Quantitative Economics and Finance

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
401–500 place StudyQA ranking:6737 Duration:18 months

MiQE/F is a unique combination of theoretical concepts, quantitative methods and practical applications. It offers a high-quality graduate education in economics, finance, and quantitative methods.

The Master's Programme in Quantitative Economics and Finance (MiQE/F) is a specialised and research-oriented Master's programme with the objective of training highly-qualified economists with special skills in econometric, statistical and other quantitative methods. Students can specialise either in Econometrics or Finance, or combine the subjects.

A unique degree course

The distinguishing feature of the program is its combination of rigorous economic and finance theory with quantitative empirical methods to analyse and solve challenging practical problems in economics, finance and the private sector.

This quantitative orientation is a specific feature that cannot be found in other Master's programmes at our university. The programme prepares students for a successful career path in the financial industry, international organisations, management, the public sector and in scientific research.

Why MiQE/F?

The Master in Quantitative Economics and Finance (MiQEF) is a programme taught in English with extensive training in econometric and quantitative methods and a strong specialisation in finance.

Economists often lack a good education in quantitative methods and statisticians usually lack the necessary background in economics or finance.
But due to growing complexity of the global economy:

  • Competition increases the reliance on quantitative methods for analysing and forecasting business, sales and other economic trends.
  • Quantitative methods are an essential tool in scientific research.

Individual study profile

Students enjoy great opportunities to tailor their own individual study profile. A defining characteristic of MiQE/F is the extensive training in mathematical, statistical and econometric methods for quantitative analysis in economics and finance. This will be a distinct advantage in the job market for careers demanding strong quantitative skills.

Large menu of courses

Students can individually choose from a large menu of courses (including courses from other programmes, provided they are in English). By selecting courses from the menu of core electives and free electives, students can specialise in one or more of the following fields. The three optional specialisation areas can also be flexibly combined:

  • Quantitative economics
  • Quantitative finance
  • Corporate finance, banking and insurance

What can you expect by choosing the MiQE/F?

  • Excellent education in economics, quantitative methods and finance
  • Competitive advantage on the job market: unique combination of theoretical concepts, quantitative methods and their application to practical problems
  • Flexibility: choose your specialisation
  • Close contact to lecturers, personal attention
  • Research oriented, demanding courses with practical relevance
  • PhD: MiQE/F is an ideal preparation for the PhD program in Economics and Finance (PEF). Some MiQE/F courses count towards the mandatory PEF courses.
  • International setting: truly international program, taught completely in English, currently students from 11 different nations enrolled
  • Faculty: a vivid mix of young and well established, internationally recognised economists
  • Steering committee and student participation
  • Reputation and infrastructure of the HSG (Forum, ISC, etc)

Thanks to the complete education, MiQE/F graduates have a competitive advantage on the job market.

The MiQE/F offers a high-quality graduate education in economics, theory, finance, and quantitative methods. Students can choose to specialise either in Econometrics or Finance, or a combination.

The MiQE/F requires 90 ECTS in the areas of:

  • Core Studies (compulsory subjects, core electives, independent electives)
  • Master's thesis
  • Contextual Studies (leadership skills, critical thinking and cultural awareness)

Compulsory courses

The compulsory courses include eight subjects. You will acquire basic methods and a theoretical knowledge of economics, finance and econometrics, as well as of mathematics and statistics. These courses establish a common basis for all the students with different backgrounds.

Core electives

The core electives involve advanced application-oriented work and problem solving and allow various specialisations. You have to choose 2 out of 5 field courses in Finance/Econometrics and 1 out of 3 field courses in Economics. In the pillar Other Core Electives, courses to the amount of 4 ECTS must be chosen. They can be derived from additional courses from the two Field courses pillars or from a list of courses that are offered as Other Core Electives.

Independent electives

Independent electives can be an additional field course, open courses from other Master's programmes, or even courses from the University of Konstanz.

Contextual studies

Contextual Studies situate the more specialised study in the core disciplines within the relevant social, political, historical, philosophical, and aesthetic context.

Master's thesis

Your Master's thesis is graded and weighted with 18 ECTS. You have a maximum of one year to complete your thesis. We require a topic from the MiQE/F core studies. The thesis must be written in English.


Choose your MiQE/F courses and create your specialisation.

Optional specialisation

You can tailor your own individual study profile. The different specialisation areas include optional courses in econometrics, finance and economics which are important to prepare for quantitative applications and to become competitive in the job market. The three specialization areas can be flexibly combined. You will choose your core electives and will have the possibility to create your profile by specialising within a field of your interest:

  • Quantitative economics
  • Quantitative finance
  • Corporate finance, banking and insurance

The program commission suggests the areas of specialisation for the elective courses. They can be individually chosen from a large menu of courses (also from other programs, if they are taught in English).

Please check our website for information on admission criteria: www.admissions.unisg.ch English Language Requirements IELTS band: 7.5 TOEFL paper-based test score : 600 TOEFL iBT® test: 100

The Advice Center for Study Funding offers information on options for financing your studies: www.studyfunding.unig.ch


The HSG has earned the EQUIS (2001) and AACSB (2003) accreditations and consequently has obtained the two most demanding international seals of approval for business schools.

In the 2013 Financial Times Global Masters in Management Ranking we are in 1st place with the Master in Strategy and International Management and in 7th place with the CEMS Master in International Management. Our Master in Banking and Finance is ranked 10th in the Financial Times Masters in Finance Ranking.

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