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Osnabrueck, Germany
Website: Founded: 1973 year StudyQA ranking: 768 pts. No. Students: 12726 Frgn. Students: 1909 Languages: German Phone: 05419690 Fax: 054196914111
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Osnabrück University, founded in 1974, is a young, vibrant university in north-western Germany that is renowned for its research and teaching in the areas of humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, law and business administration/economics. The university provides ideal conditions for over 13,000 students and PhD students to learn and conduct research. Both its structured PhD programmes and modular degree programmes feature high standards of quality; they are accredited, and lead to the conferral of internationally recognised degrees. One feature of Osnabrück University is the extent to which it combines different scientific disciplines in research and teaching. Thinking beyond the borders of individual fields of expertise is fostered in the interdisciplinary institutes of Migration Research, Cognitive Science, Early Modern Intercultural Studies and Environmental Systems Research. Biology at Osnabrück is renowned both at home and abroad for its Collaborative Research Centre Physiology and dynamics of cellular micro-compartments (CRC 944). The European Legal Studies Institute at Osnabrück University is one of Europe's most important research facilities in the field of comparative law and the harmonisation of law. Additional key areas are the prevention of occupational skin diseases and early childhood education and development. In 2011, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence established a branch office at Osnabrück University. A Fraunhofer research group explores the topics of e-learning and knowledge communication in combination with intelligent methods of data analysis. Osnabrück University is highly committed to pursuing its goal of enhancing international understanding and cooperation. The university attaches great importance to its relationships with international universities. International students and scholars are very welcome at Osnabrück.
Osnabrück is situated between the Teutoburg Forest and the Wiehengebirge in the midst of countryside featuring a low mountain range and large deciduous forests. With a population of about 170,000, the old bishop's seat and modern university city is a focal point of north-western Germany. Over 20,000 students contribute considerably to the image of the city. Many cultural activities, student bars, dining halls, cafés, cinemas and trendy spots enrich life in this 1,200-year-old cathedral city. There are many ways to spend your free time at the university, in the city or in the attractive countryside surrounding Osnabrück. The university sponsors a large number of activities for students, from a diverse sports programme to a number of music ensembles, such as the big band and the university choir. It also sponsors a wide range of events. There is a student-run film club, which offers an interesting programme every semester. Osnabrück boasts 20 cinemas, the "Lagerhalle" communication centre, the "Haus der Jugend", various museums, a large state-sponsored theatre, the Emma Theatre, art exhibitions, concerts, the planetarium and the Osnabrück Zoo. You can find further information in the events calendar of JOIN OS ( or of the city of Osnabrück ("Veranstaltungskalender der Stadt Osnabrück") and in the online magazine OS-interaktiv, which offers an up-to-date and extensive calendar of events and activities.
The International Office offers diverse services for international students, e.g. the international cultural programme "JOIN-OS" offering day trips, theatre visits, Christmas dinner, etc. The intercultural mentoring programme at Osnabrück University ("imos") provides new international students with social and subject-specific support by a fellow student and an academic staff member.
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