University of Siegen

Siegen, Germany
Website: Founded: 1972 year 601–800 place StudyQA ranking: 814 pts. No. Students: 19361 Frgn. Students: 3872 Languages: German Phone: 02717400 Fax: 02717404899/4911
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"Designing and shaping a humane future" is the slogan of the University of Siegen. This motto is realised in four large faculties offering a variety of degree programmes such as Bachelor's, Master's, structured doctoral training programmes, and also teacher training programmes as well as complementary additional courses in the form of interdisciplinary cooperation. The University of Siegen has committed itself to interdisciplinary research that focuses on central scientific research institutions, e.g., the "Interdisciplinary Center for Sensor Systems" (, the "Research Center for Micro- and Nanochemistry and Engineering" (, etc. Science, research, and doctoral training and teaching and training of Bachelor's and Master's students form a synergetic relationship that offers students the full scope of scientific education in a vast area of thrilling applications in science and industry. Numerous facilities maintained by the university, the library, and the Centre for Information and Media Technology (ZIMT), for example, help to provide students with a very good study environment. The sports and recreation department (ZB-SB) offers an extensive programme with over 50 different kinds of sporting activities each semester. The "Studentenwerk" (Student Services) is responsible for providing accommodation and catering for the students in Siegen. The Department International Student Affairs helps international students with all organisational problems concerning their studies.
Personal support after arrival is provided by the staff of the Department International Student Affairs, a tutor, or an experienced programme member. All international students are supported by the Department International Student Affairs, a tutor, and experienced members of the individual programmes.
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