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    The International LLM is a unique program specialized in Global Business and European law. It provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to analyze, develop and implement effective solutions for complex corporate and regulatory problems involving multiple legal systems by using a teaching methodology based on real-life cases. All of this is combined with an MBA module that allows students to obtain a Certificate of Business Administration from IE Business School in addition to the LLM degree

    The International LLM is structured in three trimesters, plus a preparatory pre-program and an optional exchange semester.

    Throughout these three trimesters students attend International Law courses (International Arbitration, Islamic Law & Finance, Securities Law) and acquire legal knowledge from a practical point of view. They also attend at least six MBA courses (Accounting, Human Resources, Economics).

    The International LLM is designed for Lawyers, recently graduated or with a few years of professional experience, which pursue a legal career in a global environment. More than 70% of our students are foreign lawyers.

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    * Bachelors Degree in Law or equivalent from an accredited University. * Academic accreditation (transcripts and diploma). * Entrance Exam (GMAT, GRE or ieGAT) * Online application * Curriculum Vitae (maximum 1 page). * 3 Essays. * 2 Recommendation letters. * 1 Passport size photo. * Photocopy of passport or ID. * Valid English Certificate and/or Spanish (if applicable). * Application Fee: 125 Euros

    IE Law Schools Financial Aid Department currently offers a host of loan agreements, scholarships and other financial aid options to help our students fund their master. Requests for financial aid will be processed in accordance with the schools policy.

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    Upon completion of the program, students receive a degree in International LLM from IE Law School (Official Master Degree 60 ECTS) + Business Certificate from IE Business School.

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