European University Viadrina

Frankfurt, Germany
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The European University Viadrina is located by the River Oder, near to neighbouring Poland. This location has been instrumental in developing a close German-Polish connection; Viadrina is transforming itself into a German-Polish, European university. Since its re-establishment in the year 1991, the European University Viadrina has adhered to a policy of bringing together young people from every corner of the world. This has proven to be successful: Viadrina has grown to become a lively, highly regarded member of the community of German and European universities. Please follow this link for some impressions of the university's surroundings and further information:
The team at the European University Viadrina attaches great importance to its international profile. There are lots of institutions which help international students to cope with their new situation and deal with governmental as well as university regulations. Tutors as well as staff at the International Office introduce new students to their new environment. There is also a student society called Interstudis (; Here, international students can participate in weekly meetings at a student pub, where they exchange views and experiences, arrange trips to other cities in Germany and make contact with other students. Finally, the "Fremde werden Freunde" ("Foreigners become Friends") initiative pairs inhabitants of Frankfurt (Oder) with individual international students. Through regular meetings, trips and other events, intercultural exchanges are nurtured.
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