Telecommunication Management

Study mode:Part-time Languages: English Duration:12 months
Local:$ 14.9k / 1 Academic year(s) Foreign:$ 14.9k / 1 Academic year(s)  
StudyQA ranking:299

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You intend to deepen and broaden your knowledge on the field of information, telecommunication and ICT. You wish to learn how to implement and manage projects of innovative communication systems and services. You are looking for techniques and methods which bring innovative products successfully to the market.

The HAN program Master of Telecommunication Management offers this knowledge and skills to operate as a telecommunication expert in innovative areas of companies and organizations.

The Program

The content of the program is based on the premise that many (telecom) innovations are a combination of technology and market. The technical understanding is essential and therefore the acquisition of knowledge of information, telecommunications and ICT is an important part in the program.

The ability of a product to become a marketing innovation requires more: it is necessary for the telecom expert to communicate with experts in the field of financial affairs, marketing, directors of companies and governments. Therefore the training provides expertise in finance, marketing, project management, regulatory affairs and standardization. Management skills are developed through the implementation of several projects until you are able to develop a business plan.

Your qualities of cooperation will be further developed in a management game in which your technical knowledge and management skills are used to develop a telecommunication system.

Master Thesis

A master thesis project is done within a company, organization or the Professioriate (lectoraat) Telecommunication Networks of HAN University of Applied Science. The graduation assignment is evaluated on offering a challenge in a technical and/or market driven innovation in the area of information, telecommunication and ICT. The graduation assignment results are presented for the exam committee of the institute in a viva.


Internationally recognized degree, opening doors to senior management or PhD careers.

The programme consists of lectures, labs, minor projects and a major project as proof of competence. The total study load is 1736 hours (62 ECTS).The programme is scheduled as full-time as well as part-time study.

The default full-time programme takes 14 months, including major project and summer recess, based on a study load of 40 hours a week. Without summer recess, the study can be successfully completed in 12 months, including major project.
As part-time study, the programme takes approximately two and a half years, including the major project.

The taught part of the scheme entitles the student to a Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip). Students, completing the scheme with an additional Major Project will be awarded the Master of Applied Science degree in Telecommunication Management. Parts of the scheme can be followed per course module. A certificate is awarded for course modules, which have been concluded successfully.

All teaching is done in the English language by lecturers from HAN and Delft University and high-level experts from the information, telecommunication and ICT world. The courses are evaluated by exams, reports and/or presentations.

Organisational responsibility

The study programme is developed in close co-operation between the HAN University of Applied Sciences, lecturers of the faculty Technology, Policy and Management of Delft University and business companies. The HAN has the organisational and content responsibility.

The HAN co-operates with other institutes and universities in the world, for instance STT-Telkom in Bandung, Indonesia. As a result of this co-operation students can start the first term of this course in their home country. The programme and literature is identical compared to the Dutch program and in the English language. Examination and teaching is based on the same material. Lecturers from local Universities as well as lectures from HAN or Delft University can be introduced in this local program.
After the first term is finished successfully students will go the Netherlands for the rest of the course.

For more information please contact in Indonesia:
Mr. Parkiyatno
T +628176688819

The taught part of the programme takes place partially at the Arnhem campus of the HAN University of Applied Sciences in one of the buildings of the Faculty of Engineering, Ruitenberglaan 26, Arnhem, the Netherlands. One term of the program is scheduled in Delft at the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of Delft University.

For study the libraries of both universities and other facilities (such as internet) are non-stop accessible during opening hours of the building.

The major project is carried out in a company or in Arnhem at the lectoraat of Telecommunication Networks of HAN University. For part timers it is possible to perform the master thesis in their own company.

Advisory board and External examiners

An external advisory board, staff meetings and student evaluations monitor the quality of the study program. External examiners supervise examinations and monitor the level of the major projects. The external advisors and examiners are independent experts in the related field from the business and academic world. This guarantees the level and the quality of the programme, the study and the integration of expertise from other universities in the Netherlands and abroad. Members of this board are:

* dr. H. Leonard, Radio Communications Agency Netherlands, Groningen
* prof. ir. A.M.J Koonen, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven
* ir. N.W.P Rauwenhoff, So-Y-Not, Bussem
* ir. P Blankers, Ericsson telecommunicatie bv, Rijen


General: The school reserves the right to modify the curriculum and route of the programme if necessary.

The academic year is divided into four terms. During the first three terms, running from September until April the modules of the taught part are scheduled with a study load of 1316 hours (47 ECTS). This taught part consists of theoretical and practical lessons combined with cases and supported by minor projects and excursions.

The Major Project is scheduled from May until August with a study load of 420 hours (15 ECTS). The total study load of the whole Master programme is 1736 hours. If the student fails to realize sufficient result in the first period, the minor projects in the taught part of the study are postponed to the fourth period and thus the start of the Major Project will be delayed for one or more months.

The part time route is divided over two years. In that case the Major Project is normally planned after the summer recess in the third year.

(1 ECTS = total study load of 28 hours (lessons, study time, excursions, writing reports etc).

* Bachelors in Engineering with 2 years relevant working experience in the area of information, telecommunication and ICT. * Bachelors in Engineering who only recently started in a relevant working area are able to take the MA program part time. * Bachelors in Engineering without relevant working experience or area can start in the part time program and join the Professoriate Telecommunication Network of HAN University of Applied Science to gain the relevant working experience. * English skills at appropriate level (min. IELTS 6.5>). English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6 Work Experience At least 2 year(s) of work experience is required.


Internationally recognized degree, opening doors to senior management or PhD careers.

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