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Kazan, Russian Federation
Site: admissions.kpfu.ru Founded: 1804 year Type of University:Public StudyQA ranking: 1498 pts. No. Students: 44000 Frgn. Students: 4252 No. Staff: 3000 Languages: Russian, English Phone: +78432337027 Fax: +78432927418
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Founded in 1804, Kazan University is the second oldest classic university in the Russian Federation.  An internationally acknowledged center of academic excellence, it is routinely listed among top 10 institutions of higher education in the country.

In October, 2009 the University received the high federal status. This became the logical continuation of the 210-year history of the development of Kazan University. KFU is a bright example of a classical university – source of fundamental knowledge and constant development.

KFU today employs more than 3,200 faculty members and trains over 47,000 students, who follow over 300 degree programs on the basis of 14 Institutes, 2 faculties, 3 high schools and 3 branches in nearest cities. Study programs embrace the following areas:

  • Physics and Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Education and Pedagogics
  • Culture and Art
  • Economics and Management
  • Geodesy and Land Utilization
  • Geology, Exploration and Development of Mineral Resources
  • Computer Science and Computer Engineering
  • Safety of activities, environmental engineering and environmental protection

KFU is the only Russian higher education institution which has enough housing units to accommodate all students who can choose from 26 comfortable dormitories.

In 1804, the Emperor Alexander I signed the decree on the establishment of Kazan Emperor’s University. During the existence of Kazan University, scientific schools on mathematics, chemistry, physics, linguistics that had received international recognition were formed. Non-Euclidian geometry was born here and its founder the mathematician Nikolay Lobachevsky played a prominent role in the development of the University serving it as a rector over two decades.

During its 200 history, the University nurtured 80 full members and corresponding-members of the Russian Academy of Science. Among the outstanding names should be mentioned Nikolay Zinin (for the first time synthesized aniline), Karl Claus (discovered the chemical element and named it Ruthenium), Leo Tolstoy, Aleksandr Butlerov (the founder of the theory of organic chemical compounds), Baudouin de  Courtney (the founder of Kazan linguistic school), Vladimir Lenin (the university later was named after his name), Evgeny Zavoysky (discovered the phenomenon of electronic paramagnetic resonance), etc.

The President of the Russian Federation, Boris Yeltsen included Kazan State University in the Register of Cultural Heritage Sites of the Russian Federation in 1996. In 2010 Kazan University was granted the status of Federal university by the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation. 

KFU expects international students to hold secondary school diploma and secondary school examinations passed giving them a right to study university in their home country.

Grades of basic subjects in the certificate of secondary education are expected to be equal to no less than 60% of the maximum grade attainable. Candidates are also expected to have received good marks in other subjects.

Graduate studies

Those graduates already holding a Bachelor's degree and applying for admission to Master's degree programmes must file their Bachelor's degree academic certificates.


Kazan Federal University is a state-licensed higher educational institution. It is licensed and accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science to conduct educational activities.
Moreover, the following Master degree programs are accredited by Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency Hannover (ZEvA):

Physics:  Condensed Matter Physics, Physics of Magnetic Phenomena

Biology: Neurobiology

Chemistry: Neuroinformatcs and Molecular Modeling
As well as Evalag (Evaluationsagentur Baden-Württemberg) has accredited Master degree programs on Mathematics, Geology, Ecology, Law, Philology and History.

MBA School is accredited by AMBA (Association of MBAs)

KFU offers a great variety of ongoing research, cultural and sport activities organized by students and staff, including Freshmen's Day, Tatyana's Day, Student's Day the take place on a regular basis. The most anticipated and grand  event is the Student Spring festival. In March and April during several weeks, students from all institutes show their original programs which are later evaluated by the panel of juries.

KFU students practice different types of physical activities in 10 sports halls of the UNICS Center and recently built 2013 World University Games sport center Bustan. The Universiade Village offers students a swimming pool, an ice rink, and multi-purpose sports complex. Students may choose from 24 kinds of sports, including aerobics, basketball, volleyball, martial arts, track and field athletics, table tennis, rock-climbing, swimming, football, etc.

As Russia's third capital, Kazan offers a variety of exciting sites. Our city abounds in theaters, symphonies, and concert halls hosting international festivals including Shaliapin Opera Festival, Nuriev Ballet Festival and Europe-Asia Festival of Contemporary Music. Since 2008, Kazan hosts international Rock-Festival The Creation of Peace.

KFU Research and Academic Infrastructure:

  • Nikolay Lobachevsky Scientific Library
  • 100 laboratories with up-to-date equipment and facilities with a total investment of over 25 million euros
  • 8 Museums
  • Student campus (Universiade Village) for 13,000 people
  • 11 sports and culture facilities
  • 29 international academic and research centers


The answer is easy for over 46,000 students enjoying their studies at the second oldest university in Russia. With Kazan Federal University, which has always been considered as a bridge between East and West, you can discover a world of ideas, diversity and culture. You will learn, grow, and explore your potential both in and out of the classroom. 

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