La Scala Academy
  • Founded :1950 year
  • Type of University : Public
  • StudyQA ranking: 8 pts.
  • Offered programms: 19 Bachelor
  • No. Staff: 500
  • Study mode: 19 On campus
  • Languages of instruction: Italian
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The creation of the “Scuola dei Cadetti della Scala” in 1950, forebear of today’s distinguished Academy of Lyric Opera, and of the Course for Scene and Costume Design in 1970, ushered in ongoing development of professional training at Teatro alla Scala. The progressive diversification of the curriculum under the stewardship of Carlo Fontana led to the creation of the Schools, Training and Development Department in 1991 and the institution of the independent Fondazione Accademia Teatro alla Scala in 2001. Partnering with Teatro alla Scala in this initiative are the Region of Lombardy, the City of Milan, the Milan Chamber of Commerce, Bocconi University, the Milan Polytechnic and the Bracco Foundation.

They are supported by a sizeable group of foundations, associations, businesses and individual patrons, as well as public institutions such as the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which provides scholarships for foreign students. The curriculum comprises four departments – Music, Dance, Stage Workshops, Management – with some thirty courses for over one thousand students from every corner of the world: approximately 500 for professional courses and 500 for beginning courses.

The teaching method provides daily field experiences in the form of concerts, performances, exhibitions and seminars, culminating in the “Academy Project”, a yearly feature of the Teatro alla Scala opera season produced entirely by students.

The educational activities are complemented by other proposals in various areas: the Education and Outreach Area, providing workshops and learning initiatives for students and instructors in schools of all types and levels, in order to spread knowledge of the performing arts and related professions, and the Cultural Cooperation Area, offering international research and collaborat.ion projects promoted by the European Community or by local governments to export the La Scala model of professional training.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of students coming to Accademia Teatro alla Scala from outside of Italy, a concrete manifestation of the Milanese institution’s growing focus on the international dimension. Accommodating the global market has been the most stimulating challenge embraced by the Accademia, which responds every year with an exclusive offer: the opportunity for hands-on learning applying the eminently practical approach of learning by doing under the guidance of Teatro alla Scala professionals and preeminent experts in the time-honored techniques and knowledge that make the performing arts possible.

The stage, this stage, is the chosen classroom. And its activities extend into the colorful bustle behind the scenes and in the dressing rooms and workshops. It is an environment rich in artistic stimuli, a unique and absolutely essential space for transmitting the art of musical theatre to coming generations. But the evolving times oblige us to do more. objective is to remain in step with new technologies and market demands with cutting-edge courses, varying our curricula so that our students can be the true heirs and witnesses of the great theatre tradition, while also meeting the tastes and demands of an evolving audience.

Through our departments, we are now able to train all of the various figures that bring the performing arts to life, starting from the singers, dancers and musicians – perhaps still recognized today as the heart of the La Scala school – and extending to all those who work behind the scenes and in the workshops to meet the newest challenge: create future managers in the vast field of the performing arts whose choices and decisions will shape the future of theatre.

The Accademia also responds to the demands of globalization by renewing its cultural cooperation and teacher training projects year after year in European and extra-European countries. We also offer an intense events calendar that sees our students engaged with the world’s most prestigious theatres and festivals, giving them a further and invaluable opportunity to learn and to put themselves to the test.

On our part, we continuously renew our commitment with passion and professionalism, knowing that our finest testament is the people who have. experienced our learning method and gone on to work with prestigious international institutions and organizations.

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The creation of the Scuola dei Cadetti della Scala in 1950, forebear of today’s distinguished Academy of Lyric Opera, and of the Course for Charge Artists in 1970, ushered in ongoing development of professional training at Teatro alla Scala.

The progressive diversification of the curriculum under the stewardship of Carlo Fontana led to the creation of the Schools, Training and Development Department in 1991 and the institution of the independent Fondazione Accademia Teatro alla Scala in 2001. Partnering with Teatro alla Scala in this initiative are the Region of Lombardy, the Milan Chamber of Commerce, Bocconi University, the Milan Polytechnic, Fondazione Bracco and the City of Milan. They are supported by a sizeable group of foundations, associations, businesses and individual patrons, as well as public institutions such as the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which provides scholarships for foreign students.

General Admission

Whether we are talking about opera or ballet, classical or contemporary repertoire, without music there would be no show. Children’s chorus, graduated singers, pianists or other musicians can find here the most suitable courses to face the stage.


Music department:

  • 18 years old or older on the first day of lessons;
  • First level diploma from an Italian state conservatory or state authorized musical institute or an equivalent academic title issued abroad. Please, note that applicants who have already been admitted or approved for admission to two similar Academy in the past may not apply a third time.


  • Candidates attending the fifth grade of elementary school this year can register for the 1st admission exam. 
  • Candidates who have the preparation to allow them to be admitted to the course corresponding to their age, in relation to the secondary school class attended can enroll in the admission exam for courses from the 2nd to the 7th.


  • Legal age;
  • Secondary school diploma, 
  • Basic knowledge of Autocad 2D; 
  • Basic knowledge of electrical engineering and lighting technology; 
  • Basic knowledge of the application of light in the entertainment sector.

Admission is subject to passing a selection test divided into a practical part and a motivational interview.

The Teatro alla Scala Foundation has the objectives assigned to it by law and its bylaws: “the training of artistic and technical middle managers”.

With the intention of pursuing said objectives and fostering the enhancement and preservation of its artistic, historical and cultural heritage,  Fondazione Teatro alla Scala di Milano (hereafter also the “Teatro alla Scala Foundation” or the “Teatro alla Scala di Milano Foundation”) promotes the establishment of the Foundation known as “Accademia d’arti e mestieri dello spettacolo Teatro alla Scala” (hereafter the “Foundation”).
Without prejudice to its legal and formal independence, the Foundation is established and works towards the pursuit of objectives that are consistent and compatible with those of the Teatro alla Scala Foundation and, in the areas of activity stated at article 1.1, is the means by which the Teatro alla Scala Foundation achieves such objectives.
Camera di Commercio Industria Artigianato e Agricoltura di Milano (the Milan Chamber of Commerce), Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi di Milano (the Luigi Bocconi University, Milan), Politecnico di Milano (Milan Polytechnic) and Fondazione Teatro alla Scala di Milano (as above) are the co-founders of the Foundation. 

The use of the term “Teatro alla Scala” is permitted for an indefinite period of time under license from Fondazione Teatro alla Scala di Milano. The Foundation has its registered office in Via S. Marta 18, Milan. The address of the Foundation’s registered office may be transferred by resolution of the Board of Directors.

The Foundation may set up secondary offices, representative offices, other offices and delegations in Italy and abroad at which it performs ancillary activities as a means of achieving its objectives.


Accademia Teatro alla Scala has always been engaged in providing orientation to schools of all levels in order to introduce students to the entertainment professions. To this end, it has implemented numerous projects benefiting from the support of local institutions such as the Region of Lombardy and the Province of Milan, with the objective of providing students with a series of ori- entation services and initiatives.


The Library’s catalogue of works comprises specialised texts, sheet music, libretti and audio-visual materials relevant to the artistic and technical professions operating in the field of staged musical performances. The subject matter of the works reflects the areas of interest to the Accademia Teatro alla Scala: Music, Dance, Stage-laboratories, Management, Cultural Cooperation, Education and Dissemination, Career Orientation.   

Cultural Cooperation

The Accademia generally acts in two ways: design and development of educational structures and programs to produce qualified personnel for live productions; and continuing education and training of theatre personnel in order to promote the development of institutions that are fully in line with European standards. Among the most recent projects we list studiOpera and Scenart conducted in Romania with the National Opera House and National Operetta Theatre of Bucharest. These projects developed a specialized structure with pilot courses offered by a team of instructors dedicated to the training of artists, technicians and managers.

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