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Stord-Haugesund University College

Stord, Norway
Website: Founded: 1994 year Type of University:Public StudyQA ranking: 550 pts. No. Students: 3300 No. Staff: 300 Languages: Norwegian (nynorsk), English Phone: +4753491300 Fax: +4753491401
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Stord/Haugesund University College was established in 1994.We are a medium size univeristy college, with approximately 3300 students and 300 employees. Hence lectures and administrative staff has the opportunity to closely follow up students and provide them with good support.

HSH is a regional university College and offers studies at undergraduate and graduate level and a wide selection of further education. In addition, we manage several research and development projects with particular importance in relation to innovation and values in the region. This resarch also provides a solid foundation for the education offered at HSH.

The university college is located on the island of Stord - the natural centre of a large island and fjord district - and in the medium-sized city of Haugesund.

Faculty of Technology/Business/Maritime Education and Faculty of Health Education are at Haugesund campus.

Faculty of Health Education is also at Stord campus together with the Faculty of Teacher and Cultural Education.The central administration is located at Stord.

Each campus has its special character. Stord Campus has beautiful natural surroundings, with short distance to the ocean and mountains. Meanwhile, there is a short distance to Leirvik city center, where you can enjoy shopping and cultural happenings.

Campus Haugesund is in the middle of the city center, right next to City Hall. Haugesund has everything a city should offer, clubs, shops and great cultural happenings. Just outside the city center one can also enjoy hiking and outdoor activities.

Stord/Haugesund University College (HSH), Norwegian: Høgskolen Stord/Haugesund) is a medium sized state university college in Norway, with around 3300 students and 300 employees. The university college offers bachelor and master degrees in various fields (including information and communication technology, safety management, health sciences, and marine studies) and courses for professionals. The university college also has several PhD students working in various disciplines. The institution does not have the power to award doctoral degrees which must be awarded by an external institution.

The university college was established in 1994 when the Norwegian college system was restructured and Haugesund Sjukepleierhøgskole (Haugesund Nursing College), Stord Lærarhøgskule (Stord Teachers College) and Stord Sjukepleiarhøgskule (Stord Nursing College) merged. As a result, there are now campuses both in Haugesund and on Stord. The largest campus is located in Haugesund however as the administration is based in Stord, the Stord campus appears first in the name of the institution.

While HSH was formed fairly recently, the history of the founding institutions dates back to 1839 when teachers were educated on Stord. HSH in Haugesund dates back to 1985, when maritime education was offered. The development of HSH continues. Since 2008, HSH has been a partner in UH-nett Vest (Universitets- og høgskolenettet på Vestlandet). This organisation attempts to foster greater cooperation between the participating institutions.

As well as teaching, HSH also has a significant research output. In 2008, HSH recorded 53 publication points, a 49% increase on 2007.

Student Welfare Organization

The Student Welfare Organization (SSH) is offering its services to students at Stord and Haugesund Campus, to help ensure that students can study in a good and effective way.

In order to do this, SSH offers student accommodation, kindergarten, student cafes, a coffee shop, student book-stores and fitness centers. In addition, the Welfare Organization provides financial support for student  organizations,  engages in preventive health care and provides financial support to students with major health expenses.

SSH is working closely with students to further develop welfare services. The aim is to cover the students’ basic needs and reach those groups of students who have the greatest need for welfare services.

SSH offers various types of student accommodation at Stord and in Hauge-sund. Students can apply for flats, single rooms, studio apartments, and two- or three-bedroom apartments; the accommodation is suitable both for single students, couples or families.

There is a high demand for student accommodation in Haugesund, so SSH has taken the initiative to build more. The new accommodation will be innovative and focus on the environment. SSH has obtained a plot in the city center, only a few hundred meters from campus. If everything goes according to plan, the accommodation will be ready for semester start in 2015.

Modern Facilities

Stord/Haugesund University College has modern learning facilities such as computer labs, fixed and wireless internet access and libraries with  comprehensive database resources.

We offer modern and well equipped libraries at both Campus Haugesund and Campus Stord. The libraries
 provide services to both staff and students, and are built up around the study programmes offered at the different campuses. In the libraries one will also find an extensive selection of literature in English.

IT equipment is easily available in the computer rooms on both campuses, and the ICT helpdesk is ready to assist if necessary. All students have access to their own domain within the University College’s computer network. User access will be granted as soon as one has registered as a student at the University College. On campus, students have access to various group rooms and study areas.

10 reasons for studying at Stord/Haugesund University College

  1. Each student receives close academic follow-up and administrative support
  2. As the university college only has 3300 students, everyone knows everyone and it is easy to make new friends
  3. We arrange pick-up at the local airport/bus station when you arrive (day-time and evening)
  4. The international office is arranging several social events for international  students each semester
  5. We will assist you in finding accommodation
  6. We have many Erasmus partners, so you might be eligible for an Erasmus scholarship from your home institution if you choose to study with us
  7. We offer a free 20 hour evening course in the basics of the norwegian language and culture (fall semester only)
  8. Student assistants are available to answer your questions
  9. There are gym facilities at both campuses
  10. The student organizations are good at including international students
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