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Berlin, Germany
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The Hertie School of Governance is an international teaching and research centre of excellence that prepares students for leadership positions in government, business, and civil society. An internationally recruited faculty and interdisciplinarity in outlook, research, and teaching offer analytically challenging and practice-oriented courses on governance, policy analysis, management, and leadership and help students grow intellectually in a professional, research-intensive environment characterised by public debate and engagement. Located in the centre of Berlin, the School's support and placement services assist students in curricula planning, in finding scholarships and securing internships, and in identifying opportunities upon and after graduation. The Hertie School of Governance was formally founded as a private, non-profit institution in October 2003 by the Hertie Foundation and was established as one of the first professional schools for public policy in Germany. By offering programmes emphasising academic excellence and practical orientation in the reunified capital, Berlin, the Hertie School of Governance became a unique educational institution in Germany. The Hertie School began by organising panels, symposia, and discussions, thus providing a platform where policy-makers, professionals, and practitioners from the media, NGOs, and business engage with academia. In February 2005, the School was granted official state recognition and given the authority to award the academic title Master of Public Policy as an institution of higher learning by the Berlin Ministry of Science, Research, and Culture (Senatsverwaltung für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur). The first cohort of students in the two-year Master of Public Policy programme began their studies at the School in September 2005, and the programme has grown considerably with each passing year. In September 2008, the School launched its second Master's programme: the Executive Master of Public Administration. Together with the Freie Universität Berlin and the Social Science Centre Berlin (WZB), the Hertie School established the Berlin School of Transnational Studies in 2008, with its own PhD programme. In November 2011, the German Science Council recommended that the Hertie School of Governance be given the right to award doctorates in addition to its continued accreditation as a university. As a consequence, the Doctoral Programme in Governance was initiated in 2012. In 2015, the Master of International Affairs (MIA) programme was launched. In addition, the Hertie School has been offering Executive Education since 2004.

Berlin is not only home to governmental and non-governmental institutions; it is also an eminently vibrant city with countless cultural opportunities. For those interested in the performing arts, Berlin has much to offer. At least four of Berlin's theatres are among Europe's best theatre houses, offering cutting-edge performances. In addition, Berlin has three opera houses and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the world's best classical ensembles. Students living in Berlin become familiar with a myriad of different architectural, historical, and atmospheric locations such as the well-known district of Berlin-Mitte, where the Hertie School is located. Berlin is a particularly green city, offering a range of outdoor activities such as swimming, sailing, and hiking. All destinations can be reached easily by bike, since the city has an extensive system of cycle paths. These quality-of-life aspects are accompanied by unrivalled low housing costs. There is probably no other metropolis in the world where students can afford to live in a charming turn-of-the-century apartment close to the city centre. Last but not least, Berlin is situated in the heart of Europe. Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Paris, Prague, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna, Warsaw, and Geneva - all of these European cities are just a short flight or train ride from Berlin.

The Student Affairs office provides support with administrative issues such as residence permits, etc. The Executive MPA team offers continuous support to all students with regard to academic and organisational issues. The Hertie School's Career Services Centre intensively supports students and alumni in finding employment after graduation. In addition, several career workshops as well as a professional perspectives event series are offered to students.

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