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Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin

Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin

Lublin, Poland
Website: Founded: 1944 year Type of University:Public StudyQA ranking: 516 pts. No. Students: 22000 Frgn. Students: 1600 No. Staff: 1800 Languages: Polish Phone: +48815375880
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General information about the university

Maria Curie-Sklodowska University is the largest public university in Eastern Poland.

  • over 226.000 students have graduated from UMCS,
  • about 4 000 individuals earned PhD
  • over 900 individuals completed habilitation.

Our university offers undergraduate (BA and BSc), graduate (MA and MSc), and 5-year Master programmes delivered on a full- time, part-time and extramural basis. We also offer postgraduate and doctoral (third-cycle) programmes.

Nowadays, over 22 000 students attend over 70 udergraduate and 60 graduate programmes (including over 250 specialisations) in 12 Faculties.

UMCS also runs Foreign Languages Teaching Centre, Academic Sports Centre, Botanic Gardens, Polish Language and Culture Center.

Student cultural life is focused around the Academic Culture Centre „Chatka Zaka” and the Media and Art Incubator equipped with radio and TV studios, an artistic stage, as well as media laboratories for conducting classes. Every student can give it a try and turn into TV presenter or Radio correspondent working for our University`s TV or Radio. Other important education institutions include the Main Library with a network of faculty libraries.


  • great location: in Eastern Poland, close to Ukrainian border, in one of Poland`s largest city, a city with the population exceeding 340 000, unique, beautiful Old Town and the Lublin Castle
  • high quality of teaching based on European standards
  • competitive price: starting at 1 250 EUR per year
  • diploma issued by a state university recognized in the European education market
  • unique university campus, located in the centre of the city, where various educational facilities, dormitories, sports and cultural centres as well as a network of student clubs are located
  • high-standard dormitories (student`s former application is required)
  • professional guidance provided by International Students Office (speaking English, Ukrainian, German, Spanish and Russian)
  • crash course of Polish language delivered free-of-charge in September to candidates for tuition-based programmes
  • specialized and general Polish language courses delivered free-of-charge in the first year of studying
  • scholarship opportunities
  • multicultural environment (over 1 600 international students)
  • international students exchange programmes
  • educational offer based on labor market demand and providing the students with practical skills
  • UMCS cooperate with your future employers
  • easy access to professional research staff and constantly modernized scientific and research facilities which can lead/inspire you to start your brilliant career
  • we invite famous lecturers from all over the world to deliver their lectures at our university

The university continues to extend the range of its educational offer so as to be appealing for both Polish and foreign students.

Student Activities

A university cannot function without the active participation of its students. Through their participation in the Self-government of Students and Doctoral Students and their involvement in the activities of more than 100 scientific circles and student organizations, music and dancing groups, sports teams, they fulfill their passions and contribute to a very high position of the university on the national level in the areas of culture and sport. Students have regular access to the Physical Culture Centre where they can find: a swimming pool, gyms, pitches and courts. Sportsmen who represent UMCS achieve very good results in Academic Championships of Poland and national leagues. Students can choose among classes in around 30 sports sections which is the largest academic offer in the region.

The impressive buildings of the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Spatial Development and the Information Technology Institute, both built with the support of European funds, constitute the showpieces of our university.

In order to assist foreign students the International Students Office has been established.

Maria Curie-Sklodowska University cooperates closely with the local government and business.

Lublin is a city with a 700-year history full of events which changed Poland and Europe.

Despite being a large university center, is characterized by a low cost of living as compared with cities in Central and Western Poland. Fees for accommodation in a UMCS dormitory range from PLN 270 to PLN 550 per month. The monthly cost of living in a private dormitory (in close proximity to the teaching buildings) or renting a room in a student flat is PLN 550 on average. The city's public transport (buses and trolleybuses) is not expensive as students pay reduced fares – PLN 1.40. Food prices in Lublin are also lower than in the largest cities in Poland.

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Study mode:On campus Languages: English
Local:$ 2.29 k / Year(s) Foreign:$ 2.29 k / Year(s)
Deadline: Sep 1, 2023 StudyQA ranking: 1327
Study mode:On campus Languages: English
Local:$ 2.29 k / Year(s) Foreign:$ 2.29 k / Year(s)
Deadline: Sep 1, 2023 StudyQA ranking: 1208