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    International Business Law (IBL) is a complex and ever-changing area of today's legal society - and a fascinating area in which to pursue your legal career.

    The Tilburg International Business Law LLM masters program combines quality theory with a distinctly practical and real-world approach - offering you outstanding preparation for a legal career in the international arena.

    Students acquire in-depth knowledge in the key areas of international business law. Knowledge is both relevant and up-to-the-minute, focusing on the full range of issues facing lawmakers and lawyers in relation to global business problems.

    Teaching methods have a strong practical bent, ensuring you acquire the personal and professional skills to operate as a business lawyer in a high-level business environment. You will be asked to assume the role of a business lawyer involved in international transactions, thus learning law within the context of real-world application, where economic, financial and social forces all interplay.

    A core team of senior, internationally-reputed law lecturers teach the program. These academics are widely published in the top academic journals in the fields of corporate law, finance, international business law, and competition law. They are affiliated to the Tilburg Law School, as well as the Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC) and the Center for Company Law (CCL).

    Career perspective

    Your International Business Law LLM masters will ready you for the transition from university to your first job and the start of your career. Potential career paths include international roles as a professional business lawyer, an in-house counsel of corporations, or a career in academic research.

    A key advantage of the International Business Law qualification is the specific skills you develop throughout the program - qualities valued by future employers.

    These skills include the ability to critically assess and examine legal phenomena; discuss legal developments and cases from an analytical perspective, grounding your assertions in relevant theory, literature, and methodologies; convey your knowledge persuasively both orally and in written form; exhibit strong interpersonal skills; and display a clear understanding of the needs and perspectives of future clients.

    Four principal characteristics distinguish the Tilburg International Business Law LLM masters program:

    • Theory is integrated with practice offering you a legal education that is both grounded in theory and infused with real-world and practical knowledge and experience;

    • A multi-disciplinary approach ensures you understand the full range of legal, social and economic aspects of corporate organizations and international business transactions;

    • A framework for value-added contracting solutions enables you to draft the legal documents that bring predictable results and reduce risks, claims and litigation;

    • Expertise in comparative law and economics analysis prepares you for real-world application.

    Our goal is to ensure that you reach your full potential - and thus meet your ambition of establishing a career at the top of international business law practice.

    Integrated knowledge

    The masters in International Business Law LLM develops your knowledge in the key subjects of business law, commercial law, competition law, and economic regulation. The program strives to provide you with an integrated knowledge of the fields within law and jurisdiction, along with their neighboring academic disciplines, particularly economics.

    Latest research and international faculty

    As a student of this program, you will benefit from the department's position at the cutting edge of international business law research. Our status within the academic world and affiliations within academia enable us to involve some of the world's top experts in your learning. You will attend guest lectures with scholars from universities in Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States amongst others, bringing you access to ideas and developments in the International Business Law arena from all corners of the world.

    Real-world and practical application

    Our goal is to ensure you are prepared to handle the challenges and obstacles regularly faced by business lawyers in their day-to-day practice. As such, case studies form an important part of learning. You will take part in simulated real-life deal negotiation situations. Other skill development focuses on the areas of research, argumentation, communication, analysis, and teamwork, while a broad awareness of social and economic contexts will enable you to apply a critical and objective stance towards the law and your responsibilities within it as a professional.

    International experience

    All students have the opportunity to attend a summer school program addressing European Business Law at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. A joint project of the Faculty of Law of the Heinrich Hein University, the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) of Herzliya, and the Department of Business Law, the program gives you the chance to collaborate and compete with peers, lecturers and staff from other universities in a collegiate and intellectually-stimulating environment.

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    Dutch diplomaDutch students are required to have completed one of the following bachelorprogrammes:Internationaal en Europees RechtRechtsgeleerdheidOndernemingsrecht (voorheen Recht en Management)Fiscaal recht (additional courses required)Students can apply for admission at any time. If they apply before 1 July (for EEA applicants), they will be in time to start their studies in August.Non-Dutch DiplomaYour application will be assessed individually by the programme director and the Admissions Committee of Tilburg Law School.In assessing your application, the following criteria will be decisive:A university-level degree in law.A strong academic record as evidenced by, among other things, your academic results.Evidence of a good command of EnglishMotivationYou are exempt from an English test:if English is your mother tongueif you are an EEA citizen who has studied in an English-taught secondary or undergraduate programif you had your secondary or university education in English for at least three years in a native English-speaking countryfor the Bachelor program: if you obtained an IB or EB diploma with English as the language of instruction; and if you obtained a Dutch VWO diplomaAll other applicants will need to demonstrate proficiency in English by submitting a TOEFL certificate (BSc: minimum of 550 paper-based / 213 computer-based / 80 internet-based; MSc: minimum of 575 paper-based / 233 computer-based / 90-91 internet-based) or an Academic IELTS certificate (BSc overall minimum score of 6.0 and a minimum score of 5.5 on each of the parts; MSc overall minimum score of 6.5 and a minimum score of 6.0 on each of the parts), or Cambridge Proficiency results. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6.5 TOEFL paper-based test score : 575 TOEFL iBT® test: 90

    For the academic year 2013-2014 Tilburg University has 38 scholarships available for excellent international students who are admitted to a Master's program at Tilburg University (MA, MSc or LLM).

    The Tilburg University Scholarship for Academic Excellence includes:

    • A scholarship of € 5000 for living expenses;
    • A partial tuition waiver of up to € 10,000 which means students will only pay a tuition fee of € 2,500

    For whom?

    To qualify for a Tilburg University Scholarship for Academic Excellence, you must fulfill the following admission requirements, in addition to the regular requirements for admission to a Master's program:

    • Candidates must have been (unconditionally) admitted to one of the graduate programs at Tilburg University for the academic year 2013-2014*
    • Candidates must have achieved excellent study results in their relevant (under) graduate program. As an indication, the student must have graduated with an average result of at least 8 (out of 10) or must be among the top 10% of their class
    • Candidates must hold a non-EU/EEA passport
    • Candidates should fill in the Scholarship Application Form
    • Candidates must be newly enrolled at Tilburg University

    Selection criteria

    On the basis of the following selection criteria, the selection committee of each school will select the recipients of the Tilburg University Scholarship for Academic Excellence:

    • The academic results in the relevant (under)graduate program
    • The quality and content of the Scholarship Application Form
    • The language test score

    Tilburg University strives for a balanced participation in terms of nationality.


    Tilburg University Scholarships for Academic Excellence are awarded for one academic year. Candidates applying for one of the Research Master programs will have to apply for the scholarship again for their second year of their Research Master program*.

    Application procedure

    To apply for a Tilburg University Scholarship for Academic Excellence you should:

  • Download the Scholarship Application Form
  • State in the application form that you graduated with an average result of at least 8 (out of 10) in a relevant (under)graduate program, by providing your calculated GPA and/or proof that you belong to the top 10% of your class
  • Send the Scholarship Application Form together with your application for the Master’s program before the Scholarship deadline of 1 April 2013
    *Please note that students starting their program in February 2014 are also eligible for the Tilburg University Scholarship for Academic Excellence, but do need to meet the deadline of 1 April 2013.
  • What happens next?

    All Tilburg University Scholarship for Academic Excellence applicants will be informed about the outcome of the Scholarship Selection Committee of their School by May 2013. Students who are granted a Tilburg University Scholarship for Academic Excellence must comply with and confirm in writing their agreement with the terms and conditions attached to the scholarship prior to the granting of the scholarship.

    Please note that the Scholarship Selection Committees usually receives more applications than it has grants, which means they can only select a minority of excellent applicants who will receive financial support. Strong candidates who do not make it to the first group of Scholarship candidates, will be put on a list of standby candidates. The School will notify these students as soon as possible – but not later than 1 August 2013 – in case a scholarship candidate withdraws his application.

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