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201–250 place StudyQA ranking:6993 Duration:4 years

TheBachelor of higher level Business (Honours) is designed to deliver a thoroughunderstanding of those complex concepts facing organisations today whilstallowing customisation toward the business skill of your selection.  This new degree takes youthrough a unique set of skills that will provide you a more competitive edge in theemployment marketplace. You'll be equipped with the relevant skills necessary to plan andconduct research in business and government, and you can be well-placed forpositions from the private, not-for-profit, and people sectors.Delivered using the most recent inventions inlearning, your courses/subjects will be integrated using first-hand workexperiences and organisational simulations, so you'll employ the most recent academiclearning in workplace environments.Thisdegree is designed to allow students from all business disciplines to commencein exactly the exact same base year and specialise into the business application ofyour choice. So, if you want to be an accountant, an advertisingexecutive, an global business adviser or a entrepreneur; all youneed to do is enroll and customise as you go.In your next and fourth year, then you will choosea thesis that may further develop and establish your competence andapplication in your favorite field. You may also employ to take a internship orstudy over seas as part of your thesis, helping you grad withadvanced skills that will ensure you stand out at the job market.Offeredthrough that the Griffith Business School which is ranked in the top 200 worldwideby the prestigious Academic Rankings of World Universities, this degree canalso provide a pathway into a Higher Degree Research (by way of instance, PhD) and acareer at academia.Discover that your passionYou'llfinish six detection courses/subjects which can be situated in the center skills critical tosuccessful business surgeries (like analysis, accounting, economics, and managementand organisational psychology, marketing, international business) andapply them across a range of interdisciplinary and real activities. Thediscovery year is designed to simulate practical environments across a varietyof commercial software so you learn how to apply theory in training to thetrends and challenges of today's environment. They will assist you to will find yourstrengths, choose your majors and hone your skills in your area of-choice. More to the point, you will start to inquire into the point that drivesyou and attracts significance and motivation to drive your livelihood. Plus, when yougraduate, you are going to stand out at the work market since you'll be able to applythe skills gained from your leading across a wide range of business simulations.You'll also add two courses/subjects fromanother field of study like mathematics or the arts. That is the opportunity toembrace your passion or locate a fresh one. You'll graduate with extra skillswhich put you apart from the job place; and a thorough understanding of thelinks that business draws between all industries.Customisation and professional outcomesIn yoursecond entire year, you may choose from 20 Business majors, also in 4 Languagemajors. As soon as you have completed your initial year, then you can move seamlessly intoand between majors and languages. Youdon't have to select the major before the next year of study.Transformational internationalopportunities, together with handson learningYouwill have the opportunity to select overseas or local study, contests andinternships as part of your own degree. You can apply with a number of our partners orreceive service to locate your own. Griffith Business School affirms allstudents with the opportunity for experiences that alter the way you imagine and help uncover the passion which drives work. It's possible to apply to get bothacademic charge on your degree and for financial assistance with academicsupport simply a call or email away.  Choose to examine part-time or full-time, on campus or on the web, and takeadvantage of our advanced online learning platform giving you theflexibility and encourage to study anytime, anywhere.Fast-track degreeYoucan fast-track your business degree and be prepared for the work market sooner. You-can complete this degree in 2 years analyzing on a three-trimester per yearbasis (four courses/subjects per trimester).Business majors that can be found in fast-track mode comprise Innovationand Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Management and Marketing.Online degreeThisdegree could be performed on line.  Not allmajors can be found in the event that you would like to study wholly on the web. Please consult with thelist of majors above to identify that which majors can be found on the web. Now you canalso mix your studies from selecting to study some trimesters on line with otherson campus.Graduate having a headstart at the work marketWhenyou study Business at Griffith you receive more than only a supreme quality degree.BusinessPLUS is a program designed to give Griffith Business School studentsthe abilities and systems you will need for a head start in the workplace. You'lltake part in skills-based, career management training together with chances forinternships, our training plan and industry involvement projects thatintroduce one to the business networks of your favorite livelihood. Even the programcan be personalised for newbies in addition to those who've significantly more advancedskills.

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