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  • Local: $ 10.1k / Year
  • Foreign: $ 13.5k / Year
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  • English
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  • 30 November 2016

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    Through intensive artistic and practical training, this highly specialized program develops students conceptual abilities and technical expertise in the field of Film and new Media Art. It prepares participants to create and manage complex projects in an increasingly dynamic audio-visual environment marked by the ongoing convergence of the digital revolution.

    The program employs an innovative didactical approach that synthesizes theoretical inquiry, creative experimentation, and techniques refinement, all in the service of artistic expression. It combines classroom study with practical application through highly artistic, research-oriented projects. Students work on real-world briefs from institutions and companies and are required to deal with actual professional issues and to propose innovative creative solutions based on the knowledge they acquire.

    The FIlm and new Media MA Degree is structured as a one-to-one MediaLab, where students interact with a global network of producers, filmmakers, curators, artists, part of the programs Scientific Commitee, who actively select the students best projects to be developed throughout the program.

    The main objective of the program is the synthesis between linear kinematic applications for audiovisuals, with special reference to the new documentary, and the artistic applications of new media and multimedia arts.

    Theoretical courses (such as Digital culture, Phenomenology of contemporary arts, New media aesthetics) provide students the interdisciplinary conceptual tools that are necessary to understand the complexity of the current media scenario.

    The technical courses provide students the methodological and design tools typical of the current media practices. Throughout the Direction, Multimedia design, Shooting and editing courses, participants are supported in the development, pre-production, production, and post-production of innovative audiovisual supports, new objects of communication positioned between art and film, in the new Expanded cinema area, characterized by elements such as: a strong experimental tone; a personal signature that characterizes each individual style; linear and non-linear narrative structures; unconventional stories; a design philosophy that enables the distribution on heterogeneous media platforms; an ethical commitment towards the spectator.

    The supporting courses improve the students technical skills, while putting the technique at the projects service (Photography, Sound design), connecting video with contemporary artistic and media experimentation (Net art, Interaction design), and suggesting a further investigation of visual and media technologies.

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    The two-year Master of Arts Degree in Film and New Media is looking for students with a Bachelor in artistic or humanistic disciplines, which have developed, throughout their education or on the side, interests and experience relevant to the field of film and video. Applicants with other kinds of educational background will be taken into consideration if they are strongly motivated and have relevant professional experience. An admission board will evaluate the applications and, after interviewing the candidates, will establish the suitability of the previous diploma and will identify possible educational debts or credits.In order to ensure the appropriate faculty/students ratio, all NABA post-graduate programs foresee a maximum of 25 enrolled students per class.

    Together with its partner institutions and companies, NABA offers a program of scholarships for talented students requiring financial support, based on the evaluation feedback provided by the course Director.

    The number and amount of such scholarships can vary from one year to another, therefore we warmly recommend interested students to send an email to in order to be inserted in the related mailing last and to receive updated information.

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