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    Sustainable development in all areas of water resources management, water supply, waste water treatment and solid waste management is of great importance for present-day and succeeding generations. Engineers and natural scientists in water resources and environmental management are qualified to search for responses to worldwide problems of increasing water scarcity, flood risks and environmental pollution. Graduates work together with colleagues in several special fields. The job is multidisciplinary, interesting and worldwide needed.

    WATENV is a research oriented Master of Science Programme, which provides international students the opportunity to qualify for demading positions in water resources and environmental management. Therefore the education is interdisciplinary with optional specialization in Water Resources Management or Sanitary Engineering.

    Several institutes of the highly reputable and well equipped Leibniz Universität Hannover (Germany) are involved in the WATENV courses. They offer outstanding general conditions for students and researchers.

    In the first semester students obtain knowledge of basics in natural sciences, environmental hydraulics, hydrology and water resources management. Afterwards one of the two special fields, Water Resources Management or Sanitary Engineering, has to be elected for the second and third semester. These scientific courses are accompanied by courses, which aim at the development and improvement of soft skills required for successful scientific work. In the fourth semester students complete the master thesis under supervision.


    Mandatory Basics:
    Natural Sciences
    Environmental Hydraulics
    Hydrology & Water Resources Management I
    Environmental Data Analysis

    Major A: Water Resources Management:
    Hydrology & Water Resources Management II
    Ecology & Water Resources
    Hydrological Modelling
    Special Topics in Water Resources Management

    Major B: Sanitary Engineering:
    Sanitary Engineering
    Solid Waste Management
    Water Supply & Industrial Water Management
    Special Topics in Sanitary Engineering
    Elective Supplements:
    Hydraulic Engineering
    Computer & Informatics
    Water, Soils & Vegetation
    Practical Training in Sanitary Engineering
    Flow & Transport Processes
    Environmental Economics
    Environmental & Coastal Management
    Soft Skills and Projects:
    Research Planning
    Research Project & Colloquium
    Theories & Methods of Research
    German Language I/II
    Master Thesis

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    Students must hold a Bachelors degree with the grade "good" or better in a field related to the WATENV Masters programme, e.g. civil engineering, environmental sciences, natural sciences or geosciences. Practical training and stay abroad are not required. Instructions and examinations are given in English language. Applicants with non-English native language have to provide evidence of an adequate working knowledge of English via an internationally recognised certificate. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6 TOEFL paper-based test score : 550 TOEFL iBT® test: 79

    In the case that a candidate has not the possibility to finance the costs by her/himself, she or he is advised to check whether financing could be provided by local, national or other sources.

    Some other possibilities to get individual scholarships:

    * DAAD: WATENV participates in the "Postgraduate Courses for Professionals with Relevance to Developing Countries" programme of DAAD, which offers approx. 6 fulltime scholarships per year. Application via DAAD.
    * WMO

    Additionally, the participating institutes of Leibniz University often offer part-time student assistantships. These could be useful for self-financing students to improve their financial situation. However these cannot be arranged before starting the programme.


    The WATENV M. Sc. programme is accredited by ASIIN e.V.

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