Nicolaus Copernicus University

Nicolaus Copernicus University

Torun, Poland
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Nicolaus Copernicus University (NCU) in Torun was established in 1945. It is one of the largest universities in northern Poland and is outstanding in terms of academic potential, variety of courses, forms of education, and number of students. In the past years, NCU was classified among five best universities in the country, which confirms high standards of education.

Nicolaus Copernicus University not only offers most common courses such as Law or Economics, but also humanistic courses (e. g. Sociology, Philosophy), medical (6-year MD Program) and technical courses (e. g. Automation and Robotics, Informatics). Wide range of courses at Fine Arts Faculty is very impressive (e. g. Graphics, Sculpture, Painting). NCU is one of the four universities and colleges in Poland, which teaches in the field of conservation and restoration of art pieces. Being proud of our patron Nicolaus Copernicus, the greatest Polish astronomer, we place strong emphasis on keeping high standards of teaching in the field of astronomy. In addition, NCU is the only university in Poland, which has the most modern and best equipped radio astronomy observatory.



The first institution of higher education in Torun, the Toruń Academic Gymnasium was founded in 1568 on Piekary street. It was one of the first universities in northern Poland. The Academic Gymnasium was the precursor to scientific and cultural life (including the first museum created in 1594) in the region. Thanks to the efforts of Heinrich Stroband, city mayor in 1594, academics in Toruń received good working conditions for teaching and research. Among his professors in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were meritorious scholars of Polish and Prussian history, authors of textbooks and papers from various disciplines of humanities, and associates scientific journals.

The establishment of the university in a modern form began in the nineteenth century. During the partitions of Poland the Prussian government planned to create a University of Theology, which was to include faculties of law and economics, unfortunately this project did not materialise.

In the interwar period the city authorities of Toruń again sought to establish a university. Soon after the annexation of Pomerania to the reborn Poland in 1920, a new phase of efforts to develop the university began. Even before 1920 the Supreme People's Council had considered the proposal to establish higher educational institutions in the Polish territories annexed by Prussia at the University of Gdansk and in Toruń. However, political developments and the uncertain future of Pomerania prompted the council's leadership to accept the December 1918 resolution of the Sejm to overlook Toruń as a location for a new university and instead go ahead with the development of a university in Poznań.

In 1920, the first declaration requesting the establishment of a university was put forward in November by the National Workers Party whose members chose Toruń-born Nicolaus Copernicus to be the patron of the University. For this purpose a number of educational societies, such as the Baltic Institute (later transferred to Gdynia, and then to Gdańsk) amongst others, were established in the town.

Finally in 1938 it was decided to set up the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń as a subsidiary of Poznań's Adam Mickiewicz University; work was to start at the beginning of 1940. This program, however, was interrupted by World War II. It was not until 1947, (two years after the creation of the Nicolaus Copernicus University) that prof. Karol Gorski revealed that before the outbreak of World War II there was an approved plan to open Poznań University long-distance division in Toruń in 1940, to teach the humanities and theology.


In 2017, Times Higher Education ranked the university within the 801-1000 band globally.

International cooperation

  • Universita degli Studi di Padova – Italy
  • Universita degli Studi di Ferrara – Italy
  • Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg – Germany
  • Otto Friedrich Universität Bamberg, – Germany
  • Universität Rostock – Germany
  • Ernst Moritz Arndt Universität Greifswald – Germany
  • Bundeswehr Universität München – Germany
  • Université d’Angers – France
  • The Nottingham Trent University – United Kingdom
  • Dominican University – USA
  • Cranfield University – United Kingdom

Students life

Both campuses in Torun and Bydgoszcz have a lot to offer. There are more than 200 students scientific associations. People keen on physical activity will find their place in various sections of the Academic Sports Association. Moreover, NCU has its own students club OD NOWA which offers wide range of cultural events during the whole year.

SAMORZAD STUDENCKI, the Students” Self-Government (each faculty has its representative) is the official representative of all NCU students. Its main task is to cooperate with the authorities of the University and the faculties in matters relating to courses, students' social and material welfare, as well as cultural matters such as Juvenalia. At that time, students are taking control over Nicolaus Copernicus hometown and for few days possess keys to the city.

Those, who are willing to participate in classes taught in Polish, but feel that their level of Polish is insufficient, can join one-year intensive Polish course offered by NCU.

  • 1945 – year of NCU establishment
  • 25 088 – number of students
  • 335 – number of foreign students

Accommodation – Campuses

There are two university campuses in Torun: the Center Campus and the Bielany Campus, as well as campus in Bydgoszcz. The University currently owns 14 student dormitories with accommodation for more than 3,500 students, including modern and fully equipped student dormitory in Bydgoszcz. Free Internet access is provided in all student dormitories.

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