Structure of Materials

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Objective: To provide knowledge of structure property correlations of different materials.


1. Nature of Geometry of Crystals: Atomic arrangements in solids, space lattices, coordination number and effective number of atoms for common crystalline structures: FCC, BCC and HCP, indexing of crystallographic planes and directions.

2. Structure of Ceramics and Polymers: Atomic arrangements in ceramics and polymers, their influence on mechanical properties.

 3. Principles of Alloy Formation: Primary and intermediate phases their formation, solid solutions, Hume Rothery rules, electron compounds, normal valency compounds and interstitial compounds.

4. Solidification: Solidification of metals and alloys- equiaxed, dendritic and columnar grains; Coring.

5. Phase Diagrams: Binary equilibrium diagrams involving isomorphous, eutectic, peritectic and monotectic systems, phase rule, lever rule effect of non-equilibrium cooling on structure and distribution of phases.

6. Solid State Transformations: Phase equilibria involving eutectoid and peritectoid transformations, TTT and CCT diagrams, harenability,Heat Treatment of Ferrous and Non Ferrous Alloys viz., annealing, normalizing, quenching, tempering and precipitation hardening.

7. Diffusion in Solids: Fick’s laws of diffusion, Darken’s equation, Kirkendall effect and mechanism of diffusion.

8. Important Binary Systems: Cu-Ni, Al-Si, Al-Cu, Pb-Sn, Cu-Zn, CuSn and Fe-C systems, effect of non equilibrium cooling and important alloys belonging to these systems.

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