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Flensburg, Germany
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About Ulm University 

Ulm University (German: Universität Ulm) is a public university in the city of Ulm, in the South German state of Baden-Württemberg. The university was founded in 1967 and focuses on natural sciences, medicine, engineering sciences, mathematics, economics and computer science. With 9,188 students (summer semester 2013), it is one of the youngest public universities in Germany. Times Higher Education (THE) ranks it at position 16 among the world's top 100 universities under the age of 50 years in 2014, making it the highest-ranked young university in Germany.

In 2007, University of Ulm was appreciated by German Universities Excellence Initiative and altogether financially endowed for International Graduate School in Molecular Medicine. In 2012, University of Ulm has been selected for 27th position by Academic Ranking of World Universities according to ratio of Academic staff to students indicator. The campus of the university is located north of the city on a hill called Oberer Eselsberg, while the university hospital has additional sites across the city.

History of Ulm University

The university is the youngest public university in the state of Baden-Württemberg, which boasts several old, renowned universities in Heidelberg (founded in 1386), Freiburg (1457) and Tübingen (1477). The idea was to create a university with a new approach in both research and teaching. An important concept since the foundation of the university has always been to promote interdisciplinarity. In the decades following the foundation, the spectrum of subjects has steadily been extended, and the university has grown significantly.

An important step in combining the strength of industrial and academic research was the realization of the idea of a science park around the main university campus. Research centers of companies like Daimler, BMW, Siemens and in the past also Nokia, AEG, have been established at the site, in addition to institutes of the university focusing on applied research. Among other large research projects, the university features four Collaborative Research Centers (German: Sonderforschungsbereiche), which are established on a competitive basis by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG). Third-party funding of research reached 67.5 million euros in 2009.

In 1998, Ulm University introduced an International Masters program in English: M.Sc. in Communication Technology, which is the first of its kind in Germany. Since then, this program attracts students from different countries around the world. C-Tech Program has research collaboration with many renowned Universities around the world.

It also offers other English programs, namely M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine, M.Sc. in Advanced Materials, M.Sc. in Energy Science and Technology, M.Sc. in Finance, M.Sc. in Biology and M.Sc. in Advanced Oncology, the latter being an extra-occupational program.

In 2003, the Ulm University was involved in founding a private university in Egypt, the German University in Cairo.

Since 2007, the university has been participating in the German Universities Excellence Initiative with the newly founded International Graduate School in Molecular Medicine Ulm.


Institutional Accreditation or Recognition - Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg

Year of first Accreditation - 1967


Ranking 2012
Spiegel Ranking (2004) Mathematics (in German) 02
Academic Ranking of World Universities (academic staff to student ratio) 27
The Times Higher Education World University Rankings (World) 201~225
THES-QS World University Rankings 233
CHE Hochschulranking 2012/13 10-20

Student life @Ulm

Living Expenses

Obviously living expenses mainly depend on your personal lifestyle. Please consider that living abroad is always expensive. Taking all items into account students have to expect expenses of approximately 600 to 700 € per month. To be on the safe side, please make sure you have enough money to make a living. You can not count on regular financial support during your studies.

Overview of costs           living costs

Rent 200 - 400 €, a one time payment of 20,00 € service fee (only at the "Studentenwerk") and about 300 € deposit
Health insurance since Januar 1, 2015 all public health insurance companies demand a so called supplemental premium, which is defi ned by each insurance provider. Monthly student rates consist of: health insurance + supplemental premium + long term care insurance. On average, the health insurance contribution is about 83 €. 
Lunch at the mensa The price of one meal is about 1,90 - 5,00 €.
Semester Ticket 116,50 € (per semester) for public transportation in the region
Teaching materials 30 - 100 € specialist literature, schoolbooks, textbooks and equipment
Studentenwerk-fee Ulm University: 78,00 € per semester, Ulm University of Applied Sciences: 78,00 € per semester, University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm: 42,00 € per semester plus 27,00 € each semester solidarity tax for the semester ticket
Administration fee of the state of Baden-Württemberg 60,00 € per semester in Ulm and 30 € for students of Business Information Systems, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Engineering/Logistics and Health Information Management

Fee for constituted student body

University Ulm: 19,00 € per semester (also during academic leave of absence)

Ulm University of Applied Sciences: 11,00 € per semester and 5,50 € for students of Business Information Systems, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Engineering/Logistics and Health Information Management

Scholarships, BAföG

Usually, scholarships are awarded for a limited time period only and are partial scholarships - which means that they may not cover the complete living expenses for the complete study period in Germany! They are awarded on the basis of the applicant's previous academic performance and other criteria, e. g. social commitment, letters of recommendation from professors of the home university. Some scholarship foundations may also require proof German language proficiency. So if you plan to study for a degree in Germany, you must make sure to have enough money (800 € / BAföG maximum rate) to finance yourself during the complete study period - as a successful application for a scholarship is never guaranteed from the very start of your studies.

An exception might be the successful scholarship application for a Master program in Germany through a DAAD office in your home country through which you'll receive a scholarship from the very beginning.


In Ulm und Neu-Ulm, you can find the following supermarkets for example:

  • Kaufland: Blaubeurer Straße 29 (Ulm), Vorwerkstraße 2 (Neu-Ulm)
  • Rewe: Virchowstraße 1-9, Trollingerweg 14 (Ulm Eselsberg), Leipheimer Straße 55, Wegenerstraße 1 (Neu-Ulm), Magirusstraße 45, Römerstraße 120, Bahnhofstraße 1/1 (Ulm Weststadt), Wielandstraße 56, Schwamberger Straße 35-43 (Ulm Oststadt), Hummelstraße 7-11, 
    Marktplatz 9 (Blaustein)
  • Edeka: Bahnhofstraße 5 (Ulm city centre)

Besides the "normal" supermarkets, which can be found all over the city, there are discounters at a good bargain.

  • Aldi: Blaubeurer Straße 47 (Ulm), Pfaffenweg 28 (Neu-Ulm), Wegenerstraße 3 (Neu-Ulm), Max-Hilsenbeck-Straße 1 (Blaustein)
  • Lidl: Wielandstraße 54 (Ulm Oststadt), Wörthstraße 59 (Ulm Weststadt), Im Starkfeld 59 (Neu-Ulm), Max-Hilsenbeck-Straße 4 (Blaustein)
  • Norma: Herrenkellergasse 18 (Ulm city centre), Leipheimer Straße 97 (Neu-Ulm), Ehinger Straße 19, Magirusstraße 40 (Ulm Weststadt)
  • Netto: Münsterplatz 16 (Ulm city centre), Söflinger Straße 120 (Ulm Söflingen), Hauptstraße 72 (Neu-Ulm), Bahnhofstraße 11 (Blaustein)

Farmer’s Market

You will find a farmer’s market in Ulm on the Münsterplatz and at the Petrusplatz in Neu-Ulm, where farmers from the surrounding region offer fresh vegetables, fruits and other food (both markets take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, in Ulm starting at 6.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.; in Neu-Ulm starting at 7.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.).

Shopping Malls

As in most German cities, you will find the best shopping opportunities in the city centre. However, there are also some shopping malls in Ulm. 

Facheinkaufszentrum: Blaubeurerstraße 10-50 (Ulm), several stores (also IKEA) 
Blautalcenter: Blaubeurer Straße 95 (Ulm), one of the biggest malls in Southern Germany, (only in German!) Glacis-Galerie: Bahnhofstraße 1/3 (Neu-Ulm) (only in German!)

Used Things, Flea Markets

  • You will find Second Hand shops at:; Follow the subjects: Home / Standorte (only in German!)
  • In the category "Die gute Tat" in the newspaper Ulmer Wochenblatt (Chapter 6), you will find free furniture and home appliance.
  • Flea markets, once a month at the Volksfestplatz in Neu-Ulm and at irregular dates at the other places, ask local students for other markets. Get more information for exact dates at local press or ask local students, also for other markets.
  • Facebook-Group "FreeYourStuff Ulm/Neu-Ulm", here you will find free things, but you have to hurry up: First come, first serve!

Student Parties

During semester time there are a lot of student parties at Ulm University, Ulm University of Applied Sciences and University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm and also at the student residences. You will find posters and flyers announcing the latest events everywhere at your university. 

More about student events can be found at: (only in German!)

Bars Run by Students:

  • Cat (alternative concerts and parties), Prittwitzstraße 36, (only in German!)
  • Jazzkeller Sauschdall (Jazz), Prittwitzstraße 36, (only in German!)
  • Studentencafe (free concerts and parties), Stuttgarter Straße 15, (only in German!)


The cinemas in Ulm usually show movies in German, but sometimes also in other languages or with subtitles (e.g. „Original Sound“ Day on Wednesday in Dietrich Theater). The website (only in German!) shows an overview of the weekly programme in the diff erent cinemas.
Important: If you want to get the student discount, don’t forget to take your student ID with you! In the Xinedome and the Dietrich Theater only students younger than 27 can get the student discount.

  • The Unikino (only in German!) operated by the "Ring Christlich-Demokratischer Studenten in Ulm" shows mainstream movies. Cheap tickets for students.
  • Xinedome (only in German!), multiplex, Am Lederhof 1, 89073 Ulm, Tel. +49 (0)731/1402020
  • Dietrich-Theater (only in German!), multiplex, Marlene-Dietrich-Str. 1, 89231 Neu-Ulm, Tel. +49 (0)731/9855598
  • Open air cinema (only in German!), SSV Bad, Stadionstraße 17, 89077 Ulm, Tel. +49 (0)731/65400
    The summer season starts at the end of July and ends in mid September. At 8.00 p.m. you can buy a ticket of the open air cinema and be assured of a good seat. Because of changeable or bad weather you can check on webside wheather the movie will be shown or not.
  • There is also a group of students of Ulm University called “Cineasta” (only in German!), who organize movie nights in the cinemas Obscura and Lichtburg. The entrance fee for students is only 3,50 €.
  • Lichtburg, Frauenstraße 61, 89073 Ulm, Tel. +49 (0)731/88015171
  • Obscura, art house, Schillerstraße 1, 89077 Ulm, Tel. +49 (0)731/6022858
  • Mephisto (only in German!), art house, Rosengasse 15, 89073 Ulm, Tel. +49 (0)731/6021218
  • Kammer-Lichtspiele, Hirschstraße 12, 89073 Ulm


An amazing open air ambience in the inner courtyard of the westside of Ulm University with Live-Bands, DJ, and much more. The international SummerNightParty takes place each summer term since more then 20 years.

This special and biggest Party at the Ulm University is organized by the Team of students of diff erent programmes. Before the event begins the Biergarten off ers fresh beer and in many bars there are coctails, shots and much more. the „hungry people“ can find a big variaty of delicious food and many of them are international specialities.

Services of Ulm University

University Sports Office (Hochschulsport)

The universities have their own sport office, the Hochschulsportbüro located at Ulm University. It is open for all students of Ulm University, Ulm University of Applied Sciences and the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm.

For almost every course you have to pay a small fee, if you want to participate in the sport programs. Here are some examples of the offered sports: volleyball, swimming, paragliding, water skiing and so on.

Some of the highlights are the skiing trips to the French Alps (duration: one week) or the sailing club USCU where you can obtain the German sailing licence (compulsory on most of the lakes and seas). Moreover, members have free access to boats on the Ammersee.

For further information, please contact the Hochschulsportbüro. A gymnasium is even available at the Ulm University (O25, Niveau 1).

At the beginning of a semester the sports office issues a booklet and posters with the semester programme. The programme is also published on its webpage, where you can register and pay online for the courses.

Sports Clubs Outside the Universities

  • Schwimm- und Sportverein Ulm 1864 e.V. (SSV 1864 Ulm): (only in German!)
  • TSV 1880 Neu-Ulm e.V.: (only in German!)

More sport clubs outside the universities can be found under:

  •     Ulm: (only in German!) heading Leben in Ulm, then Freizeit und Sport
  •     Neu-Ulm: (only in German!) heading Neu-Ulm erleben, then Freizeit & Sport

Music & Art 

On campus

  • The artistic centre / Musisches Zentrum, offers activities for those who like to be creative beside their studies. All kinds of artistic and musical activities are organized here. You find the artistic centre in the court yard between the Mensa of the Universität Ulm and the hospital building.
  • Choir of Ulm University
  • Orchestra of Ulm Universit
  • Big Band of Ulm University
  • Rio Samba Group "Gato Sorriso"
  • Ballet of Ulm University
  • Theatre Troupe of Ulm University 
  • Choir of Ulm University of Applied Science
  • Orchestra of Ulm University of Applied Sciences
  • Band of University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm
  • Jazz Combo of University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm
  • Theatre Group of University of Applied Sciences Neu - Ulm

For more information about these and other activities, see the website of the Musisches Zentrum 

Although most of the artistic and musical activities take place at the Ulm University, it is possible for students of the Ulm University of Applied Sciences and the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm to participate, too. Just ask. Talented students are always welcome!

Outside the universities

  • Ulm Theatre off ers contemporary and classical plays. Students will get discount of the regular price (student card). 10 minutes before the beginning of the play, the remaining tickets can be bought for 6,00 € only. Students of Ulm University and University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm can purchase theatre tickets at a unifi ed price of 7,00 € on campus.
  • Roxy, many cultural events (concerts, plays, cabaret, parties),
  • Neu-Ulm Theatre: Students get 3,00 € discount of the regular price (student card) and 15 minutes before the beginning of the play 50% discount for remaining tickets. 
  • Theaterei in Herrlingen (Blaustein) and in castle Erbach,
  • Theater in der Westentasche offers popular plays, 

Study at Ulm University

Your future. Your choice. Your university.

A green campus, several first places in university rankings, numerous research prizes and dedicated lecturers – that's Ulm University in a nutshell. What we value the most, however, is to provide a professional environment with a human touch. Students are able to find their way around quickly and receive substantial support right from the beginning. An active and lively exchange between students and professors is not only desirable but quite common here.

Study out of the ordinary - Study PLUS

Finding creative solutions for challenging tasks – that's what you'll learn at Ulm University. A broad range of courses, modern teaching techniques and high-end equipment make your studies an interesting and worthwhile experience. An attractive blend of e-learning with interactive portals, conventional lectures and practical elements ensure a holistic education. 

We have something for every learning type: Maths training camps, Learning Lounge, programming kick-start courses and more.

And if your studies take longer than planned? No problem! No student will be left behind.  That's what our individual offers and advisory services are for.

Want to know what additional learning projects and offers add that special touch to studying at Ulm University?

Research + links to industry and economy

Keen on getting a taste of research as soon as possible? Our interdisciplinary projects provide exciting insights!

We are fortunate to have numerous renowned companies close by in the Science City. For example, driveU is a cooperation between the Daimler Research Centre and Ulm University focused on research and development of autonomic driving ('driving a car without a driver'). The results of such collaborations frequently enrich our teaching.

Graduates coming from Ulm University are fit for the job market! Interdisciplinary research and practical exercises together with presentations from economy and industry prepare our students for their careers.

The University created its own Cooperation Award to promote outstanding collaborations between students or researchers from Ulm University and partners from the economy.


Semester abroad? Why not! Our exchange programmes offer various opportunities to meet people from different cultures and improve your language and intercultural skills. It is well worth your time to go abroad and expand your horizon, both on a personal and professional level.

The many international students on our campus also create an international flair.  The International Office is here to support both incoming and outgoing students. The International Office offers international prospective students who wish to apply for a German-taught study programme at Ulm University, a preparatory course.

Ulm - the feel-good city

Studying and researching is well and good. But Albert Einstein's birthplace also has a lot to offer to keep you entertained in your spare time. Ulm is a great place to 'paint the town red'  and have a good time. There aren't many cities that offer such an abundance of cafés, pubs and restaurants. Events like the Ulmer Zelt (summer concert & comedy series), Nabada (carnival on the river) or the International Donaufest (food, craftworks & music) will get you on your feet and out and about in this medieval city with its quaint alleys and lush green parks.

This relatively small city scores also with numerous world-renowned companies (e.g. ratiopharm, EvoBus, Seeberger or Liebherr), another factor that attracts people from all over the world.

University of Ulm on map:
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