Programme aims at foreign students who obtain stipend under the Quota scholarship scheme and international self- financed students.

Exchange students under the Erasmus/Socrates agreement and other guest students who are qualified academically may on application be admitted to one or more courses in the programme.

A first degree (bachelor's degree) of three or four years' duration from an approved institution of higher education, as well as proficiency in the English language. Your bachelor's degree must include relevant courses in political science, public administration, and/or organisation theory equalling a minimum of 1.5 years of full-time studies.
No tuition fees
Nokut certification
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